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Sighs of Psi Inside: Chapter Highlights • 2-3 Alumni News • 4-5 From the Historian • 6-9 Psi Chapter of Delta Kappa Epsilon at the University of Alabama t fall 2013 A Perfect Ten W hen I think of the number 10, I can't help but envision Bo Derek running down the beach in a gold bathing suit with her hair braided in beads. She was said to be a "10" as far as beauty, but our own Psi Chapter has achieved its own 10. This summer we were awarded our 10th first place for the Lion's Trophy. It's hard to stay at the top and the Psi Chapter continues to do so–our congratulations go out to them for taking home the tin one more time. I look forward to drinking from that silver cup at the Homecoming banquet with the alumni, actives, and pledges. I have been instructed to limit my comments, and I will, since most of what I'd say will be repeated in detail in the pages that follow. I feel compelled to say that sometimes we get letters–and the following is one that I received in response to my article in last spring's Sighs that I felt obliged to share. Please enjoy this latest Sighs of Psi. ITB, Black Chaffe '83 House Corporation President (469) 951-2031 | DKE Brothers, On behalf of the alumni of the Alpha Phi Chapter of DKE at the University of Toronto-the chapter that allowed DKE to become INTERNATIONAL 115 years ago, I am very grateful to Brother Black Chaffe for his remarks recognizing DKE as a great INTERNATIONAL fraternity. We who reside in the "Great White North" have been honoured for the last 115 years to be an integral part of DKE. Unfortunately since we elect Prime Ministers we will not be able to add to the long list of Presidents who are Dekes but we can attest to the fact that we have mastered the art of trapping Beavers during our long, long dark nights. Black references our "fending off wild Moose attacks" and how terrible that must be-but I can assure him that we of the Great White North far prefer BEAVER to Moose - cuddly, warm, furry friends that love to constantly devour "Canadian wood" – that's what gives us some illumination and a sense of rising spirits on those dark, cold nights. I have sent along PSI's Sighs to our alumni for their reading pleasure and I'm sure that many Canadian Dekes will enjoy a good read tonight while sipping on their favourite Labatt's or Molson's brew. Cheers, Ross Wigle, Great White North '79 PS: For our American Brothers who don't know - the latitude of Southern Canada is the same as the latitude of Northern California...gets 'ya thinking doesn't it??? DKE International Psi Chapter • View past newsletters • See archive photos • Submit alumni news and more! New look to launch SOON!

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