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68 March 2014 Club Bulletin www.EDpublications.com Don't interrupt. It is best to get your club promo in as you introduce an entertainer to stage. It is never a good idea to talk in the middle of a song. It confuses the flow of the room and distracts the customers, forcing them to look at their watch. We never—ever—want a customer looking at their watch. Less is more. Do not promo your club events or specials every song. The customer will tune you out. Sometimes the "less is more" approach really works. If your voice dominates the room they will not pay attention to your promo anyway. Once every three or five songs is more than enough. Watch for the unresponsive guest. Scan your room. I always tell DJs to act as a lifeguard. While the song is playing, scan your room and focus on the unresponsive customers. There are some occasions where switching a genre can connect with your customer to create overall energy in the room. Different genres are created for a reason, because everyone has different taste in music. You have to play a little bit of everything within your limits to ensure a balance in the room. Put a smile in your voice. Great inflection and annunciation separates a good DJ from a great DJ. Try this exercise: put a small mirror in the booth and force yourself to smile every time you talk. It lightens your tone and forces you to use pitch in your voice, which allows customers to detect a change and allows you to shift the focus to selling alcohol and educating them of promotions. DJ Platypus, Head DJ of Tootsie's Cabaret in Miami and the corporate head DJ for the Rick's Cabaret club chain, offers his back-to-basics tips for adult club DJs/emcees. J Booth D by DJ Platypus ways to be a better DJ 8 — now

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