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The Iowa DelTa RepoRt Iowa Delta Chapter of Phi Delta Theta • Spring 2014 George A Long III, Indiana Alpha 1413 George A Long, Indiana Beta 10/19/1208 #332 G ranville Moody Jr. Illin ois Et a, 3/7/1914 #232 George A Long Jr., Illin ois Eta, 6/6/1939 #586 Edward C. Loy, Indiana Theta, 4/5/1934 #5 0 4 He rbert Strawbridge, Indiana Theta , 4/19 /19 36 #531 Ro bert Strawb ridg e, Indiana Thet a, 3/18/193 7 # 5 39 Russell Strawbridge, Indiana Theta, 4/27/1947 #749 Dallas Ryan Long, Florida Gamma, 4/2 2/2007 #1663 W ith Relays upon us in late April, we hope many of you are planning to make your way back to Drake for the races but more importantly, for Phi Delta Theta and our recolonization kickoff. To add to the festivities, the 30th reunion of the class of 1974 is looking like it will be well attended. Roger "Bosco" Davison '74 (#272) is organizing the reunion and is including Phis from the same era to be a part of the celebration. The Phi Delta Theta Householding Corporation and local Iowa Delta alumni are hosting a kickoff reception, on Saturday, April 26, from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the home of Scott Carlson '92 (#667), 315 37th Street in Des Moines (about 10 minutes straight south of campus and next door to the Drake president's house). If you plan to attend the reception, RSVP to me at At this event, a representative from Phi Delta Theta General Headquarters will be on hand to officially kick off our recolonization efforts and to answer questions about the road ahead. There will also be a few prospective Phi Delts invited, whom we hope to recruit in the fall. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is for us to have as much alumni representation as pos- sible as we begin this effort in earnest. Enclosed in this newseltter is a pledge card and reply envelope for annual campaign gifts. Please show your support for Iowa Delta and our recoloniza- tion effort by returning your gift today. Yours in the Bond, Tim Coonan '96 (#713) President, Phi Delta Theta Householding Corporation Iowa Delta Recolonization Plans in Effect Call for Alumni Support for the Success of the Chapter 8-12 months out from August 2014 • The director of expansion from Phi Delt International makes contact with the university to confirm return of Phi Delta Theta to campus • The director of expansion seeks a Colony Advisory Board (CAB) • The CAB will be trained by the director of expansion • The CAB will act as the advisors, volunteers, and mentors to the refounding fathers • The areas to be covered for advisory positions are CAB chairman, faculty advisor, recruitment advisor, financial advisor, Phikeia education advisor (new member education), risk management advisor/social advisor 6 months out • The director of expansion will host a gathering with all area alumni to kick off the expansion effort • This kickoff event will most likely be a Founders' Day event, a summer gathering, or an alumni reception • The director of expansion will explain the expectations of this event • During the weekend, CAB members will be trained and brought up to speed on Phi Delta Theta and the university today • Scholarship donations will be discussed • Referrals of undergraduate men will be discussed 1 month out • The director of expansion prepares his staff for Iowa Delta to recruit Iowa Delta Expansion Process Begins • Two leadership consultants who work on the expansion team will be based in Des Moines for two months to recruit at least 40 quality undergraduate men • Phi Delta Theta refounding fathers could be: • Young leaders, academically focused students, service-minded students, future businessmen, athletically involved individuals Recolonization Schedule President Tim Coonan '96 (#713) Des Moines, Iowa Vice President Brandon Choos '01 (#767) Des Moines, Iowa Treasurer Bob Haines '99 (#752) Des Moines, Iowa Secretary Ben Gonnerman, St. Norberts '05 Des Moines, Iowa House Manager Dave O'Leary '01 (#768) Des Moines, Iowa GHQ Liaison Josh Ervasti '96 (#722) Des Moines, Iowa Alumni Recolonization Committee Chairmen Scott Carlson '93 (#667) Des Moines, Iowa Jack Fletcher, Iowa '57 Des Moines, Iowa Phi Delta Theta Householding Corporation Lifetime Commitment to Phi Delta Theta P hi Delta Theta is a Fraternity that prides itself on being a lifelong membership, not a four-year experience that ends after graduation. Joining a fraternity as a young man provides opportunities that simply aren't available to those who don't go Greek. Many alumni give back to the Fraternity because they understand and appreciate the opportunities that they were afforded when they were undergraduates, but there are few that have shown a true, lifelong dedication like Bill Goodwin '59, Iowa Gamma. Bill was initiated in 1955 to the Iowa Gamma Chapter at Iowa State University. In Iowa Gamma he served as recorder (currently called vice president); alumni relations chairman, and edited the annual recruitment publication called the Cyclone 5. His favorite memories revolve around Homecoming and VEISHEA every spring. As an undergraduate, he had the unique experience to serve the Fraternity and help start the Iowa Delta Chapter. Bill earned a degree in industrial engineering, and spent his career manufacturing brick, tile, and concrete products, and he owned several companies engaged in manufacturing those items. After graduation, Bill stayed involved with Iowa Gamma and Iowa Delta. As a local alumnus in Des Moines, he has actively participated in events and initiatives that have directly supported Iowa Delta. He served as president of the alumni club numerous times, was the contact point between Iowa Gamma and Iowa Delta, and was also an undergraduate advisor for many years. One of Bill's fondest memories was when he helped purchase a new house for Iowa Gamma. "About 20 years after I graduated, a couple of guys and I were in charge of maintaining the house besides being advisors. After updating the chapter house numerous times, it got to the point where the house was old and we faced having to rewire it," Bill shared. "A real estate agent was showing us the old Alpha Phi sorority house that was for sale, and one of (Continued on page 2)

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