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December 13, 2013

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: Friday, December 13, 2013_ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Post and Courier _ TV CROSSWORD MAGIC MAZE TOP TEN VIDEO Top 10 DVD, Blu-ray Rentals 1. White House Down (PG-13) Channing Tatum 2. Grown Ups 2 (PG-13) Adam Sandler 3. The Heat (R) Sandra Bullock 4. Pacific Rim (PG-13) Idris Elba 5. The Hangover, Part III (R) Bradley Cooper 6. Monsters University (G) animated 7. The Croods (PG) animated 8. The Purge (R) Ethan Hawke 9. After Earth (PG-13) Jaden Smith 10. This Is the End (R) James Franco Top 10 DVD, Blu-ray Sales 1. Man of Steel (PG-13) Warner Bros. 2. Turbo (PG) FOX 3. Monsters University (G) Disney 4. Grown Ups 2 (PG-13) Sony 5. White House Down (PG-13) Sony 6. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (PG-13) New Line Cinema 7. Dexter: The Final Season (TV-MA) Paramount 8. The Heat (R) FOX 9. The Little Mermaid -- Diamond Edition (G) Disney 10. The Croods (PG) FOX Source: Rentrak Corp. ACROSS 1. "The Love __" (1977-87) 5. "Sanford and __" 8. Turner, for one 9. Battery size 10. Sitcom for Malin Akerman (2) 14. Ribbed 15. Comment from Homer 17. Jackie __ 21. Actress on "The Golden Girls" 22. Lamb bearer 23. Gofer's tasks 28. "Parks __ Recreation" 29. "Hill __ Blues" 31. Actor on "Castle" (2) 35. "__ Life to Live" 36. Actress Chase 37. "Sweet Nothing in My __"; 2008 TV movie 38. Actor __ McDonough DOWN 1. Lunch order, familiarly 2. Gondola operator's need 3. "__ World" (1964-99) 4. 2001 Ethan Hawke movie TV Crossword solution 5. __ __ mouthful; made an impact with one's words 6. Clumsy fellow 7. Refusal on the braes 11. Broom-Hilda, for one 12. Fashion designer's monogram 13. "__ Willie Winkie" 15. Dr. of rap 16. "On __ Own" (1994-95) 18. Setting for "Frasier" 19. "My __ Worst Enemy"; 2008 Christian Slater series 20. Stacey's man 24. Actor on "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" 25. Ultimate degree 26. Actress Joanne 27. "1,000 Places to __ Before You Die" 30. One of John-Boy's sisters 31. Cheech's role on "Nash Bridges" 32. "Bird __ __ Wire"; 1990 Mel Gibson film 33. "__ Pablo"; 1984 Paul Rodriguez sitcom 34. Mr. Mineo magic maze solution —Mountain: Canadian Ski Areas Apex Bear Blue Boler Castle Crystal Cypress Grouse Marble Misery Mystery Phoenix Red Table Tabor Word Quizzard solution LAUGH ALONG WITH LATE NIGHT Jimmy Fallon President Obama just can't catch a break. He gave an immigration speech yesterday in San Francisco and got heckled by a guy yelling something about stopping deportations. Obama was cool, he said the man was entitled to free speech, and then he turned to his security and said, "Deport that guy." The big news this week is that the U.S. finally got Iran to agree to stop making nuclear weapons. In exchange, the U.S. has freed up $8 billion of Iran's assets. When asked how it plans to spend the money, Iran said, "We're going to buy nuclear weapons." Jay Leno When President Obama was in Los Angeles, he visited the DreamWorks Studios. Now don't confuse DreamWorks with Obamacare – that was a dream that didn't work. SUdOkU solution Celebrity Crossword solution They got three feet of fresh powder back East. And that was just in freshman Florida Congressman Trey Radel's office. Radel says he's going into rehab and when he gets out, he wants to be named ambassador to Colombia. Jimmy Kimmel The FCC is reconsidering the ban on cellphone use on planes. So, not only do you get to watch the lady eating a tuna fish sandwich she brought from home, you get to hear her yell at her husband while she does it. There are ways to make air travel much, much worse. I think it's fine if people want to make calls from the plane, but I think they should have to step outside to do it.

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