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FKQ Phi Kappa Theta Fraternity n Clone Iowa State University Phi Kappa Theta Corporation Board Thanks Alumni for Success in Campaign G More than $474,000 Raised So Far Your Support Still Needed reetings, brothers. A major goal of the Phi Kappa Theta Corporation Board in recent years has been improving alumni relations. Since we both pledged, our organization has not done a great job of keeping alumni connected to the chapter. We have been fairly diligent about putting out the XiClone and have solid participation at the Phi Kap Open golf outing, but there is room for improvement. A lot of effort has been put into trying to solve this issue. New Website for Chapter The Corporation Board has been emphasising the new alumni website,, on all of our mailings. The website is our central point of communication; a place for you to go at any time to look for alumni news and events. The database can be accessed after logging in, allowing you to update your contact information or look up contact information for other alums. We are also trying to stay in touch by sending out frequent e-mails regarding events. The content will continue to expand and improve with time, and we are always open to suggestions. If you haven't checked out the website, we encourage you to do so and please check or update your contact information while you are there. If you need help with your login or password, please e-mail webmaster Nate Kemmer '03 at Board Makes Reconnecting a Priority In a perfect world, there would have been several years to cultivate our alumni relations before embarking on the Pride in Our Past, Foundation for Our Future campaign. The reality is that the campaign had to happen now due to the sprinkler mandate by the City of Ames, and the fact that other fraternities have already done their own renovations, affecting our recruiting. We're sure many of you are thinking, I haven't really heard much from you in years, and now you come around asking me for money? We fully understand that reaction, but want to assure you that we won't just ask for money and then go dormant again. While we are asking for financial participation from all alumni for our house renovation, we are going to continue moving forward in improving alumni relations, benefitting alumni and undergraduates alike. A stronger Iowa Xi organization is the ultimate goal. We encourage you to read the piece on reconnecting by Frank Kock '71 on page 3. If you haven't kept in touch, we would love to have you back. Come to an alumni function, stay current by visiting the website, use it to get contact information, and reach out to some old friends. Thank You, Alumni, for Your Donations We have made great progress in the campaign, raising more than $474,000. We're proud of how far we have come, but we still have work to do. The $474,000 threshold that we have passed will allow us do the minimum $600,000 project since we're comfortable borrowing up to $150,000. However, reaching or exceeding our campaign goal of $600,000 will allow us to do the full $750,000 project as envisioned. Please use the enclosed pledge form to make a contribution today. We would like to thank those of you who have made a pledge, and encourage the rest of you to follow their lead for our common goal of keeping Iowa Xi strong for years to come. Fraternally, Campaign Co-Chairmen Dan Ahern '85 (309) 361-1757 Paul Peterson '01 (913) 522-0271 n fall 2013 Tom Bottin '66 Reflects on Fraternal Experience Commitment to Iowa Xi Shown through Generous Gift T om Bottin '66 entered Iowa State University in the fall of 1961 eager to embark on the next phase of his life. After meeting an acquaintance in a class, Tom was convinced to join a fraternity. And in meeting the brothers in Phi Kappa Theta, he was sold on which one. "At Iowa State, fraternity men were always considered to be 'cooler,' but when I met the brothers at Phi Kappa Theta, they stood out from the rest because of their principles and the sense of brotherhood they displayed." After initiation, Tom immediately assumed officer positions, serving as social chairman and treasurer, while pursuing a bachelor of science degree in industrial administration and a minor in economics. "As an officer in Iowa Xi, I learned a lot about etiquette and interacting with people of different backgrounds and personalities. This experience helped me later in life." Upon graduation from Iowa State, Tom was commissioned in the U.S. Navy, spending two deployments—one to North Vietnam, the other to the eastern Mediterranean—during his tenure, after which time he went back to get his MBA. "From there I went to work for IBM, starting as an accountant. Over the years I held various positions in finance, heading up business planning for Asia Pacific and later for all finances in the Australia and New Zealand overseas companies." (Continued on page 2)

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