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February 21, 2014

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1: Friday, February 21, 2014 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Post and Courier 1: Friday, February 21, 2014 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Post and Courier SATURDAY DAYTIME FEBRUARY 22 CC W ATT DTV DSH 8 AM 8:30 9 AM 9:30 10 AM 10:30 11 AM 11:30 12 PM 12:30 1 PM 1:30 2 PM 2:30 3 PM 3:30 NEWS CNBC 33 36 216 355 208 Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid CNN 10 33 202 202 200 (6:00) New Day Saturday (N) Your CNN Newsroom Saturday CNN Newsroom Saturday CNN Newsroom Saturday CNN Newsroom Saturday Your (N) CNN (N) CNN Newsroom Saturday CSPAN 30 134 230 350 210 (7:00) Washington Journal News discussion. (N) Governors 2014 Meeting Governors 2014 Meeting C-Span Weekend Debates & hearings. C-Span Weekend Governors 2014 Meeting CSPAN2 104 135 231 351 211 Book TV (:45) Book TV Author spotlight. Book TV Author spotlight. Book TV Author spotlight. Book TV Author spotlight. Book TV Author spotlight. Book TV Author spotlight. FNC 32 35 210 360 205 FOX & Friends Saturday FOX & Friends Saturday Bulls (N) Cavuto (N) Forbes (N) Cashin' In America's News HQ (DC) America's News HQ (N) Respected America's News HQ (N) MSNBC 31 32 215 209 Up w/ Steve Kornacki Pundit panel. (N) Melissa Harris-Perry Political talk. (N) Weekends with Alex Witt Weekend news live. (N) MSNBC Live Live reports of the top news stories. (N) SPORTS ESPN 7 26 602 206 140 SportsCenter SportsCenter SportsCenter College GameDay NASCAR Countdown (:15) NASCAR Nationwide Series "DRIVE4COPD 300" (Live) ESPN2 41 27 606 209 144 Sport Science SportsCenter Featured NFL Live SportsCenter College Basketball: Wisconsin vs Iowa (Live) College Basketball: Notre Dame vs Virginia ESPNCL 726 157 603 143 Century "Frank Robinson" Century "Jim Brown" Century "Muhammad Ali" Century "Willie Mays" Black Magic Black Magic ESPNWS 102 166 604 207 142 Interruption NBA Olbermann Numbers Never Lie SportsNation SportsCenter SportsCenter College Basketball: UCF vs Houston (Live) FOXSP 59 29 645 Paid Wolfpack (N) R.Williams Krzyzewski Ship Shape Courtside UFC Unleashed College Basketball: Clemson vs Georgia Tech College Basketball (Live) FOXSS 401 646 420 Paid Wolfpack (N) R.Williams Krzyzewski Ship Shape Courtside UFC Unleashed College Basketball: Clemson vs Georgia Tech College Basketball (Live) FS1 99 30 652 607 150 FOX Sports Live NASCAR K&N Practice "Daytona 500 Final Practice" College Basketball: Xavier vs Georgetown (Live) College Basketball: St. John's vs Villanova (Live) Basketball GOLF 66 31 641 218 401 (7:00) Morning Drive Golf Central Pre Game PGA (Live) LPGA Tour "Honda LPGA Thailand: Third Round" NBCSPO 56 163 640 220 159 English Pr. League Soccer (Live) Premier 2014 Olympic Winter Games "Men's Hockey: Bronze Medal Game" 2014 Olympic Winter Games "Figure Skating: Gala" Premier League Encore SPOSTH 28 51 729 649 Paid Paid Travis Joh Fishing Angling (N) Ga. Tech Access Phenoms 3 Wide Life Raceline Rev 3 Championships Powerboat Superleague Xterra Champion KIDS CART 124 22 325 296 176 Beywarriors Pokémon XY Ben 10 (N) Titans Go! Titans Go! Grandpa Flapjack Orange Johny Test Johny Test Gumball Gumball Titans Go! Titans Go! Regular Regular DISN 38 23 302 290 172 Jake and Sofia Jessie Austin Jessie Dog Blog Good Luck Charlie Jessie Jessie Jessie A.N.T. A.N.T. A.N.T. Austin Austin DISXD 135 24 304 292 174 Kickin' It Lab Rats Lab Rats Mighty Med aaa The Muppets ('11) Steve Whitmire. (PG) Mighty Med Crash Phineas and Ferb Cunningham Lab Rats Phineas Kickin' It FAM 20 16 178 311 180 Ice: Meltdown (PG) ac Ice Princess ('05) Joan Cusack. (G) aa Snow Dogs ('02) James Belushi. (PG) ac D2: The Mighty Ducks ('94) Emilio Estevez. (PG) Sandlot HUB 130 101 335 294 179 Pound Pup Pound Pup Pound Pup My Pony My Pony My Pony (N) Pet Shop Pet Shop (N) Sabrina Transforme Transforme Transforme Transforme Transforme Polar Express (G) NICK 26 18 314 299 170 SpongeBob SpongeBob SpongeBob SquarePants SpongeBob Sanjay (N) Breadwinne SpongeBob Megaforce SpongeBob Breadwinne Sanjay The Fairly OddParents Inside television. SpongeBob NICKJR 131 112 320 301 169 Peter Peter BlueClue BlueClue Yo Gabba Yo Gabba Ni Hao, Kai-Lan Fresh Beat Fresh Beat PAW Patrol PAW Patrol Peppa Pig Peppa Pig The Knight Tickety Toc TEEN 116 322 303 181 Marvin Marvin Guide Guide VICTOR. VICTOR. Big Time Big Time TeenNick Top 10 VICTOR. VICTOR. Big Time Big Time Drake Drake PREMIUM ENCORE 150 380 932 535 340 (7:00) The Amazing Spider-Man ('12) (PG-13) (:20)aaac Stand by Me ('86, Drama) Wil Wheaton, River Phoenix. (R) (:50) The Village ('04, Thriller) Adrien Brody, Joaquin Phoenix. Villagers fear terrifying creatures. (PG-13) (:40)aaa Premium Rush ('12, Thriller) Joseph Gordon-Levitt. (PG-13) (:15)aaa The Amazing Spider-Man ('12, Action) Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone. Spider powers. (PG-13) FLIX 170 350 890 557 333 Anatomy (PG-13) aac Stakeout ('87) Richard Dreyfuss, Emilio Estevez. Cops watch a con's girlfriend. (R) aac The Bedroom Window ('87) Steve Guttenberg, Elizabeth McGovern. Witness suspected. (R) aa Scarlett Letter ('34) Colleen Moore, Hardie Albright. Strong-willed mother endures judgmental practices of her Puritan peers. (NR) aa China Strike Force ('00) Aaron Kwok. (R) HBO 17 300 802 501 303 (7:45)aaac 42 ('13, Drama) Chadwick Boseman, Harrison Ford. Bravery and courage. (PG-13) ac Juwanna Mann ('02) Miguel A. Núñez Jr., Vivica A. Fox. (PG-13) (:45)aa Supernova ('00) Angela Bassett, James Spader. (PG-13) (:15)aaa Epic ('13, Fantasy) Colin Farrell, Josh Hutcherson. The fight against an evil spider queen. (PG) Questioning Darwin Creationist theory. HBO2 303 301 804 502 304 Jack ('96) (PG-13) (:40)aac Journey 2: The Mysterious Island ('12) Dwayne Johnson. (PG) (:15) Real Time with Bill Maher (TVMA) (:15)aaa Lethal Weapon 3 ('92, Action) Mel Gibson, Danny Glover. A dirty cop. (R) (:20)aa The Presence ('10, Horror) Mira Sorvino, Shane West. (PG-13) (:50) Oblivion ('13, Science Fiction) Tom Cruise, Morgan Freeman. (PG-13) MAX 610 330 832 515 310 (7:10)aaa About a Boy ('02) Hugh Grant. (PG-13) aac Licence to Kill ('89) Timothy Dalton, Carey Lowell. James Bond avenges his best friend. (PG-13) (:15)aa A Good Day to Die Hard ('13, Action) Bruce Willis, Jai Courtney. Nuclear heist. (R) The Bourne Legacy ('12) Jeremy Renner, Rachel Weisz. Agent seeks to expose CIA crimes. (PG-13) (:20) Trance ('13, Thriller) James McAvoy. (R) MOMAX 321 331 834 517 312 (7:30) The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey ('12, Fantasy) Martin Freeman, Sir Ian McKellen. (PG-13) (:20)aac French Kiss ('95, Comedy) Meg Ryan, Kevin Kline. Woman meets thief. (PG-13) (:15)aaa Ray ('04, Drama) Jamie Foxx, Kerry Washington. The life and career of Ray Charles. (PG-13) (:50) Banshee "Ways Bury Man" Council's decision. aa Spawn (PG-13) MOVPLX 149 377 (7:30) Boogeyman ('05) Barry Watson. (PG-13) (:05)aa Kids In America ('05) Gregory Smith, Stephanie Sherrin. (PG-13) (:40)aaa Snow Falling on Cedars ('99, Drama) Ethan Hawke, Youki Kudoh. Murder divides town. (PG-13) (:50)aac Made in Heaven ('87, Romance) Timothy Hutton, Kelly McGillis. Souls seek reunion. (PG) (:35)ac Boogeyman ('05, Horror) Barry Watson, Emily Deschanel. (PG-13) SHO 340 320 852 545 319 (7:15)aac When a Man Loves a Woman ('94) Andy Garcia, Meg Ryan. (R) aaac Lincoln ('12) Daniel Day-Lewis, Sally Field. President joins the Union to help put an end to the Civil War and slavery. (PG-13) Inside Comedy aac Byzantium ('13) Gemma Arterton, Saoirse Ronan. 200-year-old vampires seek refuge. (R) Episodes aaa On the Shoulders of Giants ('11) (NR) STARZ 371 370 902 527 350 (7:50) Monsters University ('13, Comedy) Billy Crystal, John Goodman. (G) (:35) National Security ('03, Comedy) Martin Lawrence, Steve Zahn. (PG-13) (:05) Black Sails "IV." A crew may face disaster. (:05)aa Dude, Where's My Car? ('00, Comedy) Ashton Kutcher. (PG-13) aaa Monsters University ('13) Billy Crystal, John Goodman. (G) (:15) Monsters, Inc. ('01) John Goodman. (G) TMC 350 340 882 554 329 The Reluctant Fundamentalist Riz Ahmed. (R) (:10)aac The Iron Lady ('12, Drama) Meryl Streep, Jim Broadbent. Margaret Thatcher. (PG-13) Passing Strange ('09) De'Adre Aziza, Daniel Breaker. African American rock 'n' roller's journey of self-discovery takes its toll. (NR) Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights ('04) Diego Luna. Girl meets dancer. (PG-13) aac Wicker Park ('04) Josh Hartnett. (PG-13) CC = Comcast, W = WOW, ATT = AT&T UVerse, DTV = DirecTV, DISH = Dish Network Crucifixion 8 a.m. on H2 Death by crucifixion is one of the most horrific and painful forms of execution; forensic experts use a 2,000-year-old body and the rare physical evidence. Barbershop 8:49 a.m. on COM A man sells his late father's bar- bershop to a loan shark to pay his mounting personal debts, not real- izing his decision will demoralize the neighborhood. Pandorum 9 a.m. on SYFY When a spacecraft's crew awakes with no recollection of their mis- sion, they are horrified to discover their mission and the terrifying secrets within the craft. Lincoln 9:30 a.m. on SHO The 16th President of the United States finds his country seceding into two separate confederacies and joins the Union to help put an end to slavery. The Pelican Brief 9:45 a.m. on SUND A law student finds herself in danger after she comes up with a theory about the recent assassina- tion of two Supreme Court justices. Journey to the Center of the Earth 10 a.m. on TBS A science professor, his nephew and a mountain guide discover a mysterious world filled with deadly monsters miles beneath the surface. Life 10:52 a.m. on COM Two men falsely convicted of murder are sentenced to life im- prisonment at a harsh Mississippi penitentiary, and they survive the next sixty years by their wits. Repo Men 11:30 a.m. on SYFY In the near future, hard-core cor- porate agents do whatever it takes to repossess artificial organs when their owners fall behind on their payments. The Killing Secret 12 p.m. on LIFE When a young man believes his future is ruined after a teenage girl from a poor part of town becomes pregnant with his child, she is soon found dead. Transformers 12 p.m. on TBS Rival clans of alien robots with the ability to mimic any machine arrive on Earth in search of an ancient artifact that could bring about the end of humanity. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade 12 p.m. on USA After his father disappears while searching for the Holy Grail, intrepid archaeologist Indiana Jones sets out to locate them both, battling Nazis along the way. Byzantium 12:30 p.m. on SHO After two mysterious women end up in a run-down coastal town, each strike up a friendship with a strange young man and reveal they are 200-year-old vampires. Margin Call 12:45 p.m. on SUND After an entry-level analyst discov- ers important information, the members of an investment firm attempt to handle the early stages of the 2008 financial crisis. Crazy Hearts: Nashville 1 p.m. on A&E Lee attempts to put her life back together after the events at the ASCAP awards; Heather and Hugh's dinner plans may be more than just a business meeting. Big 1 p.m. on HALL A 12-year-old boy is shocked to wake up in the body of a 30-year old man after making a seemingly futile wish to a fortune-telling machine. Crimson Tide 1 p.m. on TNT The tension mounts between two military officials as the U.S. is pushed to the brink of war and a macho power play takes place aboard a nuclear submarine. Epic 1:15 p.m. on HBO A teenage girl finds herself in the midst of a battle between good and evil when an army of bugs recruits mythical warriors to help fight against an evil queen. Last Holiday 2 p.m. on OXYG A sales clerk in New Orleans learns that she only has three weeks to live so she takes her savings out of the bank to live a little during a European spree. Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant 2 p.m. on SYFY After a young man encounters a mysteriously, fascinating man at a unique circus, he is forced to make a drastic decision that will alter his life forever. 2014 Olympic Winter Games 2:30 p.m. on NBC From Sochi, Russia. Snowboard- ing's parallel slalom makes its debut at the Olympics, featuring the head-to-head match racing of giant slalom with more gates and sharper turns. Minority Report 3 p.m. on FOX A detective in the year 2054 at- tempts to countermand destiny after his department's crime-pre- diction technology indicates he will commit a murder. On the Shoulders of Giants 3 p.m. on SHO Kareem Abdul-Jabbar features the Harlem Rens, an all-black team that boasted a 112-7 record in 1932-33 before Jackie Robinson ever broke the color barrier. Tony Stewart has won the "Drive4COPD 300" a record-tying seven times in his career, and ESPN will televise this year's season-opening NASCAR Nationwide Series race, Saturday at 1:15 p.m. HIGHLIGHTS

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