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January 10, 2014

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: Friday, January 10, 2014__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Post and Courier TV CROSSWORD MAGIC MAZE TOP TEN VIDEO Top 10 DVD, Blu-ray Rentals 1. Man of Steel (PG-13) Henry Cavill 2. The Heat (R) Sandra Bullock 3. Red 2 (PG-13) Bruce Willis 4. The Internship (PG-13) Vince Vaughn 5. White House Down (PG-13) Channing Tatum 6. R.I.P.D. (PG-13) Jeff Bridges 7. The Smurfs 2 (PG) animated 8. The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones (PG-13) Lily Collins 9. Grown Ups 2 (PG-13) Adam Sandler 10. Turbo (PG) animated Top 10 DVD, Blu-ray Sales 1. Despicable Me 2 (PG) Universal 2. Fast & Furious 6 (PG-13) Universal 3. The Wolverine (PG-13) FOX 4. Turbo (PG) FOX 5. Monsters University (G) Disney 6. The Smurfs 2 (PG) Sony 7. Man of Steel (PG-13) Warner Bros. 8. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (PG-13) Warner Bros. 9. Disney's Planes (PG) Disney 10. Red 2 (PG-13) Summit Source: Rentrak Corp. ACROSS 1. Felix or Garfield 4. "__ the Favorite"; 2012 Bruce Willis movie 7. "Carlito's __"; 1993 film for Al Pacino 10. Gondola operator's prop 11. Family card game 12. "Men of a Certain __" (2009-11) 13. Role on "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." (2) 16. Meredith Vieira's age 17. Obscure; not specific 20. Hunt, for one 24. School in Tempe, for short 25. Ms. Longoria 26. One of the kids on "Eight Is Enough" 29. Seymour and Pauley 31. Moore or Rees 33. Actor on "The Goldbergs" (2) 39. Debtor's note 40. Actor Somerhalder 41. "Seven Days in __"; Burt Lancaster film 42. Miss Piggy's word in referring to herself 43. Fem. title 44. Bart's "grampa" Hands On Word Quizzard solution DOWN 1. Robert's profession on "Everybody Loves Raymond" 2. Ooh and __; express delight 3. Prefix for angle or cycle 4. Desi's daughter 5. As strong as __ __ 6. "__ in Revolt"; 2009 Michael Cera movie 7. "I Didn't Know I __ Pregnant" 8. In the past 9. Strong urge 14. School in Baton Rouge, familiarly 15. Caustic cleaning solution 17. Mario __ Peebles 18. "Not __ __ Stranger"; Frank Sinatra movie 19. "Have __, Will Travel" 21. One of the judges on "Dancing with the Stars" 22. Plumb of "The Brady Bunch" 23. "Emerald Point __" (1983-84) 27. "__-Baby"; 1990 Johnny Depp film 28. Bear and Berra 29. Ms. Elfman 30. "House Party" host 32. Equipment 33. Role on "Home Improvement" 34. One of Pooh's pals 35. Brigitte Bardot's affirmative 36. "__ __ Big Girl Now" (1980-81) 37. Blood analysis site 38. "Mike Hammer, Private __" TV Crossword solution magic maze solution SUdOkU solution Bar Soap Baton Doorknob Gear Knob Grip Hand Tool Handball Handhold Handlebar Handrail Handshake Rungs Steering Wheel Tiller Writing LAUGH ALONG WITH LATE NIGHT Jimmy Fallon New documents leaked by Edward Snowden show that the NSA actually spied on people while they played the video game World of Warcraft. I don't know, to me it sounds like some NSA agents had to think quick when they got caught playing World of Warcraft at work. President Obama released a video this week to encourage kids to learn how to write computer code. Then he said, "Preferably, in the next two or three weeks. It would really help me out of a jam." Jay Leno It seems that personal information on nearly 40 million Target customers was stolen this week by hackers. Target customers are outraged and the NSA is really impressed. Celebrity Crossword solution A new report says that members of Congress work harder than the average American. You know why? That's because thanks to Congress the average American is out of work. Conan O'Brien There are freezing temperatures across the country right now. In Hollywood, temperatures are in the 50s. Of course, since it's Hollywood, the weather is telling everyone it's only in its mid-30s. Jimmy Kimmel The organizing committee for the Super Bowl announced they will not allow tailgate parties at Met Life Stadium before the game. Who tailgates in February in New Jersey?

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