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NORTH CAROLINA Official Publication of The Grand The Mason Lodge of Ancient, Free and Accepted Masons of North Carolina Volume 138 Number 5 Oxford, North Carolina September/October 2013 Mayo elected next grand master Annual Communication 226 concludes GM Preslar opens the session. By Ric Carter WINSTON-SALEM — The Grand return to the fraternity after losing their memLodge of Ancient, Free and Accepted Ma- bership. The Board of Custodians, Board of Pubsons of North Carolina held their 226th An- lications, and other committees met before the nual Communication here September 27–28. general session. There were two training sessions Grand Master Dewey R. Preslar Jr. presided for lodge secretaries on Thursday teaching them over a quick, efficient communication attended more about MORI, our computer database for by 1,192 registered voting delegates. Deputy tracking membership information and lodge fiGrand Master Dalton W. Mayo, of Hiram 98, nances. They also learned more about phone tree was elected to become our next grand master. services and conducting applicant investigations. He appointed to the Grand Lodge line R. DaThursday night, Grand Master Preslar hostvid Wicker Jr., a member of Oak Grove 750, ed a banquet for his special guests and out-ofOrphans 761, and Mosaic 762, as steward for state visitors to the Annual Communication. the coming year. The formal opening began at 10:00 a.m. on Some Grand Lodge officials arrived at the Friday morning. With the Grand Lodge ofheadquarters hotels on Wednesday, September ficers at their stations, the opening procession 25 to be present and ready for the board and was led by the United States and North Carocommittee meetings that began early Thurs- lina flags and the banner of the Grand Lodge day morning when even more officials were on delivered by members of the National Sojournhand. The Committee on Finance and Board ers Spirit of '76ers. of General Purposes had their final meetings see ANN COMM, page 4 prior to bringing business before the membership. The Board of General Purposes voted on various nominations and appointments of Deputy Grand Master Mayo pending his election as grand master for 2014. It was BGP's next to last meeting with Grand Master Preslar, the last being just before Grand Lodge officer installation December 7. Jurisprudence had their last conference before bringing amendments to the delegates. The Committee on Appeals met to review all trials and actions by the judge advocate in the last year and held hearings for several men asking to GM-Elect Dalton Mayo Asheville Masonic Temple begins celebrating 100 By Mark-Ellis Bennett The Asheville Masonic Temple began celebrating its centennial Tuesday, July 9 with a rededication of the cornerstone laid July 1, 1913. Grand Master Dewey Preslar Jr. presided. The celebration is scheduled to last for more than a year. The event was held in the temple's meeting room and open to the public. Officers of Mt. Hermon Lodge dressed in tuxedos greeted guests. Preslar announced the purpose of the occasion was to reenact the laying of the temple's foundation stone in accordance with Masonic custom and usage. "It represents the ambitious desires of those who wanted to provide for themselves a more suitable temple," he said. A centennial cornerstone, created for installation above the original cornerstone on the exterior of the temple building's northeast corner, was placed on a table beside the altar in the center of the lodgeroom for the ceremony. The vari- Designs ous officers of the lodge, per the ancient ritual, inspected the stone with the symbolic tools of an operative mason — the square, level, and plumb. In Masonic tradition the officers, in turn, poured corn, wine, and oil over the new stone. In his invocation Preslar said, "May the all-bounteous Author of Nature continue to bless the inhabitants of this place with an abundance of the necessities, conveniences, and comforts of life. May His spirit in the next century of this building long preserve the structure from decay and grant to us all a supply of the corn of nourishment, the wine of refreshment, and the oil of joy." Distinguished guests who spoke included Asheville city councilman Chris Pelly and Buncombe County Board of Commissioners Chairman David Gantt, Gwen Jones representing the see ASHEVILLE, page 5 upon our trestle board Own and deliver your Masonry By Dewey R. Preslar Jr. Grand Master As the old saying goes, time flies when you are having fun, and here I am writing my final article for The North Carolina Mason with both pride and humility. It certainly has been my pleasure and honor to have served as your grand master this year. We have talked about causing something to happen in our Masonry that might not exist today — a different outcome; something extraordinary; passion; and a breakthrough in our Masonry. Together we have worked hard for our charities, have seen an increase in our fundraising efforts, have increased the number of certified lecturers (one of whom is 19 years old), and have contacted and reengaged entered apprentices. We have drawn designs upon our trestle boards and have made our plans. Our hope was that this would increase our connectivity to each other and cause a different outcome in our Masonry. I am happy to say that I am seeing breakthroughs all around. Thank you, my Brothers! I have been privileged to witness all that is good, kind, and charitable about our fraternity. Freemasonry teaches us that unselfishness is a duty, and that it is not only more blessed than to receive, but also to be rewarding at the same time. I often speak about my travels across this beautiful state of ours. The people and the Craft are what make it so beautiful. Along this splendid journey, I have kept a journal of my travels and experiences this year. Every day would always feel like "the best" and I would often ask myself, how can it get any better than this? And, yet I would experience another "best". Words cannot express enough the beauty of this! One recent example was the Eureka 283 charity motorcycle ride to Oxford. This was the 16th year for this event, and our Brothers raised more than $24,000 for our charities. As I followed the riders during this trip, it was a sight to behold! I was asked to lead them through the gates of the Home, which was an honor and most humbling experience. As we entered these hallowed grounds and knowing the outcome that it was producing for our children, I was extremely overwhelmed and touched. When I petitioned the lodge some 25 years ago, my wife was quite distressed over this with two young children at home. She was afraid that it would take too much time away from family. But, over the years Terrie has recognized the balance and how we are taught to divide our time. She now says, truly taking a good man and making him better was a huge outcome in my life. She speaks often of the wonderful and beautiful people that we have met and whom we wouldn't have met if we hadn't had this opportunity and journey. We just concluded the 226th Annual Communication of our Grand Lodge which was very well attended. I felt that we accomplished much with breakthroughs happening all around. But, for me, it was another one of those "best days" in Masonry, especially mingling with and enjoying time spent with all who were present. I don't believe that I can express the emotion better than one Brother who commented on how staunch and wonderful the Pledge of Allegiance sounded when close to 1,000 Brothers said it together. Then, to hear one of our very special children from the Home at Oxford speaking in a trembling voice while relating how well she has been taken care of and the impact Masons have had in her life, she spoke while tears flowed freely. Many of the strong voices that had previously spoken the Pledge both sternly and loudly were joining her in those tears. I don't think there was a dry eye in the audience. Brother Marc Sessoms, thank you for your comments from which I paraphrased as you summed the mood very well, my Brother. On another sad note, we recently lost Past Grand Master William Simpson to that House not made with hands. As it was stated during his eulogy, we have lost a prince of a man in North Carolina and a perfect knight. Please keep his wife Marian in your prayers. In closing, thank you, my Brethren, for all the great memories. It has been a wonderful journey, and as we close this chapter, we look forward to the future of our Grand Lodge. I see only positives happening — growth, an increase in support of our charities, and breakthroughs that will cause only beautiful things to happen for our fraternity — the greatest fraternity ever known to man. It is with pride and closeness that I congratulate our newly elected and appointed grand line officers and wish them a wonderful journey as well. Together, my Brothers, we have certainly owned and delivered our Masonry in 2013. Thank you again for your friendship, support, and an outstanding year!

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