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December 15, 2010

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P��� 30 ���.D�����M��������.��� In Search of Gold Out Quartzsite Way Putting this precious little nugget into THE OLD PROSPECTOR by Jane Alene Boyles The old prospector dug deep into the crevice of the decaying quartz rock. Way down under the top pieces was a layer of red earth washed into the crevice over many years. Carefully sucking the dirt out with the new contraption called a vacuum, he got out about a cup of dirt which he then proceeded to pan with his limited water. AHA! Just as he thought there might be—a dirt incrusted lump dissolved away to reveal a shiny nugget of gold with a reddish cast indicating the iron impurity in the metal. Stevie B‛s Concessions at Main Street Traders across from Pilot Hand Dipped • 1/3 lb ANGUS BEEF Burgers • 1/4 Hot Dogs • Chedder Brats • Chili Dogs FRESH CUT FRIES & Twisted Taters • Wisconsin Cheese Curds • Onion Rings • Corn Dogs TULSA TWISTERS! 320-760-1668 FRESH SQUEEZED LEMONADE! NOW OPEN in Quartzsite! his old carry bottle, he moved on scratch- ing and digging, looking and poking in the dirt for the next find. Always hopeful, this was the way of prospectors over hundreds of years. Only now they have access to all the new modern toys and technology. No longer just a rocker or hand built dry wash- er or an old blanket and pan, money could buy lots of sophisticated toys. Technology has produced great metal detectors that “anyone” can learn to use. There are powerful motors and blowers and a dozen or more different kinds of gold pans with just as many methods of using the products. The vacuum has become his favorite, because it saved back break- ing shoveling and digging. As he scratched away at the dirt, the vacuum sucked up the loose stuff. Nearing his 80th birthday, arthritis was catching up with him making it nearly im- possible to work the way he was used to working. Ten years ago a battle with the dreaded “big C” left him grateful for little things and every day the Lord gave him. He felt lucky just to be in his beloved outdoors. Years ago he had bought an ATV. Oh, how he loves to ride that machine. It took the strain off his aching knees and back and got him over the hills and down the D������� 15, 2010 trails where some of the younger guys feared to go. His friends in prospecting called him the “Mountain Goat” and for obvious reason. One day he saw a little red trailer with big balloon tires in a catalog. When UPS delivered the big box, the old prospector was like a kid again. Well, the color of the red trailer has long faded, but it still held his buckets and tools for pros- pecting. He watched the others with more sophisticated tools and said if the nugget is more then ten inches deep, he couldn’t dig that hard dirt anyway so what he had would work just fine. As he rode along he spied a little wash coming down the side of the slope. HMMM-that looks like a good collector wash. Down on his knees with his knee pads on, the old prospector began throwing rocks behind him like a chip- munk digging a hole, filling in his trench as he dug. When the vacuum bucket filled up, he classified his dirt into other buck- ets in the little red trailer. While the quail chirped around him undisturbed by the noise, he worked his way up the hill. When he tired, he took his concentrates back to camp and ran them through the dry wash- er under the shade of a big old paloverde tree, where he could sit on an upside down bucket and drank his endless cup of coffee.  SEE GOLD ON PAGE 31 at Rice Ranch (SE corner of Kuehn & Hwy. 95) Made Fresh to Order….We Make It Personal JOIN US FOR: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner OPEN 8am-8pm TOPPINGS Pepperoni, Sausage, Green Pepper, Sweet Peppers, Onions, Pineapple, Black Olives, Mushroom, Jalapeno, Tomatoes We Deliver after 5pm daily (702)727-9267 Large 16” Pizza $15.00 Personal 9” Pizza $8.00 LADDER TRUCK PIZZA COMPANY “Try the Pie” Coupon The Best Pizza you will ever have from a Fire Truck! $2 OFF 16” PIE or $1 OFF 9” PERSONAL PIZZA PIE All Toppings Included! Ladder Truck Pizza Company Expires 2/28/11 Discounts! Call Ahead Group

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