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February 21, 2014

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: Friday, February 21, 2014 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Post and Courier : Friday, February 21, 2014 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Post and Courier TV CROSSWORD SUDOKU SOLUTION CELEBRITY CROSSWORD SOLUTION TV CROSSWORD SOLUTION MAGIC MAZE SOLUTION ACROSS 1. "__ Grant" (1977-82) 4. NBC weekend show, for short 7. "Raising __" (2001-02) 10. Alley of the comics 11. "__ Polloi"; Three Stooges film 12. Role on "Up All Night" 13. "__ Close for Comfort" (1980-86) 14. Furniture wood 15. Josh Radnor's role 16. "__ Man" (1995-96) 19. "Let's Make a __" 21. "Queen of Jazz" 24. One opposed 25. Even, as a score 26. 510 years ago 27. "...and giving __ __, up the chimney..." 28. "__ in a Bottle"; Kevin Costner movie 32. Louis or Montana 34. Play on words 35. "__ and Again" (1999-2000) 38. Actor Marienthal 39. Suffix for civil or custom 40. Arthur, for one 41. Role on "Roseanne" 42. "The __ Adventures of Old Christine" 43. "Boys Don't __"; 1999 Hilary Swank film DOWN 1. "A __ Like Love"; 2005 Amanda Peet movie 2. "Hollywood Squares" win 3. "Once __ __ __ __ Wonderland" 4. "The Michael J. Fox __" 5. Mr. Wyle 6. "What I __ About You" 7. Lester Holt's series (2) 8. "Ocean __." (2002-03) 9. "American __!" 17. Popeye's love 18. Put a new label on 19. Hoover or Aswan 20. "This Is the __"; 2013 James Franco film 22. Actor __ G. Carroll 23. Verb in most recipes 29. "__ City" (1996-2002) 30. "The __ Orman Show" 31. Once more 32. Role on "The Beverly Hillbillies" 33. Ending for pay or Motor 36. "...__ the ramparts we..." 37. "Carlito's __"; 1993 Al Pacino movie MAGIC MAZE Blinds Chimes Curtains Drapes Hammock Mirror Necklace Ornaments Paintings Pendulum Posters Swing Tapestry Trapeze Wallpaper WORD QUIZZARD SOLUTION JUST HANGING AROUND Top 10 DVD, Blu-ray Rentals 1. Captain Phillips (PG) Tom Hanks 2. Prisoners (R) Hugh Jackman 3. Lee Daniels' The Butler (PG-13) Forest Whitaker 4. Despicable Me 2 (PG) animated 5. The Family (R) Robert De Niro 6. We're the Millers (R) Jennifer Aniston 7. Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters (PG) Logan Lerman 8. Fast & Furious 6 (PG-13) Vin Diesel 9. The Wolverine (PG-13) Hugh Jackman 10. The Lone Ranger (PG-13) Johnny Depp Top 10 DVD, Blu-ray Sales 1. Captain Phillips (PG) Sony 2. Lee Daniels' The Butler (PG-13) Anchor Bay 3. Riddick (R) Universal 4. Machete Kills (R) Universal 5. Instructions Not Included (PG-13) Lions Gate 6. Despicable Me 2 (PG) Universal 7. Carrie (R) MGM 8. Fruitville Station (R) Anchor Bay 9. Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters (PG) FOX 10. Fast & Furious 6 (PG-13) Universal Source: Rentrak Corp. TOP TEN VIDEO Craig Ferguson I heard the news that Clay Aiken from 'American Idol' is running for Con- gress. I'm very excited about this. This is fantastic. Do you know the mate- rial there will be for me if Clay Aiken becomes a congressman? I can come into work even later every day. David Letterman New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is indignant at the New York Times for its sloppy reporting about the Bridge- Gate scandal. The governor also took the opportunity to highlight a few other things he believes are sloppy: Meatloaf with gravy, nachos, barbe- cue ribs, meat-lovers pizza, buffalo wings, hot-fudge sundaes and chili dogs. Jimmy Kimmel CVS is no longer selling cigarettes. They say, "It's the right thing to do for our customers and our company in their path for better health." I go to CVS all the time. If they want to promote better health, maybe they should stop selling Cheese Whiz, Cir- cus Peanuts, Little Debbie jelly rolls and all the ingredients for meth. Conan O'Brien Today it was announced that Bill Gates is stepping down as chairman of Microsoft. He starts working at the gap next Tuesday. LAUGH ALONG WITH LATE NIGHT

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