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November 22, 2013

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19: Friday, November 22, 2013_ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Post and Courier facilities that are in place to safeguard the president, government officials and the military against a doomsday-like disaster. HIGHLIGHTS Robin Hood 8:30 a.m. on SUND Robin Hood and his group of Sherwood Forest-based freedom fighters protect the poor of England from the evil of Prince John. The Breakfast Club 9 a.m. on A&E Five very different high school students learn a lot about themselves, each other and their school when they are thrown together in a Saturday detention. The Lake House 9 a.m. on E! A doctor falls in love, through letters, with the architect who lives at her beloved lake house, despite the fact that he is living two years in the past. Secrets of Body Language 9 a.m. on HIST Experts at reading nonverbal communication examine video footage of historic figures to determine how their behavior matches what they said. America's Doomsday Plan 10 a.m. on MILIT Cameras explore the plans and 27 Dresses 10:30 a.m. on FX A woman who has served as a bridesmaid 27 times now faces one more walk down the aisle with her sister, who is marrying the man she wanted for herself. W ATT DTV DSH NEWS 170 350 890 557 333 HBO SPORTS 150 380 932 535 340 FLIX KIDS 33 10 30 104 32 31 7 41 726 102 59 401 99 66 56 28 124 38 135 20 130 26 131 ENCORE PREMIUM CNBC CNN CSPAN CSPAN2 FNC MSNBC ESPN ESPN2 ESPNCL ESPNWS FOXSP FOXSS FS1 GOLF NBCSPO SPOSTH CART DISN DISXD FAM HUB NICK NICKJR TEEN 36 33 134 135 35 32 26 27 157 166 29 216 202 230 231 210 215 602 606 603 604 30 31 163 51 22 23 24 16 101 18 112 116 652 641 640 729 325 302 304 178 335 314 320 322 355 202 350 351 360 208 200 210 211 205 209 206 140 209 144 143 207 142 645 646 420 607 150 218 401 220 159 649 296 176 290 172 292 174 311 180 294 179 299 170 301 169 303 181 17 300 802 501 303 HBO2 303 301 804 502 304 MAX 610 330 832 515 310 MOMAX 321 331 834 517 312 MOVPLX 149 SHO 340 320 852 545 319 STARZ 371 370 902 527 350 TMC 350 340 882 554 329 377 Dark Shadows 11:30 a.m. on HBO After a vampire that has been imprisoned for two centuries is released, he returns to his ancestral home, where he discovers his dysfunctional descendents. The Glass House Foul Play 10:45 a.m. on SUND An ordinary librarian sees her life turn completely upside down as murders begin to occur everywhere she goes and the bodies disappear each time. 12 p.m. on MyTV A girl orphaned by a car crash is sent to live in Malibu with her family's former neighbors, but she fears that they are after her $4 million trust fund. Moby Dick Formula One Racing 11 a.m. on NBC From Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace Jenson Button beat Fernando Alonso by 2.754 seconds to win this race last year; Sebastian Vettel has clinched his fourth consecutive Formula One championship. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe 11 a.m. on WGN Four children pass through an enchanted wardrobe into a magi- SUNDAY DAYTIME CC Grown Ups cal land where mythical creatures await the savior who will lift the curse of eternal winter. 12 p.m. on OVAT Obsessive Captain Ahab relentlessly pursues the great white whale who took his leg, heedless of the destructive impact his quest has on his crew and on himself. Queen: Days of Our Lives 1 p.m. on BIO Viewers are offered a look inside British rock band Queen through exclusive interviews with band members and never-before-seen video footage. 1:30 p.m. on FX A group of former teammates gathers to pay homage to their late basketball coach and relive some of their glory days without acknowledging the passage of time. Shrek 1:30 p.m. on TBS A green ogre and a talkative donkey embark on a long journey to bring back a beautiful princess from a faraway land for a lord who wants to become king. Perfect Stranger 2 p.m. on CW A muckraking New York newspaper reporter quits her job after one of her stories is rejected and finds herself investigating the murder of a childhood friend. The Longest Yard 2 p.m. on MTV In prison for driving intoxicated, a former pro football player is approached by the warden to form a team of convicts to play the guards in a friendly match. Wrath of the Titans 2:30 p.m. on HBO After Zeus is captured by his son, Ares, and brother, Hades, he is brought to the treacherous underworld, where Perseus fights to rescue his father. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl 2:30 p.m. on WGN A young blacksmith is forced to seek out the aid of an infamous pirate in order to rescue a woman abducted by a cursed band of buccaneers. All About Christmas Eve 3 p.m. on LIFE A woman working as a party planner in New York receives a last-minute notice about a Christmas Eve party that would mean canceling her vacation with her beau. Hall Pass 3:30 p.m. on FX When a woman allows her husband to have a guiltless affair, he and his friends try to lure women at bars, but their wives may have their own ulterior motives. Shrek 2 The Howling 3:30 p.m. on TBS A surly ogre and his new bride take a trip to her homeland, where they face her disapproving royal parents and a fairy godmother with an agenda of her own. 4 p.m. on CW A female news anchor travels to an isolated resort on the advice of her therapist, but she discovers that the luxury settlement is overrun by werewolves. NOVEMBER 24 CC = Comcast, W = WOW, ATT = AT&T UVerse, DTV = DirecTV, DISH = Dish Network 8 AM 8:30 9 AM 9:30 10 AM 10:30 11 AM 11:30 12 PM 12:30 The popular duo Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – composed of American rapper Macklemore (real name Ben Haggerty) and his DJ/ producer Lewis – lead the pack of nominees with six nods for the "2013 American Music Awards," airing live from the NOKIA Theatre L.A. LIVE, Sunday at 8 p.m. on ABC. 1 PM 1:30 2 PM 2:30 3 PM 3:30 Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid New Day Sunday (N) State of the Union (N) Fareed Zakaria: GPS (N) Reliable Sources (N) State of the Union Fareed Zakaria: GPS CNN Newsroom (N) CNN Newsroom (N) (7:00) WashingtonJournalNewsdiscussion. (N) Newsmkr (N) C-Span Weekend Debates & hearings. C-Span Weekend Debates & hearings. C-Span Weekend Debates & hearings. Book TV Author spotlight. Book TV Book TV Author spotlight. Book TV "2013 Miami Book Fair International, Sunday" FOX & Friends Sunday (N) FOX & Friends Sunday (N) News HQ Housecall MediaBuzz (N) America's News HQ (N) America's News HQ (DC) FOX News Sunday America's News HQ (N) Up w/ Steve Kornacki Pundit panel. (N) Melissa Harris-Perry Political talk. (N) Weekends with Alex Witt Weekend news live. (N) MSNBC Live Live news. (N) MSNBC Live Live news. (N) SportsCenter SportsCenter Sunday NFL Countdown Basketball (Live) ESPN Radio Outside Sport Rpt Colin's New SportsCenter Fantasy Football Now Football Sunday on ESPN Radio X Games Anthology Century "Reggie White" Century Century Century Century Century "Terry Bradshaw" 30 for 30 "The Best That Never Was" 30 for 30 "Pony Excess" (7:30) E:60 NBA Outside Sport Rpt Colin's New SportsCenter SportsCenter SportsCenter SportsCenter SportsCenter Paid Paid LA Rider VA Tech West Coast Customs Game 365 Dodgeball Kentucky Behind the College Basketball (Live) Sports Unlimited Paid Paid LA Rider VA Tech West Coast Customs Game 365 Dodgeball Kentucky Behind the College Basketball (Live) Sports Unlimited FOX Sports Live FOX Sports Live FOX Sports Live FOX NFL Kickoff Lucas Oil Off "Las Vegas" Lucas Oil Off "Las Vegas" Lucas Oil "Lake Havasu" Shut Up Fantastic (5:30) Euro.Tour (Live) Morning Drive Golf Central Pre Game LPGA Tour Golf "CME Group Titleholders: Final Round" (Live) Premier (:25) EnglishPr.LeagueSoccer (Live) Premier (:55) EnglishPr.LeagueSoccer (Live) Premier Racer TV Lucas Oil F1 Racing (Live) Realtree Sportsmen Cookn' It (N) O'Neill (N) Pass'n Smacked (N) Driven S.Carolina Tennessee: Butch Jones Rev 3 Championships Knockouts Knockouts Beyblade Unova Ben 10 Titans Go! Titans Go! Universe aac Trouble in Tokyo ('06) (NR) Cartoon Planet Johny Test Johny Test Regular Regular Adventure Jake and Sofia Dog Blog Dog Blog Shake It A.N.T. Jessie Jessie Austin Austin Austin Good Luck Good Luck Good Luck A.N.T. Dog Blog Marvel's (N) Avengers (N) Mighty Med Jessie Crash Lab Rats Kickin' It Kickin' It Phineas Phineas Phineas Phineas Jessie Jessie Jessie Jessie Dennis Menace (PG) A Dennis the Menace Christmas ('07) (G) I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus Connie Sellecca. aaa Ice Age ('02) Ray Romano. Lost infant. (PG) Ice: Meltdown (PG) Tiny Toon Animaniacs Secret (N) Pound Pup My Pony My Pony Pet Shop Pet Shop Sabrina Tiny Toon Animaniacs SheZow Goosebmp Goosebmp Spooksville Spooksville Megaforce TMNT SpongeBob SpongeBob SpongeBob SpongeBob SpongeBob SpongeBob Barbie: Mariposa Fairy (N) Sponge Sam & Cat Sam & Cat Thunderman Hathaways Peter Peter BlueClue BlueClue Dora Dora Julius Jr. Kai-Lan Fresh Beat Fresh Beat PAW Patrol PAW Patrol Peppa Pig Peppa Pig The Knight Tickety Toc Guide Guide TeenNick Top 10 VICTOR. VICTOR. Big Time Big Time Zoey 101 Zoey 101 VICTOR. VICTOR. Big Time Big Time Drake Drake (:40) aacScruples('80,Drama)Lindsay (:20) aacScruples('80,Drama)LindsayWagner,Barry (7:40) aaaTheAmazingSpider-Man('12,Action)Andrew Scruples ('80) Lindsay Wagner, Barry aaaa GoodFellas ('90) Garfield,EmmaStone.Spiderpowers. (PG-13) Bostwick. Rich people consort. (NR) Wagner,BarryBostwick. (NR) Bostwick.Richpeopleconsort. (NR) Robert De Niro. (R) (7:45) aaaAdventuresinBabysitting('87, aa My Father, The Hero ('94) Gérard aa Dangerous Minds ('95) Michelle (:40) aacWhiteFang('91,Adventure)KlausMariaBrandauer, aaa The Three Musketeers ('93) Comedy)ElisabethShue. (PG-13) Depardieu. Dad-daughter trip. (PG) Pfeiffer, George Dzundza. (R) EthanHawke.Manbondswithwolf. (PG) Charlie Sheen. Defending the crown. (PG) Real Time with Bill Maher aac Wrath of the Titans ('12) Sam Real Sports with Bryant 24/7 "Pacaac The Girl ('12) Toby Jones, Sienna Flight of the aac Dark Shadows ('12) Johnny Depp, Michelle Conchords Pfeiffer. Vampire meets his dysfunctional family. (PG-13) (TVMA) Worthington, Liam Neeson. (PG-13) Gumbel quiao/Rios 03" Miller. Director & actress. (NR) Being Flynn (R) aac Journey 2: The Mysterious Island (:10) aacRomyandMichele'sHighSchool (:45) aacTaken2('12,Action)LiamNeeson, (:20) aaTheRingTwo('05,Horror)NaomiWatts,SimonBaker. (:15) BoardwalkEmpire"Havre ('12) Dwayne Johnson. (PG) Reunion('97)MiraSorvino. (R) MaggieGrace. (PG-13) Videotapesurfaces. (PG-13) deGrace" (:40) aDateMovie('06,Comedy)Alyson (:05) WarmBodies('13,Romance)NicholasHoult, (:45) StrikeBack:Origins (:35) LifeofPi('12,Adventure)SurajSharma,IrrfanKhan.Amanis (:45) aBigMomma'sHouse2('06,Comedy) Spy Game Hannigan,AdamCampbell. (PG-13) TeresaPalmer. (PG-13) Computerhacker. strandedafterashipwreck. (PG) MartinLawrence. (PG-13) ('01) (R) (:45) aaaTheBestExoticMarigoldHotel('12,Comedy)Dame (:50) aaAVP:Alienvs.Predator('04,ScienceFiction)Sanaa (:35) aaaTed('12,Comedy)MarkWahlberg,ZaneCowans. (7:45) DangerousLiaisons('88,Drama)Glenn Bourne (PG-13) Close,JohnMalkovich. (R) JudiDench,BillNighy. (PG-13) Lathan,RaoulBova. (PG-13) Man'steddybearthreatensrelationship. (R) (:05) aacCasper('95,Fantasy)ChristinaRicci, (:50) aaaChaplin('92,Drama)RobertDowneyJr.,DanAykroyd.Chaplin'searly (:50) aPinocchio('02,Comedy)RobertoBenigni,NicolettaBraschi. (:45) acInspectorGadget('99)Matthew The Bread Becomingarealboy. (G) Broderick,RupertEverett. (PG) BillPullman. (PG) life&risetostardom. (PG-13) Scott Baio. (:15) aaacThePerksofBeingaWallflower('12,Romance) The Words ('12) Bradley Cooper, Zoe Inside the NFL "2013 ac Autumn in New York ('00) Winona (:45) aaaMeanGirls('04,Comedy)LindsayLohan,Rachel McAdams.A-listgirlclique. (PG-13) Saldana. Writer's dilemma. (PG-13) LoganLerman,EmmaWatson. (PG-13) Week #12" Ryder, Richard Gere. (PG-13) (:10) TheVillage('04,Thriller)AdrienBrody,JoaquinPhoenix. aac King Arthur ('04) Clive Owen, Keira Knightley. A (:10) acSwimfan('02,Thriller)JesseBradford, (:40) aaaTheCall('13,Thriller)KimberlyBailey, (:20) aacTheVillage('04) Villagersfearterrifyingcreatures. (PG-13) knight battles English invaders. (PG-13) ErikaChristensen. (PG-13) AbigailBreslin. (R) AdrienBrody. (PG-13) (:40) UptownGirls('03,Comedy)BrittanyMurphy, (:15) aaaManonaLedge('12,Thriller)SamWorthington, (:50) TheDarkestHour('11,ScienceFiction)EmileHirsch,Olivia Why Stop aac The Bang Bang Club ('11) Ryan Frightener Now (R) DakotaFanning. (PG-13) ElizabethBanks.Suicidalman. (PG-13) Phillippe, Malin Akerman. (R) Thirlby.Alienshunthumans. (PG-13) ('96) (R)

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