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March 2, 2011

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FREE! WED. MARCH 2, 2011 Vol. 7 PLEASE TAKE ONE N�� O�����! Citizens meet for group listed recent accomplishments: Quartzsite has seen a huge growth of 25+ new/expanded businesses just in the past two years. Some issues that were perceived as defi ciencies in 2006-08 have been properly dealt with and were actually crossed off the list! When the group reviewed the town’s weaknesses, participants turned par- ticular issues around into fi nding solu- tions, which in turned were added to the town’s list of goals for the next 2-3 QUARTZSITE- A diverse group of over 20 members of the Quartzsite community gathered for the third session of APS Focus Future Thursday, Feb. 24, 2011. APS began the Focus Future Program in 1993 to help communities create and implement their community and economic development strategy. Kevin Murphy, the Town Engineer of P.B.S. & J., facilitated the meeting. The program is tailored specifi cally for each community and guides it through the strategic planning. Topics includ- ed Business Development, Planning and Local Governance, Services and Amenities, Image and Appearance, Communication and Collaboration. The program helps defi ne the goals that will ensure the economic future of the community, uncover strengths and weaknesses, create policies and imple- ment practical programs that enhance the community’s economy. The fi rst meeting held in 2006 helped design the Strategic Plan for the town. Two years later, in 2008, more objec- tives were added. Thursday’s meeting began with acknowledging the town’s many tangible achievements. Town Manager, Alex Taft and the Quartzsite’s FREE Community Paper Focused Future of Quartzsite that’s very valuable; we need to commit to doing this!” said one participant! gram. They are currently helping in 46 Arizona communities and through this program APS helps invest in a strong Arizona economy as well as stronger Arizona communities. Quartzsite Town Council will be presented with the re- sults in the next month. “We have something in place here fort Inn, Assisted Living Project, Bill’s Ghost Travel Center, another Gem World expansion, ARCO expansion, Chevron expansion, Camping World, Community Building, expansion of sewer treatment plant (doubling capac- ity, with new energy saving generation system), Petro Stopping Center, expan- sion of VFW Post 769. With so much positive growth and changes, Quartzsite is “at the cusp of the development coming forward,” Murphy said. “For a town of 3500 you are experiencing more projected growth than [Lake] Havasu at this time!” Many new projects and ideas were ex- changed in a very supportive environ- ment. Discussions about attracting vis- itors for years to come without losing the fl avor of Quartzsite, the soon-to-be released BLM lands for sale, business development, and the future growth of the town kept the group dynamics fl ow- ing all day, even overfl owing into the breaks and after the meeting. The con- sensus of the group was Quartzsite has a very positive future in front of us and folks are looking forward to the positive changes occurring. APS sponsors the Focus Future Pro- years. Some of the projected projects; Com- Chili Cook-off postponed Sat. March 5 QUARTZSITE- When the weather reports warned of high winds & rain from a winter storm rolling into the southwest, the decision was made to postpone the Quartzsite Chili Cook-off and Salsa Challenge. But the storm stalled, hitting town late in the afternoon. The Chili Cook-Off is re- scheduled for Saturday, March 5, in conjunction with Proud Neighbors of Quartzsite’s (PNQ) 2nd An- nual Rock Auction at Town Park. With the addi- tional time, those cooks who couldn’t make it last week, you’ve got another chance at the Grand Prize of $1000 for the People’s Choice Chili Award! Tasting will start at noon. There will also be Live Music, Beer Garden, Raffl e, the Rock Art Auction, AZ Centen- nial Souvenirs, and the popular Penny Auction! Entry forms may be picked up at Main St. Eatery or downloaded at Be sure to check out the map (pg. 32) of the Rock Art Pieces and vote for your favorite Rock Art Peo- ple’s choice! Join the Fun for the whole family! Candidate’s residency challenged Jones (then Harris) appearing to state during the council meeting of May 25, 2010, introducing herself as a “transient vendor”; then two weeks later at the council meeting of June 4, 2010, she announced she is now a resident and registered voter while displaying her new Arizona ID card.  SEE CANDIDATES ON PAGE 28 STABILITY FOR QUARTZSITE VOTE to Keep YOUR Current Council Stability Promotes Security Paid for by Michelle Lukkasson, PO. Box 3190, Quartzsite, AZ 85359 QUARTZSITE- “I surrendered my old [Oklahoma] driver’s license to the MVD on 10-28-10, and fi led to run 1-6-11,” said Jennifer Jones in a letter to La Paz County Attorney, Sam Vederman. The letter is in response to a complaint fi led with Quartzsite Police Dept. challenging Jones’ residency qualifi - cations to run for town council. A.R.S. 9-232 re- quires council candidates to reside “in the town for one year next preceding the election”. Submitted to QPD as evidence is a video of See and hear for yourself! For the latest council meeting videos visit What’s Inside 2 Editorial 4 Letters to Editor 8 Around Town 18-19 Restaurants 24 Church Directory 27 Music Jams 32 Rock Art Map 34 Puzzles 37 Astrology 38 Classifi eds 39 Issue #126 Town Wide Yard Sales  YES -Patricia Anderson  YES- Barbara Cowell  YES- Jose Lizarraga  YES- Jerry Lukkasson  YES- Joe Winslow March 8, 2011 OTE

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