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October 12, 2013

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2 | Cover story T HE S UNDAY G AZETTE M AIL | O CTOBER 13, 2013 Murder, romance and 'Betrayal' ABC's new prime time drama heats things up By Kyla Brewer TV Media A t the dawn of the television era, daytime soap operas were one of the staples of weekday programming. But, with the decline of the stayat-home housewife, daytime dramas have suffered, and their ratings are but a shadow of what they once were. However, that doesn't mean that scandalous affairs and over-the-top villains haven't found a new home onTV. These days, prime time has all the soapy drama fans are after. The latest salacious series to enter prime time comes fromABC, a network that's been gaining a reputation for such programs since the heyday of its hit "Desperate Housewives."Airing Sunday, Oct. 13, on the alphanetwork,"Betrayal" follows the story of two people who share an instant attraction, despite the fact that they're both married. British actress HannahWare ("Boss") leads the cast as professional photographer Sara, who can't seem to deny her attraction to mystery man Jack (Stuart Townsend,"Queen of the Damned," 2002). Unfortunately, both of them are married — she to ambitious prosecutor Drew (Chris Johnson,"TheVampire Diaries") and he to Elaine (Wendy Moniz, "Guiding Light"), a Chicago restaurateur. "Betrayal" has had people talking since before its debut.A teaser for the show released prior to the premiere featured a pivotal scene between the two main characters, who meet at a train station. Sara faces a difficult choice when she must decide whether or not to get on the train. "It's a huge decision and it has huge implications," explainedWare."She has consciously made a decision to spend an afternoon with someone she is incredibly attracted to." Although they initially make a noble effort to remain true to their significant others, the attraction between Sara and Jack proves too powerful and they give in to their desires, much like any good From the list below, find each word and circle its letters in the puzzle to reveal the message relating to this week's theme. Stuart Townsend stars in "Betrayal" fense. soap opera characters would do.As if That's some heavy subject matter, but that wasn't enough, the series has much, the talented cast is more than qualified much more to titillate viewers each week.Things get a whole lot more com- to handle it.Ware may be most memorable toAmericanTV audiences as Emma plicated for Jack and Sara when a murKane opposite Kelsey Grammer in the der rocks their respective worlds. It turns out that Elaine's father,Thatch- STARZ series "Boss," but she's also aper (James Cromwell,"Babe," 1995), is a peared on the big screen in such films as "Cop Out" (2010) and "Shame" (2011). rather shady businessman and Jack is Her co-star,Townsend, has appeared in employed as his counsel.WhenThatchmany feature films, including "Chaos er's brother-in-law is murdered,ThatchTheory" (2008) and "The League of Exer's mentally challenged sonT.J. (Henry Thomas,"The Last Ride," 2012) becomes traordinary Gentlemen" (2003), but the the prime suspect. Drew tackles the case Irish actor is best known — by far — for as lead prosecutor, hoping it could furhis turn as Lestat in 2002's "Queen of the ther his political career, while Jack is Damned," based onAnne Rice's acforced to serve as the lawyer for the declaimed novel. 8 million pageviews. 2.3 million unique visitors Online advertising with Is a 3x BIG3" DEAL Contact: Rich West 304-348-1744 Albums, Absolutely MY LIFE ABBEY ODELAY ROAD PEARL AJA PET SOUNDS BLUE PRIVATE BROTHERS IN DANCER ARMS QUADROPHENIA DOOKIE RAY OF LIGHT EXODUS RUMOURS FAITH TAPESTRY GREEN RIVER THE SUN HARVEST SESSIONS HYSTERIA THE WALL IN UTERO THRILLER JOSHUA WHAT'S GOING TREE ON LADY SOUL WHO'S NEXT MUSIC BOX

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