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March 16, 2011

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M���� 16, 2011  SUCCESS FROM PAGE 14 cause of her travels and talks, she had missed her monthly board meet- ing with the doctors who always give her 300 dollars toward her expenses. She then casually mentioned that she would like to go to the Aquarius Book- store but she knew I had other plans. I heard my inner voice tell me “take her”, so I obeyed. Before our tea water was hot, a small crowd was surround- ing Grandmother and she began her teachings: She told us that we are all water ba- bies. The crowd drew in and increased in numbers as she taught us how to honor precious water. I asked Grand- mother if she would like to do a water blessing right here. She agreed, so I asked the owner, Fred, if he could help us set up an altar and provide a bowl for the water. It just so happened that he had just sold an ancient Tibetan bowl, which had not been picked up yet. He called the new owner of the bowl and not only did she agree, she was coming down to the store to be a part of the ceremony You can become spellbound watch- ing Grandmother pray. The power of her connection to the unseen is amaz- ing. One by one, people stood in line to apologize for their misuse of water and then thank the water for giving them life. There were tears, love and hugs. On the way home Grandmother told me that the women who owned the Tibetan bowl gave her 300 dollars. “Thank you Creator,” she said. ���.D����� M��������.��� Being with the Grandmothers re- minded me of my own Grandfather. Grandfather also used indigenous ways, through his faith. He was an extremely humble man who believed as we give, so shall we receive. Grand- father owned a small grocery store in the heart of Southern California. During the depression he gave large amounts of credits to many people. I only heard of these stories from those who stopped to thank him. I asked him once if they paid him back. He said “they did by their great loyal support after the depression was over”. I asked “but how did you pay for it all”? He said: “Where God is there is supply.” My grandfather was a very successful businessman, from always listening to the needs of others with the same priority as his own. His actions were like putting wood on the fi re. By keep- ing people warm and fed, his business stayed lit. Just remembering Grandfather’s ex- ample showed me how our blueprint for business has reversed. Grandfather held so much faith that he could hold up and support a multitude. Today’s business plan looks more like a pyra- mid. The bottom ones lose from giv- ing their money to the top, the middle struggles to try to reach the top, and the top get richer from being on top. The candles were all most out; our stories had made many rounds. Shar- ing our elder’s wisdom and the stories of our present time, we agreed that ev- erything is important now: every step, every action, and every prayer. Society Chiropractic $ Adjustments Quartzsite 25 Dr. Michael Cole, D.C. Providing Chiropractic care to Quartzsite! FRI. • 9am-1pm, 2:30-5pm SAT. • 9-11am Dr. Michael Cole, D.C. Chiropractic Care 225 N. Central Suite #7 Quartzsite For more information call: 928-533-4588 is evolving, leading to a whole new par- adigm, which ironically is returning to our ancestor’s wisdom. This wisdom will light our way through the future, by pulling the wool off our eyes. Before my sisters and I say goodnight to the moon it is custom for each sis- ters to declare our intentions for the next moon phase. I looked at the moon with tears in my eyes and said “Let me be an instrument to help heal grief in America, through erasing fear and replacing with love, re- storing our connection with above and below, the invisible and the visible.” I encourage you to gather under the moon. Share your stories, they are your gift. Stories create a shift, and this shift creates a healing. Healing spreads like wildfi re igniting a passion to share the healing, and spread the wisdom. This ancient ritual works in all areas of our life. There is only one rule; every story of fear is replaced with love and compassion. Copyright 2011 Coach Louise Rouse. For a free coaching session call 541-821-6213. Or visit: DAY NIGHT SHADES REPAIRED 3 YEAR UNCONDITIONAL GUARANTEE Local Resident • FREE Estimates Larry - cell 928-273-3719 Quartzsite Student Run Radio Station! 91.7 FM KEQS Scholars’ Radio Beauty Salon Now 2 locations serving you! Nu Vu Salome & Quartzsite Across from Carl’s Jr. behind the Tool Store The Main Event 500 S. Quartzsite Blvd., Quartzsite A Full Service Salon Facial Waxing Walk-ins & Appointments PEDICURES $25 PERMS $40 928-927-5201 P��� 15 Factory Chords!

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