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January 5, 2011

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P��� 22 Voices from the Past Excerpts from “In the Shadow of Saguaros” By Rosalee Oldham Wheeler Find In the Shadow of Saguaros at Readers Oasis Bookstore, Qtz. ���.D�����M��������.��� William G. “Bill” Keiser- A Love Story (Previous story was: William G. “Bill” Keiser - A Man of Many Talents.) that Bill was also a prolific writer. The Desert Magazine was one of the publi- cations regularly published his stories about interesting places to visit in his Bill Keiser was truly a renaissance man and a man of many talents. Let’s see; he was a miner and operated the local official assay office. He owned a ho- tel, grocery store, and started a water company. He ran the first telephone line from Quartzsite to connect with the Blythe Telegraph Office. He was an artist with a gallery where he displayed his work and dosed out one story after another about his many adventures in Southwestern Arizona. So it shouldn’t come as any surprise from a reader in New Orleans, Louisiana. The voice said, “This is Isabel. When I was sixteen I was in love with a young man that was eighteen and his name was also William G. Keiser. We lived in Lykens, Pennsylva- nia. Could you possi- bly be that handsome young man that I fell in love with many years ago?” Then, for the first time in his entire life, Bill said he was speech- less. Upon regain- ing his composure he replied, “Yes Isabel, I am that Bill.” He was now almost Jerky Store & Deli ❖ 2 EACH: BREAST, LEG, THIGH, WING or ❖ WHOLE ROTISERRIE CHICKEN 8 PC Fried CHICKEN! ❖ 4 LEGS & 4 THIGHS DELI SANDWICHES Made to Order SANDWICH with slaw $650 $550 Call ahead for Chicken and Ribs! 928-927-5655 $495 BEEF JERKY $ PULLED PORK $595 B-B-QUE PORK RIBS FULL RACK or $599/lb1699 only $ All jerky made in store! ALL FRESH! ALL SALADS HOMEMADE! ALL SMOKED MEATS MADE IN-HOUSE! Open daily 8-5 • 10-5 Sunday 928-927-5655 30 N. CENTRAL (HWY. 95) 600/4 OZ. BAG 4 BAGS /$22 80 years old. She told him she had nev- er forgotten him even though her father had disapproved of their love. When she read his article in the Desert Magazine, she just could not believe that she had found her long lost love. He told her that to heal his heart he went West in search of a new life with the dream of striking it rich to prove his worth to her father. Bill told her of his many travels and how Arizona was the best place he had found and that he was now single. Isabel said that after she finished beloved Southwestern Arizona and per- haps stay at his Desert Beacon Hotel (which today would be considered a Bed & Breakfast Inn.) One day Bill received a telephone call J������ 5, 2011 just could not believe that after all these years she would find and learn what had happened to Bill. They wrote letters and frequently telephoned each other. That fall, Isabel’s daughter agreed to bring her West to visit Bill. He met the train at Yuma and there was Isabel awaiting her first sighting of Bill in over 60 years. They were married and she spent the winter here. In late spring the daughter took her back to New Orleans with Bill go- ing back to writing letters and making telephone calls. Come September, Bill Keiser school her father introduced her to a doctor and they were married and lat- er had a daughter. Her husband had passed away some years earlier. She wish. One day she said to me, “Rosalee, you young people just don’t know about love. After 60 years, when you find your long-lost love, that’s true love.” She spent the winter with Bill. Her daughter came to take her home to New Orleans in April. Bill took them to Yuma to catch the train. Her tearful good-bye left Bill shaken. When he arrived back in Quartzsite, the telephone was ringing. It was Isabel’s daughter. Her mother had passed away 65 miles out of Yuma.  SEE BILL ON PAGE 24 Desert Laundry and Propane CREDIT CARDS accepted for PROPANE BEHIND JERKY STORE • EASY IN/OUT! 30 N. Central (Hwy. 95) Open 8-5 • 7 days/week 928-927-5655 THE HOTTEST DRYERS IN TOWN NEXT TO JERKY STORE * GOOD PARKING LAUNDRY OPEN 6AM .... LAST LOAD 7:30PM 30 N. CENTRAL (HWY. 95) Isabel begged her daughter to take her back to Quartzsite. She was 79 years old and the long trip with several changes of trains was difficult and when she ar- rived it was still very hot. But she adored the attention Bill lavished upon her. He was so gallant in meeting her every The BEST Fried Chicken IN TOWN!

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