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January 10, 2014

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19: Friday, January 10, 2014_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Post and Courier Take Me Home Tonight HIGHLIGHTS 10 a.m. on COM A frustrated MIT graduate who has left behind his high pay to work for a video store becomes involved in a dramatic and life-changing evening. EDtv 8:45 a.m. on HBO An interesting video store clerk becomes an overnight celebrity when a desperate cable television network decides to broadcast every moment of his life. People Like Us Finding Hulk Hogan 9 a.m. on BIO After his divorce left him devastated and suicidal, Hulk Hogan allows viewers to witness his journey back to self worth and life after the wrestling ring. Mean Girls 9 a.m. on SHO A girl raised in the African bush learns all about high-school hierarchies when she makes a hit with the A-list girl clique, then runs afoul of them. Marley & Me 9:30 a.m. on FX Newlyweds adopt a cuddly and friendly puppy, but they soon learn that they have an incorrigible, head-strong and neurotic pooch as a member of their family. 10:35 a.m. on SHO After returning home for the funeral of his estranged father, a man discovers that he has a sister who is an alcoholic with a troubled, 12-year-old son. Making True Detective 10:50 a.m. on HBO An exclusive look is taken at the production of "True Detective," which follows two investigators as they become entangled in the hunt for a serial killer. Ocean's Twelve 11:05 a.m. on HBO The mastermind of a Las Vegas casino robbery reconvenes his gang to pull off another huge heist in Europe after his previous victim demands his money back. The Perfect Storm 11:30 a.m. on ION A cocky swordfish boat skipper and his crew head out for one last SUNDAY DAYTIME CC W ATT DTV DSH NEWS 170 350 890 557 333 HBO SPORTS 150 380 932 535 340 FLIX KIDS 33 10 30 104 32 31 7 41 726 102 59 401 99 66 56 28 124 38 135 20 130 26 131 ENCORE PREMIUM CNBC CNN CSPAN CSPAN2 FNC MSNBC ESPN ESPN2 ESPNCL ESPNWS FOXSP FOXSS FS1 GOLF NBCSPO SPOSTH CART DISN DISXD FAM HUB NICK NICKJR TEEN 36 33 134 135 35 32 26 27 157 166 29 216 202 230 231 210 215 602 606 603 604 30 31 163 51 22 23 24 16 101 18 112 116 652 641 640 729 325 302 304 178 335 314 320 322 355 202 350 351 360 208 200 210 211 205 209 206 140 209 144 143 207 142 645 646 420 607 150 218 401 220 159 649 296 176 290 172 292 174 311 180 294 179 299 170 301 169 303 181 17 300 802 501 303 HBO2 303 301 804 502 304 MAX 610 330 832 515 310 MOMAX 321 331 834 517 312 MOVPLX 149 SHO 340 320 852 545 319 STARZ 371 370 902 527 350 TMC 350 340 882 554 329 377 haul at the end of the season and become caught in the middle of a massive storm. Clueless 12 p.m. on COM The prettiest and most popular girl in school feels it's her duty to help less fortunate girls by running their lives as she learns a great deal about herself. Cowboys & Outlaws: The Real McCoy 12 p.m. on HIST As an unidentified disease spreads throughout the cowboy era, John McCoy seeks a cure and builds a city in a rural region of Texas, later known as Abilene. House of Lies Live 12:30 p.m. on SHO At the renowned Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in Los Angeles, actors from "House of Lies" perform improv in front of a live audience. A Crush on You 1 p.m. on HALL An employee sends an email to a co-worker whom he continues bumping into, but he accidentally sends that e-mail to a different woman looking for love. Tiger Eyes Green Lantern 1 p.m. on LIFE A teenage girl relocates to New Mexico after the death of her father, and she meets a young Native American who helps her find the strength to move on. 2:30 p.m. on FX After being selected to wear a mysterious ring, a test pilot is granted superpowers and admittance into an intergalactic order protecting the universe. College Basketball Cowboys & Outlaws: Frontier Hitman 1:30 p.m. on CBS Iowa Hawkeyes at Ohio State Buckeyes from Value City Arena Ohio State has won the last eight meetings with the Hawkeyes, including a 72-63 victory when these two schools met at Value City Arena last season. Haunted Houses 2 p.m. on BIO A look at haunted houses and ghost stories: Louisiana's Myrtle Plantation, known as America's most haunted house; the Joshua Ward house in Massachusetts. Anger Management 2 p.m. on COM A mild-mannered man has an out-of-character incident on an airplane, which causes him to be sentenced to therapy with an eccentric anger management therapist. 3 p.m. on HIST Historians examine a cowboy hired by ranchers as a hit man, as they explore the mystery surrounding the man hung for supposedly murdering a 14-year-old boy. My Sister's Keeper 3 p.m. on LIFE A couple has another child in hopes her genetic material will help save their sick daughter, but the new child has ideas of her own and hires a lawyer. Blades of Glory 4 p.m. on TBS Rival male figure skaters who were banned from the sport for life after a vicious fight return to the ice as the first all-male couple in pairs' figure skating. Les Misérables 4:05 p.m. on HBO A prisoner on the run from a ruth- Tina Fey (left) and Amy Poehler return for another stint as co-hosts for "The 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards," airing live on NBC, Sunday at 8 p.m. less police inspector turns his life around and takes in a helpless girl, but he faces a dilemma during Paris' June Rebellion. The Spanish Prisoner 4:30 p.m. on OVAT A trusting executive who has developed a method to create vast amounts of income for his company is tapped by the FBI to capture his mysterious advisor. JANUARY 12 CC = Comcast, W = WOW, ATT = AT&T UVerse, DTV = DirecTV, DISH = Dish Network 8 AM 8:30 9 AM 9:30 10 AM 10:30 11 AM 11:30 12 PM 12:30 1 PM 1:30 2 PM 2:30 3 PM 3:30 Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid New Day Sunday (N) State of the Union (N) Fareed Zakaria: GPS (N) Reliable Sources (N) State of the Union Fareed Zakaria: GPS CNN Newsroom (N) CNN Newsroom (N) (7:00) WashingtonJournalNewsdiscussion. (N) Newsmkr (N) C-Span Weekend Debates & hearings. C-Span Weekend Debates & hearings. C-Span Weekend Debates & hearings. Book TV Author spotlight. Book TV (:45) BookTVAuthorspotlight. Book TV: After Words In Depth Prominent writers discuss their entire bodies of work extensively. Book TV Author spotlight. FOX & Friends Sunday (N) FOX & Friends Sunday (N) News HQ Housecall MediaBuzz (N) America's News HQ (N) America's News HQ (DC) FOX News Sunday America's News HQ (N) Up w/ Steve Kornacki Pundit panel. (N) Melissa Harris-Perry Political talk. (N) Weekends with Alex Witt Weekend news live. (N) Meet the Press MSNBC Live Live news. (N) SportsCenter SportsCenter Sunday NFL Countdown PBA Bowling "Round1 Japan Cup" (Taped) Wom Bball (Live) Outside Sport Rpt Colin's New SportsCenter: from Bristol, Conn. SportsCenter Featured Strong Strong Strong Strong Century Century Battle Lns Century Century "Don Shula" Century "Reggie White" On the Mat Steep ('07) Ingrid Backstrom. (PG) (:15) WildintheStreets Sports NBA SportsCenter Featured Colin's New Colin's New Outside Sport Rpt SportsCenter SportsCenter SportsCenter Paid Paid Paid Paid Ext. Games Dodgeball Game 365 Big 12 Shw Kentucky: Kentucky Wom. College Basketball (Live) Wom Bball (Live) Paid Paid Paid Paid Ext. Games Dodgeball Game 365 Big 12 Shw Kentucky: Kentucky Wom. College Basketball (Live) Wom Bball (Live) FOX Sports Live FOX Sports Live FOX Sports Live FOX Sports Live FOX Sports College Basketball: Southern Mississippi vs Tulsa College Bball (Live) (7:00) EuropeanTourGolf"VolvoGolfChampions:FinalRound" (Live) Morning Drive Morning Drive PGA (Replay) Premier Premier English Pr. League Soccer (Live) English Pr. League Soccer: Liverpool vs Stoke City Premier Premier League Match of College Basketball (Live) TBA Sportsmen Cookn' It (N) O'Neill (N) Carolina TBA Under F. Martin Wom. College Basketball: Texas vs West Virginia Tennessee Wom. College Basketball (Live) Beyblade Unova Ben 10 Titans Go! Titans Go! Universe aa Tom and Jerry: Magic Ring (G) Cartoon Planet Johny Test Johny Test Regular Regular Adventure Jake and Sofia Jessie Good Luck Austin A.N.T. ac Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over (PG) A.N.T. A.N.T. Gravity Gravity Gravity A.N.T. A.N.T. Marvel's Avengers Mighty Med Jessie Crash Lab Rats ac Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over ('03) (PG) Phineas Phineas Phineas Phineas Phineas Phineas (7:30) aacNannyMcPhee('06) (PG) aac Nanny McPhee Returns ('10) Emma Thompson. (PG) The Hunchback of Notre Dame Tom Hulce. (G) aaa Hercules ('97) Tate Donovan. Zero to hero. (G) Pound Pup Pound Pup Pound Pup My Pony My Pony My Pony Pet Shop Pet Shop Sabrina Tiny Toon Animaniacs SheZow Goosebmp Goosebmp Spooksville Spooksville Megaforce SpongeBob SpongeBob SpongeBob SpongeBob SpongeBob TMNT SpongeBob Fairly Fairly Winx Club (N) Sam & Cat Sam & Cat Haunted Thunderman Peter Peter BlueClue BlueClue Dora Dora Julius Jr. Kai-Lan Fresh Beat Fresh Beat PAW Patrol PAW Patrol Peppa Pig Peppa Pig The Knight Wonder Guide Guide Guide Guide VICTOR. VICTOR. Big Time Big Time Zoey 101 Zoey 101 VICTOR. VICTOR. Big Time Big Time Drake Drake (:35) aLittleMan('06,Comedy)ShawnWayans, (:15) aaRawDeal('86,Action)ArnoldSchwarzenegger,Kathryn (:05) aacThat'sMyBoy('12,Comedy)AdamSandler,Andy (:05) aMyBaby'sDaddy('04)EddieGriffin, xXx: State of the Union ('05) AnthonyAnderson. (PG-13) MarlonWayans. (PG-13) Harrold.Anundercoverjob. (R) Samberg.Irresponsibledad. (R) Ice Cube. (PG-13) aaa Spring Forward ('00) Ned Beatty, Liev Schreiber. aaa Gosford Park ('01) Maggie Smith, Michael Gambon. A weekend Cosi ('96) Ben Mendelsohn, Barry Otto. (:10) IntolerableCruelty('03,Comedy)GeorgeClooney,Catherine shooting party at a country manor becomes a deadly event. (R) Mental patients perform Mozart. (R) Zeta-Jones.Lawyerinlove. (PG-13) Two men bond sharing their life stories. (R) (:45) aacEDtv('99,Comedy)MatthewMcConaughey,Jenna Making True (:05) aacOcean'sTwelve('04,Comedy)GeorgeClooney,Julia (:15) TheEducationof aa Admission ('13) Tina Fey, Paul Rudd. Making True Million $ Elfman.ArealityTVstar. (PG-13) Detective Roberts.Agangreconvenes. (PG-13) MohammadHussein The adopted son. (PG-13) Detective (PG-13) Girls Hannah's Girls "Hard Girls "The Girls "The Girls "Weirdos Girls "Leave Girls "She Revolutionary (:50) aacWon'tBackDown('12,Drama)MaggieGyllenhaal,ViolaDavis.Two Girls "Pilot" Girls "Vagina Girls "All mothersfaceschoolbureaucracy. (PG) Panic" Adventurous" Diary Being Easy" Return" Crackcident" Need" Me Alone" Did" (R) (:15) aacMama('13,Horror)JessicaChastain,Nikolaj (7:45) aacTheFaculty('98,Horror)Salma aac The Best Man ('98) Diego aaa Pitch Perfect ('12) Anna Kendrick, Skylar Astin. An (:55) Banshee Cloud Atlas (R) Hayek,CleaDuVall. (R) Abantantuono, Inés Sastre. (PG) Coster-Waldau.Aloneintheforest. (PG-13) all-girls a capella singing group. (PG-13) (:50) aaDragnet('87,Comedy)DanAykroyd,TomHanks.Cops (:40) aaAsylumBlackout('11,Horror)Rupert (:05) aaAGoodDaytoDieHard('13,Action) (:45) aaaChronicle('12,ScienceFiction)Daisy (:15) aacRambo:FirstBloodPartII('85, Action)SylvesterStallone. (R) takeonadangerouscult. (PG-13) Evans,AnnaSkellern. (NR) BruceWillis,JaiCourtney. (R) Tormé,AlexRussell. (PG-13) (:40) aacTheLostWorld:JurassicPark('97,ScienceFiction) (:50) aaaTheImaginariumofDoctorParnassus('09,Fantasy)HeathLedger, aaa Another Harvest Moon ('10) aaa The Man in the Moon ('91) Sam Moon ('91) JeffGoldblum,JulianneMoore. (PG-13) ChristopherPlummer.Amagicalcarnival. (PG-13) Ernest Borgnine, Piper Laurie. (PG-13) Waterston, Tess Harper. (PG-13) (PG-13) (:35) aaaPeopleLikeUs('12,Drama)ChrisPine,Elizabeth House of House of House of House of House of House of House of Inside the NFL "2013 Week Mean Girls ('04) Lindsay Lohan, Rachel Banks.Siblingsmeet. (PG-13) Lies Live Lies Lies Lies Lies Lies Lies #19" McAdams. A-list girl clique. (PG-13) (:35) aaaTheAmazingSpider-Man('12, (6:45) TheAmazingSpider-Man (:05) aacOnceUponaTimeinMexico('03, (:50) acMr.Deeds('02,Comedy)AdamSandler,WinonaRyder. aac The Company You Keep ('13) Robert Redford, ('12) (PG-13) Action)AntonioBanderas. (R) Small-townfortune. (PG-13) Shia LaBeouf. An underground weather activist. (R) Action)AndrewGarfield. (PG-13) (:40) aacWelcometothePunch('13,Action)JamesMcAvoy, aa Salvation Boulevard ('11) Jennifer Brothers Elizabeth: The Golden Age ('07) Cate Blanchett, Clive The Reluctant Fundamentalist ('13) Riz Ahmed, Kate Owen. Elizabeth I dares war with Spain. (PG-13) Hudson. Man struggles in post-9-11 America. (R) MarkStrong.Criminalhunted. (R) Connelly, Pierce Brosnan. (R) (PG-13)

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