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3 Sighs of Psi Chapter Highlights DKE Senior Spotlight – Patrick Terry '10 P atrick Roper Terry '10 is a senior DKE whom hails from the land of sun-drenched women and breath-taking mountain ranges, better known as; Spain Park Alabama. Majoring in Finance, Economics, and Spanish with specialization in international economics, Patrick is one of the best-rounded individuals to walk through the halls of Psi to our Chapter's well respected history here at Alabama. Between studying abroad in Spain during the summer of his sophomore year, and interning at Bank of America Merrill-Lynch in Washington DC this summer, Patrick has been hard at work forging the ever successful path ahead of him, both in and out of the class room. Patrick also was awarded with the title of "Best Dressed" college Student by the LBQT Club of Western Alabama in his freshman year at Alabama. He dropped club membership the following week. Nicknamed "Ropey Loads" or "Roper," Patrick is one of the choice members of Psi who takes pride in his role on campus as a DKE. For the last 3 years, Patrick has been mentioned by the Culverhouse School of Business and Commerce as one of the top 5 students in the Business and Finance school with a cumulative GPA of 4.2. Patrick has evidently been a devoted scholar since he embarked on his long and arduous journey as a freshman. Serving as a highly influential member of the house, the incoming freshman class has looked up to Patrick as a guiding light for his compassionate advice and infectious leadership qualities. Upon graduation, Patrick will be moving out of the state of Alabama this May after accepting his early offer to work in Global Treasury Solutions, at Bank of America Merrill-Lynch Headquarters, in New York City. Patrick is this semester's "Senior Spotlight" candidate, standing as the DKE that best embodies all the attributes that our Chapter covets most. He is truly a gentleman scholar, and a jolly good fellow. Our Chapter is proud to see this young man graduate. Patrick, we look forward to your great success, and to seeing you become a tremendous leader in our Nation as you have at Alabama. Welcome, Fall 2013 Pledge Class Noah Addison Mobile, Ala. Robert Cope Birmingham, Ala. Walton Lee Atlanta, Ga. Bradley Padgett Mobile, Ala. Brian Stringer College Park, Ga. Grant Becker Slidell, La. William Delchamps* Mobile, Ala. Davis Martin Atlanta, Ga. Austin Parrish Fairfax Station, Va. Charles Thompson IV Birmingham, Ala. John Berry Rome, Ga. Taylor Douglas Mobile, Ala. Carl Martin IV Carrollton, Ga. Richard Pipkins Jr. Mobile, Ala. David Turner III Birmingham, Ala. Matthew Breese Winston Salem, N.C. Ben Dunlap Birmingham, Ala. Samuel McKay* Mobile, Ala. Kyle Ravenfeld* Malvern, Pa. Harry Wadley Houston, Texas Andrew Capecci Charlotte, N.C. Mark Elder Lucedale, Miss. William Moor* Birmingham, Ala. Talbot Ritchey Birmingham, Ala. Larry Wink New Orleans, La. Paul Carlton IV Florence, Ala. Hartson Harmon* Birmingham, Ala. Edward Morris* Birmingham, Ala. William Sanders III* Mountain Brook, Ala. Mark Wnuk Jacksonville, Fla. Vincent Cave Jr.* Mobile, Ala. William James Baton Rouge, La. Hunter Morrissette* Birmingham, Ala. Hudson Shelton Decatur, Ala. *Legacy Black Chaffe V* Mobile, Ala. John Kampakis Birmingham, Ala. John Murray* Mobile, Ala. Forbes Sirmon Mobile, Ala.

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