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2 Delta Kappa Epsilon Chapter Highlights 2013 Lion's Trophy T his summer DKE international held the 2013 DKE Leadership Summit in Oxford, Ohio at the Kappa Chapter of DKE at the University of Miami of Ohio. Our Chapter was lucky enough to have three applicants chosen to attend the summit: Sayre Kearly '15, Brooks Chapman '14, and Stevie Keller '16. They flew up to Ohio in early August for a summit based on educating local leaders and giving them the skills needed to better their chapter in the coming years. Psi Chapter was awarded first overall rankings in the categories of Alumni Relations and Community Service, propelling Psi to its 10th Lion's Trophy The highlight of the weekend, however, was not the invaluable information our representatives were able to learn from the international board and various other alumni, but the Sunday night awards banquet that wrapped up the whole weekend. At the banquet, Psi was lucky enough to be awarded the first overall rankings in the area of both Alumni Relations and Community Service. These two individual category victories propelled the Psi Chapter to its tenth Lion's Trophy. House Improvements Improve Brotherhood A t the Delta Kappa Epsilon house here at the University of Alabama, the Executive Board members have been working to provide great house improvements from many active member's ideas. The biggest improvement would be the opening of our very own "Moulton Cook Study Lounge," which is the house's study/group room. This room contains a custom built cabinet countertop with a separate desk and group table, along with two white boards. Another project would be the ACT card swiping system which provides security and protection for the members and all of Psi's possessions. This system allows members with the UA action card to swipe by 3 access doors to be allowed into the house during certain hours. Additionally for security, brand new infrared video cameras have been added along with replacing many of the older ones. Over the past week, the house had custom lights, lasers, and even black lights installed into the basement room to improve the already well known parties that DKEs have been known to throw. Lastly, some minor projects include picnic tables in the back courtyard and a newly felted pool table with a new light hanging above. Overall, the house has been making great strides to improve the brotherhood here at the "Delta." Rush Psi A s of this month the rush chair position has officially changed hands over from Sayre Kearly '15 to Jack Sewell '16. Jack helped Sayre out last year as the freshman rush chair and plans to run this rush a lot like that of recent years. The first official rush letters have been sent out inviting men to the house for game days, and this spring we plan to have three rush weekends like last year to help the active Chapter get plenty of opportunities to get to know the high school seniors coming by the house. Have someone to recommend for rush? Send Jack an email at

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