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Psi Chapter of Sigma Chi at the University of Virginia • Fall 2013 Psi Chapter Calls for Alumni Support A Now Is the Time to Reconnect with Sigma Chi s you know, Sigma Chi and the University of Virginia have been closely linked for more than 150 years. Our Chapter House has called 608 Preston Place home since 1951 and many generations of Psis have lived at that location. Most of us will never forget our times as undergraduate Brothers at Sigma Chi. Sure, pledgeship was not easy and was not always fun, but that time served a purpose. We did work; we learned; we felt uncomfortable. But we developed a bond with all our Brothers and learned to live—to the best of our ability—according to the ideals and standards by which our Fraternity was founded. We grew up in our house and it was our home. Our Chapter House has been a source of pride and our home for more than 60 years. Over the years, the house has been home to many Brothers and while continual updates have been made to keep it a safe and engaging environment, ongoing repair will be necessary. The goal of the House Corporation is to provide the best learning, living, and leading environment that we can for members of Psi. Safety is our number one priority and is at the top of our list when allocating funds and planning projects each year. The House Corporation continues to look at our Chapter House and strategize the best possible solutions for the future. We are exploring the best solution for a modern, spacious facility that best serves the needs of fraternity men at the University of Virginia. We encourage all members of Psi to get involved with Sigma Chi. There are many opportunities to volunteer with the Chapter and its members and we welcome your involvement. We have strong support from members of the House Corporation and from many active alumni. As the board continues to strategize the best solution for the Chapter House, we ask for your patience and your support. I continue to be amazed by the men I call my Brothers at the University of Virginia. From our youngest pledges, to our alumni across the decades, Sigma Chi continues to develop valuesbased leaders committed to the betterment of character and the community. I encourage you to stop by and visit the Chapter House when you are in Charlottesville. We would love to welcome you home! In Hoc, James "Jim" Moore '68 Psi Chapter House Corporation President Sigma Chi Gave Alumnus Opportunities A Jim Todd '60 Maintains Fraternal Bonds ttending the University of Virginia in the 1960s was a much different experience than it is today. When Jim Todd '60 came to the university it was an all-male school with around 10,000 students, and the fraternities held almost all leadership positions on the grounds and were the primary source of social life. After transferring to the university as a second-year student, he decided to join a fraternity for the social atmosphere. "I wanted to be part of the social life. A friend from high school, Don Sours '58, encouraged me to check out Sigma Chi and I was impressed with the members that I met. Sigma Chi had a mix of students from across the country, while other fraternities often had a concentration of members from a specific area. Don convinced me Sigma Chi was the right choice and we have stayed in touch for many years. I cannot think of another Sig who has done more for our Psi Chapter than Don has." While earning his bachelor's degree in commerce, Jim served the fraternity as the Pledge Trainer and Consul. He also was the student commander of the naval ROTC. After graduating with a BS in commerce from the University, he served two years at sea as a naval officer, and then returned to the University of Virginia for an MBA at the Darden School. After spending most of his career running large companies in real estate development, creating major new communities with offices, shopping and housing, he decided to leave that business and start his own company three years ago. He now is the president of JWT Inc., an investment company for real estate and publicly traded securities in his family portfolio. "Sigma Chi gave me the opportunity to be involved in leadership positions and it helped me develop my ability to handle the responsibilities that come with leading an organization. In addition to the leadership and social experience I gained, the Sigma Chi literature and ritual set forth a lot of thoughts on how you should live your life, and that is something that has stayed with me." Looking back, Jim said it was the relationships he developed with other young men from across the country that he appreciates most. "I grew up in Washington, D.C., and hadn't traveled very much, so it was nice to meet and get to know people from all across the U.S." Jim has maintained the friendships he made while an undergraduate. "Mike Daniel '58 has been the leader in arranging for seven or eight of us in the Washington area to get together for lunch, travel to football games with our families, and other social events. I see Jim Palmer '60 regularly in the Washingon area and in Delaware where our families vacation." The Sigma Chi connection with these men has stayed strong for a lifetime. Jim lives with his wife, Sharon, in McLean, Virginia, and they have four children and seven grandchildren. He serves on boards for the University of Virginia's business school and its foundation, helping the university succeed and move forward. He and Sharon enjoy playing golf, traveling, and spending time with their grandchildren. "I am certain the lifelong friends I developed in Sigma Chi at U.Va. are representative of what Sigma Chi's experienced for generations in the Psi Chapter," Jim said.

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