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DKE Banquet and Psi Day Tea O n the Friday before the October 5 blowout against Georgia State, alumni and active members of the Psi Chapter gathered at the DKE house with family members to take part in the Psi Day Tea. This event served as a special way to commemorate DKEs who came before us, and to connect current DKEs and alumni with family members and one another. Active members appreciated getting to spend time and enjoy food and drinks with family members in attendance, as the tea was a more intimate setting than the usual excitement of the house on game days. Overall, the tea was a great success, and we would like to thank the alumni and family members who attended for contributing to this fun and special occasion. Following the tea, all DKEs in attendance went to the party room to share a great meal prepared by the house cooks, and to hear a few words from current chapter leaders. We were honored to host Bob Bilbrough, Psi Delta '78, the Chairman of the Board of Directors for DKE International Fraternity, who spoke about the status of the chapter and encouraged all in attendance to continue our rich traditions of excellence and respect for the chapter and DKE house. His words offered an impressive reflection of our chapter as a whole, something that both alumni and current members could all be proud of. He then went on to grant PSI DKE the Lion's trophy yet again. In addition to this incredible honor, the banquet showed that the chapter has a promising future to look forward to. We appreciate family, alumni, and Mr. Bilbrough for attending, and hope to reconnect at the DKE house again very soon. Keynote Homecoming Banquet speaker Bob Bilbrough, Psi Delta-Wake Forest '78, Chairman of the DKE Board of Directors. Sighs of Psi Delta Kappa Epsilon House Corporation P.O. Box 1789 Tuscaloosa, AL 35403 Address Service Requested Reynolds Thompson '17, Jim Harmon '82, Hartson Harmon '17, William Delchamps '17, John Delchamps '85. Two generations of DKEs: William Roe '15 and Medford Roe '83. Will Moor '17 and Leigh Ann at the Psi Day Tea.

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