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58 March 2014 Club Bulletin www.EDpublications.com "And now, because everyone has a smartphone, people are finally becoming comfortable buying things on them," Ley adds. "And as for patron behavior, people are texting more, showing up later, and venues have become destinations, as opposed to meeting places. Everyone is connected to everyone—meaning you will either be very busy, or very empty." The BiddRocket boys also figured out how to solve the "rainy day problem"—a problem that has potentially been losing you customers since the technological age struck. "Because people are organizing digitally via texting and deciding where to go before they leave their indi- vidual homes, if it rains or a 'cold wind' comes through, everyone will wuss out together via text a few hours prior, leaving the owner/staff with that much more of an empty venue," says Ley. "You solve this by getting your patron base to pre-buy admission as early as possible. Cover Countdown dodges the 'rainy day problem' by listing a cheaper alternative to regular admission seven days in advance. For example, we begin with the cheap- est price [for admission] right as your venue closes Wednesday morning, and then the price ticks up, penny by penny, to whatever your regular door price is the fol- lowing Tuesday night." But getting your patrons to pre-purchase admission to your adult venue isn't just about simply avoiding a weather situation. Based on BiddRocket's research, there are other psychological advantages to pre-cover charge purchases that your patrons aren't even aware of. "When someone purchases a cover charge before- hand, you automatically lock in their attendance—peo- ple who pre-purchase are going to show up," Ley re- veals. "Secondly, you reduce their 'perceived purchase pain.' Cash hurts to hand over, and by doing it right as a patron walks in, you unknowingly anchor them into watching how much money they spend the rest of the night. Every person who walks into your venue has an estimated, and often unconscious, 'tab' for the night in their head. "If it is $60, and you charge them a $10 cover, it im- mediately drops to $50," Ley continues. "However, if they pay that $10 in advance digitally, their $60 'tab' is not reduced when they walk through your door, be- cause in their mind, they are paying nothing to get in. Happier patrons spend more money. Additionally, people who pre-buy tell their friends naturally, as pre-sales are the best form of word-of-mouth marketing." Cover Countdown is currently looking for clubs to test their Cover Countdown app and its potential to increase pre-cover charge purchases over a year. If you are an owner who can provide useful feedback with a good social media following or email list enabling you to let patrons know about the pre-sale option, please visit Covercountdown.com, or contact Brian Ley at Bley@ biddrocket.com. continued from page 56

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