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34 March 2014 Club Bulletin www.EDpublications.com T here is a movement afoot in the adult nightclub industry: Luxurious locker rooms for the entertainers. Bravo! During the course of my nearly 10 years of upscale gentlemen's club design, I'm rarely asked to address this area of the club. Many clubs have pressing issues, but shouldn't locker room design be a top priority of every gentlemen's club owner's list? It should be if you want to be a leader! The reasons aren't obvious, but if you give this careful thought, you might be inclined to agree that the locker room in your gentlemen's club should be considered for a new design. Some of the notable gentlemen's club owners have recognized the need for luxurious locker rooms, and if you own a club, you can bet that this approach can inflict some major damage on your competition. Here's how locker room design can help your gentlemen's club can become a leader in your market: 1. New auditions will love it. If you are an owner of a gentlemen's club, you most likely have competition. I don't talk with many club owners who proclaim that they own their market. Actually, it's quite the contrary. In fact, among the most common conversations I have with clients is how tough things are and how difficult it is to get entertainers—most markets have a great deal of competition. Club owners who are looking to gain advantage in the hiring process should start by considering the benefits of locker room design. I know this to be a valid marketing tactic. John Meehan, owner of Cheerleaders Gentlemen's Club in Philadelphia has seen the results with his own eyes. After I redesigned his locker room, his club has continuously reaped the benefits, and it all begins during the interview process. Girls come to his club for an interview and they are overwhelmed by the beauty of his newly-remodeled locker room. 2. Improved morale leads to greater productivity. Let's face it—who doesn't enjoy being appreciated? Pampering the people who work hard to make your business and your life better should be rewarded. This is common sense, but it is sometimes overlooked. Workers of all types enjoy being appreciated and will go the extra mile for your consideration. In a gentlemen's club, the locker room is the entertainer's home away from home. That's one of the reasons they have house moms. And who doesn't love the comforts of home? Show me an owner who takes care of his or her help and I'll show you great morale among the staff. reasons why locker room design will impact your club Rick Uzubell, President of Cabaret Design Group, fills you in on why your oft-overlooked locker room (or lack thereof) could be the key to attracting some of the hottest entertainers—and reaping the benefits that come with it. The Top 5 Special Focus S F

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