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December 27, 2013

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: Friday, December 27, 2013_ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Post and Courier _ The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring aaaa Alan Howard.  A young hobbit is tasked with transporting a ring of immense power. (3:42) 'PG-13' (HD) TNT Wed. 11:47 a.m. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King aaaa Sir Ian McKellen.  One Ring's influence on hobbit increases as he nears end of his journey. (4:15) 'PG-13' (HD) TNT Wed. 7:00 p.m. The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers aaaa John Rhys-Davies.  Frodo and Sam continue their quest to destroy the One Ring in Mordor. (3:31) 'PG-13' (HD) TNT Wed. 3:29 p.m. The Lovely Bones aaa Mark Wahlberg.  The teenage victim of a serial killer watches her grieving family from Heaven. (2:15) 'PG-13'  (HD) HBO Sun. 12:30 p.m. HBO2 Wed. 3:45 p.m. M The Magnificent Ambersons aaac Joseph Cotten.  A wealthy family tries to hold onto old values as a new century is born. (1:45) 'NR' TCM Fri. 8:00 p.m. Magnificent Obsession aaa Jane Wyman.  A rich, irresponsible playboy reforms after a young widow loses her sight. (2:00) 'NR' TCM Wed. 4:00 p.m. Mallrats aaa Jason Lee.  Two comic book-loving slackers try to win their respective girlfriends back. (1:35) 'R' (HD) SHO Fri. 9:00 a.m. Man on the Moon aaa Jim Carrey.  An oddball stand-up comic captures both TV & wrestling audiences' attention. (2:00) 'R' FLIX Sat. 2:05 p.m. Man on a Tightrope aaa Fredric March.  After Czechoslovakia becomes part of Soviet Empire, circus flees to west. (1:50) 'NR' FXM Fri. 9:30 a.m. The Man Who Wasn't There aaac Billy Bob Thornton.  A laconic barber attempts to use his wife's infidelity to his advantage.  (2:00) 'R' (HD) SHO Tue. 4:45 a.m. Margaret aaa Anna Paquin.  A young girl is forced to deal with the aftermath of witnessing a bus accident. (2:35) 'R' (HD) MAX Thu. 6:25 a.m. Marie Antoinette aaa Kirsten Dunst.  Marie Antoinette indulges in the pleasures at Versailles during her reign. (2:30) 'PG-13' (HD) SUND Fri. 10:00 a.m., Tue. 5:00 p.m., Wed. 3:15 a.m., 11:00 a.m. The Master aaa Joaquin Phoenix.  A man returns from the Second World War and helps a cult-like organization. (2:30) 'R' TMC Mon. 8:00 p.m. Match Point aaac Scarlett Johansson.  An engaged ex-tennis pro falls for an actress dating his future brother-in-law. (2:05) 'R' (HD) MAX Fri. 12:00 p.m. The Matrix aaaa Keanu Reeves.  A hacker joins a shadowy collective's struggle to free humankind from slavery. (3:00) 'R' SYFY Sat. 6:00 p.m., Sun. 1:30 p.m. Mean Girls aaa Lindsay Lohan.  A high-school girl makes a hit with the A-list girl clique, The Plastics. (1:40) 'PG-13' (HD) TMC Sun. 6:20 p.m. Melvin and Howard aaac Jason Robards.  A man produces a will indicating he is to inherit Howard Hughes' estate. (1:35) 'R' FLIX Sat. 12:30 p.m. Menace II Society aaa Tyrin Turner.  After high school graduation, a young man attempts to leave the projects behind. (2:00) 'R' BET Mon. 3:00 p.m., Tue. 1:00 a.m. Million Dollar Baby aaac Clint Eastwood.  A retired boxer goes against his better judgement and begins to train a woman. (2:15)  'PG-13' (HD) HBO Thu. 7:15 a.m. MOMAX Tue. 11:10 a.m. Mission: Impossible aaa Tom Cruise.  An agent embarks on a scheme to clear his name after being branded a traitor. (1:55)  'PG-13' (HD) MAX Sat. 11:40 a.m., Tue. 12:00 p.m. MOMAX Sun. 8:45 a.m. Moulin Rouge! aaac Nicole Kidman.  A young poet becomes involved with a beautiful courtesan at the Moulin Rouge. (2:45) 'PG-13'  (HD) SUND Mon. 11:15 a.m. My Favorite Year aaa Peter O'Toole.  A comedy show writer is given the task of chaperoning a carousing guest star. (1:45) 'PG' TCM Mon. 3:45 a.m. My Sister's Keeper aaa Abigail Breslin.  Parents have another child, hoping her organs can save their sick daughter. (2:00) 'PG-13' (HD) LIFE Tue. 2:00 p.m. My Week with Marilyn aaa Michelle Williams.  A film student spends a week with the famous bombshell Marilyn Monroe. (1:45) 'R' (HD) SHO Thu. 5:30 a.m. N The Negotiator aaa Samuel L. Jackson.  A brilliant hostage negotiator is wrongfully accused of murdering his partner. (2:25) 'R' (HD) HBO Fri. 12:35 a.m. MOMAX Sun. 10:35 a.m. The NeverEnding Story aaa Barret Oliver.  A mystical book fires the imagination of a youth, and he steps into the story. (2:00) 'PG' (HD) HUB Mon. 8:00 p.m., Tue. 3:00 p.m. The New World aaa Colin Farrell.  Soldier of fortune John Smith is saved from execution by Pocahontas. (3:00) 'PG-13' (HD) SUND Wed. 6:00 a.m. Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist aaa Michael Cera.  Teens pretend be a couple as they try to find a secret concert in New York City. (2:00) 'PG-13' MTV2 Sat. 2:00 p.m., 9:00 p.m. North Country aaa Charlize Theron.  Single mother working in a Minnesota iron mine sues for sexual harassment. (2:10) 'R' (HD) HBO2 Tue. 4:05 a.m. The Notebook aaa Rachel McAdams.  A woman chooses between a man of whom her parents approve and her first love. (2:05) 'PG-13' ENCORE Mon. 2:30 a.m. Notorious aaac Cary Grant.  In order to aid a dashing U.S. government agent, a woman marries a Nazi spy. (1:45) 'NR' TCM Wed. 10:00 a.m. O Ocean's Eleven aaa George Clooney.  An ex-con robs three Las Vegas casinos to win over his ex-wife. (2:30) 'PG-13' (HD) TNT Sat. 8:00 p.m., Sun. 5:30 p.m. October Sky aaa Jake Gyllenhaal.  A coal miner's son in the 1950s enlists his friends to help him build rockets. (2:00) 'PG' FLIX Sat. 6:00 p.m., Tue. 12:00 p.m. Office Space aaac Ron Livingston.  A computer programmer hatches a plan to get out of his mind-numbing job. (1:35) 'R' (HD) MOMAX Sat. 11:50 p.m. One Day aaa Anne Hathaway.  Two young people experience an intricate relationship over their lives. (1:50) 'PG-13' (HD) HBO2 Sun. 4:10 p.m. Our Dancing Daughters aaa Joan Crawford.  A wild, young woman falls in love with the son of a rich millionaire. (1:30) 'NR' TCM Thu. 9:00 p.m. Outbreak aaa Dustin Hoffman.  Scientists race to cure a lethal virus outbreak as politicians plot concealment. (2:15) 'R' (HD) MAX Wed. 7:35 a.m. HBO2 Fri. 7:15 a.m. Out of the Past aaac Robert Mitchum.  A private eye is entangled in murder and double dealings with a gangster. (1:45) 'NR' TCM Fri. 9:45 p.m. P Parenthood aaa Steve Martin.  A man copes with his nervous son, and his sister deals with a rebellious teen. (2:05) 'PG-13' (HD) MAX Thu. 9:00 a.m. Paul aaa Seth Rogen.  Two science-fiction fans meet an alien that joins them on adventures. (2:00) 'R' SYFY Thu. 7:00 p.m. The Perfect Storm aaa George Clooney.  A swordfish boat crew heads out for one last haul and faces a killer storm. (2:30) 'PG-13' ION Wed. 11:30 a.m. The Perks of Being a Wallflower aaac Logan Lerman.  A shy freshman's life changes when he befriends two seniors. (1:50) 'PG-13'  (HD) TMC Sat. 7:10 p.m., Tue. 8:20 a.m. Philadelphia aaac Tom Hanks.  A lawyer's battle with AIDS goes public when he is fired for trumped up reasons. (2:45) 'PG-13' (HD) SUND Thu. 3:15 p.m. The Pirates! Band of Misfits aaa Hugh Grant.  A pirate captain and his crew attempt to win the Pirate of the Year Award. (1:30) 'PG' ENCORE Sat. 7:05 a.m. Pitch Perfect aaa Anna Kendrick.  An all-girls a capella singing group attempts to defeat their male rivals. (1:55) 'PG-13' (HD) MAX Wed. 6:20 p.m. HBO2 Tue. 12:50 p.m. Planet of the Apes aaac Charlton Heston.  An astronaut crashes onto a planet ruled by intelligent apes. (1:55) 'NR' ENCORE Sat. 8:35 a.m. Platoon aaac Tom Berenger.  A soldier in Vietnam re-evaluates his beliefs after he sees civilians massacred. (2:05) 'R' (HD) ENCORE Wed. 10:15 a.m., 8:00 p.m. The Polar Express aaa Tom Hanks.  A boy who doubt's Santa existence is invited to take a train to the North Pole. (2:00) 'G' (HD) HUB Wed. 8:00 p.m., Thu. 12:30 a.m. Precious aaa Gabourey Sidibe.  An obese, illiterate and pregnant teen suffers abuse from destructive parents. (2:30) 'R' BET Wed. 11:00 a.m., 7:00 p.m. Premium Rush aaa Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  A bike messenger is pursued by a dirty cop throughout New York City. (1:40) 'PG-13' STARZ Sun. 8:20 a.m., 5:20 p.m. The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie aaac Maggie Smith.  An eccentric 1930s schoolteacher influences her students with fascist ideals. (2:00) 'PG' TCM Wed. 8:00 a.m. The Producers: The Movie Musical aaa Nathan Lane.  Broadway producers devise a scheme to stage a flop for the insurance money. (3:00) 'PG-13' (HD) SUND Sat. 7:00 a.m., Tue. 2:00 p.m. Prometheus aaa Wambui WaNgatho.  The discovery of possible alien origins for humanity sparks an expedition. (2:05) 'R' (HD) MOMAX Sun. 5:05 p.m. P.S. I Love You aaa Hilary Swank.  A widow receives messages from her late husband to help her Thursday at 8 p.m. on TCM, the 1927 silent horror film "The Unknown" stars Lon Chaney Sr. as Alonzo the Armless, a sideshow performer who throws knives with his feet and secretly loves carnival girl Nanon (Joan Crawford), all while hiding his true identity as a wanted criminal with a double thumb on one of his two good arms. overcome her grief. (2:30) 'PG-13' E! Fri. 9:00 a.m. Q Quiz Show aaa John Turturro.  Rumors of a setup prompt an investigation of a 1950s television quiz show. (2:15) 'PG-13' FLIX Wed. 11:45 p.m. TMC Fri. 10:50 a.m. R Raising Arizona aaa William Preston Robertson.  To keep their marriage alive, an ex-con and his wife decide to kidnap a baby. (1:40) 'PG-13' (HD) ENCORE Sat. 8:00 p.m. Rango aaa Johnny Depp.  Everyday chameleon foolishly answers call to police dangerous Western town. (2:30) 'PG' FX Sun. 5:30 p.m., Mon. 1:30 p.m. Rebecca aaac Sir Laurence Olivier.  A young woman uncovers a tragic secret after marrying a wealthy widower. (2:15) 'NR' TCM Sun. 5:45 p.m. Red Dragon aaa Anthony Hopkins.  An FBI agent tracks a serial killer whose murders coincide with a full moon. (2:45) 'R' (HD) SUND Sun. 7:15 p.m., Mon. 3:15 a.m. Remember the Titans aaa Denzel Washington.  Black football coach replaces popular, white coach at newly integrated school. (2:30) 'PG' (HD) AMC Fri. 9:30 a.m. Reviving Ophelia aaa Jane Kaczmarek.  When a teenager's "perfect" boyfriend becomes abusive, no one believes her. (2:00) 'NR' (HD) LMN Sun. 2:00 p.m. The Right Stuff aaac Sam Shepard.  Test pilots train as astronauts in the early days of America's space program. (4:00) 'PG' (HD) SUND Fri. 3:30 p.m. Rise of the Guardians aaa Chris Pine.  Mythical beings team up to save children from an evil spirit attacking Earth. (1:45) 'PG' (HD) HBO Wed. 6:30 a.m. MOMAX Mon. 4:40 p.m. RoboCop aaa Peter Weller.  A privatized future Detroit police force creates an ultra-sophisticated cyborg. (2:00) 'R' (HD) BBCA Sun. 6:00 p.m., Mon. 12:00 a.m. ENCORE Thu. 11:55 p.m. Rocky Balboa aaa Sylvester Stallone.  The current heavyweight champ challenges retired boxer Rocky Balboa to a fight. (2:00) 'PG' (HD) FX Fri. 11:00 a.m. Rolling Stones, Sweet Summer Sun - Hyde Park 2013 aaacThe Rolling Stones perform live at the well-known Hyde Park in central London. (1:35) 'NR' (HD) SHO Tue. 7:25 p.m. Romancing the Stone aaa Michael Douglas.  A shy writer meets a cocky adventurer while seeking her sister in Colombia. (2:30) 'PG' SUND Sat. 10:00 a.m. Rounders aaa Matt Damon.  A college student re-enters the world of gambling when an old friend needs help. (2:05) 'R' (HD) MOMAX Mon. 2:35 p.m. Ruby Sparks aaa Paul Dano.  A struggling writer develops a female character who appears in real life. (1:45) 'R' (HD) MAX Thu. 3:50 p.m. S Safe House aaa Denzel Washington.  In South Africa, a CIA rookie and a rogue agent are attacked by mercenaries. (1:55) 'R' (HD) MAX Fri. 2:05 p.m., Sat. 1:05 a.m., Tue. 6:00 p.m.

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