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January 5, 2011

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P��� 6  LETTERS FROM PAGE 4 Quartzsite has a great history and a wonderful future. Many people are working hard to provide activities for fun and growth. Please join us in the fun. Patricia Anderson, Quartzsite Town Council Member QUAIL WATCHING People ask, “What do you do in the summer”? We can’t Whale Watch, so we have a rhyming activity I call Quail Watch. As whales do, quail talk. They are great gossips that gather under the bushes and chatter like busybodies. Quail are prolific birds that lay a surplus of eggs. Some of the families are large, ���.D�����M��������.��� very large. One really can’t count fast enough to know but I have estimated some pairs with twenty or more of the little fuzz balls. Quail are smart and cautious. Moving from bush to bush, they send out a scout who shouts back an all clear. Then a group run with a clear instinct for danger. When crossing a hot road their little legs are so fast you can’t tell, do they have wheels or feet? Quail! Just one of the glories of summer. If I were scientific I would study their language. Elmer F. London Quartzsite LAPTOP CLEANING AND OPTIMIZING “If I can’t fix don’t pay!” Virus and Malware removal, plus protection and optimization. Keep your system clean and protected. Optimization allows more system efficiency and speed. Call for appt. & rates today! Have five cleanings get the sixth for free! Send a friend get $5.00 dollars cash or credit. Randall Strong • 928- 927-9139 Pattie’s RV Park OPEN YEAR-ROUND! LARGE LOTS! 455 E. Main St., Quartzsite ~ Walk to shopping! - Propane Sales - Open 7days/week • 7am-5pm ~ Laundromat ~ RO Water ~ Thrift Shop ~ Propane 928-927-4223 Benefiting Quartzsite’s No Kill Animal Shelter Check out the newly remodeled gift shop & boutique with new designer jewelry! 455 E. Main St. Quartzsite Open 7 days 9-2 951-764-6072 THANK YOU FROM ROTARY Quartzsite Rotary would like to thank all who donated Christmas Trees and Wreaths, we had some very beautiful trees and wreaths this year, you could till the hard work that went into them. They made Town Hall look very festive. And thanks to those who bought tickets for the raffle all the money raised stays in town for the Food Bank, Scholarship, the Rotary Park as soon as BLM releases the land designated for our park. Thanks again, Quartzsite Rotary YEAR ROUND RURAL COMMUNITY Last week I attended a town council meeting that was also attended by a number of Quartzsite visitors. Once such visitor made the comment that without the vendors, Quartzsite would be nothing more than a truck stop. Although few would argue that vendors are a welcome addition to our community in the winter months, QIA MISSOURI OPRY Wed. Jan. 4• 7-9pm from Branson $5 donation. Craft Fair Sat. Jan. 8, 9am-1pm 928-927-6325 235 E. Ironwood St., Quartzsite J������ 5, 2011 Quartzsite is most definitely a year round community. There are about 3500 people that Quartzsite residents. The town offers both a public and children’ s library, an elementary and high school and a college extension campus. We are also proud to be the home of the state football champions in the charter school division. We have many businesses and restaurants that remain open all throughout the year, and a number of events occurring all summer with new events being continually added. For anyone looking for something fun to do this summer I encourage you to look at the AZ Centennial calendar [page 43] to see what is planned. Quartzsite may be a rural community, but we are just that, a community. There are many of us that have chosen Quartzsite as our home, and as a place to raise our families. Although the residents welcome and appreciate the diversity that the vendors and winter visitors bring, and look forward to seeing old friends each year, please rest assured that the town does not shut down at the end of the season. The town of Quartzsite continues to do business all year so there is a town to come back to each year. Year Round Quartzsite Resident, Monica Timberlake ZUMBA FRIENDS Thanks to all of you for the fantastic party and all the gifts you gave me. I am the blessed one to have all of you in my life, you make my life extra special. Zumba Jan aka Jan Stivers  SEE LETTERS ON PAGE 7 Pets & Children Welcome! Animal Refuge Thrift Shop

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