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October 11, 2013

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25: Friday, October 11, 2013_ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Post and Courier Who Killed Ivan the Terrible? HIGHLIGHTS How I Met Your Mother 8 p.m. on CBS Barney gets relationship advice from Lily while he is forced to pick sides between his mother and Lily; Ted and Marshall get into a fight over wedding gifts. Hart of Dixie 8 p.m. on CW In an attempt to be cordial to Joel, Lavon and AnnaBeth have him and Zoe over, but events take a turn for the worst when Lemon crashes the dinner with a date. Bones 8 p.m. on FOX The Jeffersonian team must look into the bucket list of their latest case, a high school principal with terminal cancer, as they find answers. 8 p.m. on MILIT Criminologist David Wilson presents an in-depth investigation into the great unsolved murder of Russia's first dictator Ivan the Terrible. The Voice 8 p.m. on NBC Following the conclusion of the audition phase of the competition, the coaches get their first chance to sit down with their teams before one-on-one face-offs. Johnny Cash: Half Mile a Day 8 p.m. on OVAT The program chronicles the life of the famous musician Johnny Cash; the show includes interviews with Glen Campbell, Willie Nelson and Judy Collins. America's Scariest Halloween Attractions 3 The Devil's Advocate 8 p.m. on GAC A tour of Halloween attractions uncovers the ghoulish characters, advanced special effects and other features that are designed to inspire terror in spectators. 8 p.m. on SYFY A hotshot New York lawyer accepts a deal that's too good to be true from a diabolical attorney, but finds that temptation exacts a steep price. MONDAY EVENING CC W ATT DTV DSH NEWS 150 380 932 535 340 170 350 890 557 333 HBO SPORTS 33 10 30 104 32 31 7 41 726 102 59 401 99 66 56 28 124 38 135 20 130 26 131 FLIX KIDS CNBC CNN CSPAN CSPAN2 FNC MSNBC ESPN ESPN2 ESPNCL ESPNWS FOXSP FOXSS FS1 GOLF NBCSPO SPOSTH CART DISN DISXD FAM HUB NICK NICKJR TEEN ENCORE PREMIUM 36 33 134 135 35 32 26 27 157 166 29 216 202 230 231 210 215 602 606 603 604 30 31 163 51 22 23 24 16 101 18 112 116 652 641 640 729 325 302 304 178 335 314 320 322 We Are Men 355 202 350 351 360 208 200 210 211 205 209 206 140 209 144 143 207 142 645 646 420 607 150 218 401 220 159 649 296 176 290 172 292 174 311 180 294 179 299 170 301 169 303 181 17 300 802 501 303 HBO2 303 301 804 502 304 MAX 610 330 832 515 310 MOMAX 321 331 834 517 312 MOVPLX 149 SHO 340 320 852 545 319 STARZ 371 370 902 527 350 TMC 350 340 882 554 329 377 to Sleepy Hollow, he is brought to Ichabod and Abbie, who hunt down the little boy's origin and wind up with a shock. 8:30 p.m. on CBS After Frank and the guys crash a family reunion, Carter has a one night stand with a girl he meets there; Stuart makes an attempt to teach Gil how to cook. Halloween Fright House: Secrets Revealed 9 p.m. on GAC A look at the scariest haunted attraction in America, Thrillvania featuring industry experts discussing how to create a top-notch Halloween experience. Justin Timberlake: Pop Profile 8:30 p.m. on FUSE Pop artist Justin Timberlake is documented, from his start with the Mickey Mouse Club to his rise as a world-renowned artist with N'Sync. Who Killed Stalin? Top Gear 9 p.m. on BBCA Host Richard Hammond presents the first part of the team's countdown of the top 41, best moments from the last decade, featuring various highlights. Beauty and the Beast 9 p.m. on CW While digging deeper for answers to Vincent's changes and his mission, Cat ends up kidnapped by Vincent; Tess, J.T. and Gabe team up to help Cat. Sleepy Hollow 9 p.m. on FOX When an unidentified child comes 9 p.m. on MILIT An in-depth investigation into the mysterious death and last days of Joseph Stalin is presented, featuring a look at his last supper and his final night alive. My 600-lb Life 9 p.m. on TLC After years of struggling with her weight and suffering from selfesteem and health issues, Melissa takes on a six-year long fitness journey to become healthy. Hostages 10 p.m. on CBS Ellen and Brian devise a plot with their children in an attempt to escape from Duncan; Duncan's wife tells him about her wish to discontinue her treatments. The E! True Hollywood Story 10 p.m. on E! An exclusive look is taken into the life of chef, restaurateur, author, actress and television host Paula Deen, featuring her climb to the top. Most Terrifying Places in America 3 10 p.m. on GAC Viewers are taken inside a haunted residence that is so haunted that the owner is afraid to spend more than a few nights there each week. Ancient Aliens 10 p.m. on HIST Ancient Mesopotamia's Sumerians attribute their leaps in agriculture, science, medicine, military and more to giant winged gods believed to be ETs. Duncan (Dylan McDermott) is told by his wife (guest star Francie Swift) that she wants to discontinue her treatment and spend her time with her husband and daughter on "Hostages," airing Monday at 10 p.m. on CBS. Julius Caesar's Greatest Battle Hotel Impossible 10 p.m. on MILIT In an eight-year campaign through what is now France, Julius Caesar kills one million people, takes a million more hostage and destroys more than 800 cities. 10 p.m. on TRAV Anthony takes a trip to the Ritz Inn in Canada to renovate since it's covered in filthy rooms, a wedding chapel that doubles as a storage room, and much more. OCTOBER 14 CC = Comcast, W = WOW, ATT = AT&T UVerse, DTV = DirecTV, DISH = Dish Network 4 PM 4:30 (3:00) ClosingBell (N) Jake Tapper (N) 5 PM 5:30 6 PM 6:30 7 PM 7:30 8 PM 8:30 9 PM 9:30 10 PM 10:30 11 PM 11:30 Fast Money (N) Mad Money (N) The Kudlow Report (N) Hotel: Marriott 60 Minutes on CNBC American Greed: Scams Mad Money The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer (N) Crossfire (N) Erin Burnett OutFront (N) Anderson Cooper 360° (N) Piers Morgan LIVE (N) Anderson Cooper 360° Erin Burnett OutFront U.S. House of Representatives Issues and policies. (N) U.S. House of Representatives Issues and policies. (N) Tonight from Washington First Ladies: Influence and Image (N) Washington Capital News Today (N) U.S. Senate Elected officials conduct business. U.S. Senate Elected officials conduct business. Communi. Tonight from Washington The day's top public policy events. Capital News Today Your World Cavuto (N) The Five (N) Special Report (N) On the Record (N) The O'Reilly Factor (N) The Kelly File (N) Hannity (N) The O'Reilly Factor Martin Bashir (N) The Ed Show (N) PoliticsNation (N) Hardball with Chris (N) All in with Chris Hayes (N) Rachel Maddow (N) Lawrence O'Donnell (N) All in with Chris Hayes NFL Live Horn Interruption Sports Monday Night Countdown (:25) MondayFootball:IndianapolisColtsatSanDiegoChargers (Live) Sports Highly Outside College ESPN FC Horn Interruption ESPN Films "Catching Hell" Poker (Replay) Poker (Replay) Sports Olbermann Baseball (Replay) ESPN Films "Catching Hell" Global Supercard Wrest. Global Supercard Wrest. Global Supercard Wrest. Global Supercard Wrest. Global Supercard Wrest. SportsCenter SportsCenter Interruption Sports SportsCenter SportsCenter SportsCenter SportsCenter Horn Interruption UFC Insider Wrld Poker (Replay) Outlaws Insider College Football: Baylor Bears at Kansas State Wildcats (Taped) Wrld Poker (Replay) Wrld Poker (Replay) UFC Insider Wrld Poker (Replay) Outlaws Insider College Football: Baylor Bears at Kansas State Wildcats (Taped) Wrld Poker (Replay) Wrld Poker (Replay) NASCAR Race Hub Crowd Goes Wild FOX Football Daily NASCAR K&N "Dover" Mike Tyson Mike Tyson Monday "Golden Boy Promotions: Sunrise, Florida" FOX Sports Live (3:00) PGATOURGolf"Frys.comOpen:FinalRound" Golf Central Fix Fix PGA Cup HL The Greatest Game Ever Played ('05) Stephen Dillane. (PG) Golf Cntrl Premier League Match of Pro Football Talk NHL Live NHL Hockey: Minnesota Wild at Buffalo Sabres (Live) Overtime Auctions America Iconic cars. Women's College Volleybal: Arkansas vs Tennessee Knockouts Boxing "Greatest Classics, Mosley vs. Gomez" College Football: South Carolina vs Arkansas Knockouts Adventure Adventure Adventure Regular Regular Regular Adventure Regular (N) Grandpa (N) MAD (N) King of Hill Cleveland Burgers American Family Guy Family Guy Austin Wander Austin Shake It Dog Blog Liv Gravity Gravity Jessie aa Halloweentown ('98) (NR) (:05) A.N.T. Austin Shake It Jessie Lab Rats Crash aa Girl vs. Monster ('12) Olivia Holt. (NR) Lab Rats Crash (N) Kickin' It (N) Mighty Med Lab Rats (N) Packages Lab Rats Lab Rats Lab Rats Lab Rats Reba Reba The Middle The Middle The Middle My Best Friend's Wedding Julia Roberts. (PG-13) aaa Pretty Woman ('90) Richard Gere, Julia Roberts. (R) The 700 Club (TV G) SheZow aaa The Karate Kid ('84) Ralph Macchio, Pat Morita. (PG) Step Step The Dog Who Saved Halloween ('11) Gary Valentine. Happy Days Happy Days Happy Days Happy Days SpongeBob SpongeBob SpongeBob SpongeBob SpongeBob SpongeBob Sponge (N) SpongeBob Full House Full House Full House Full House Full House Full House Friends Friends Max Ruby Max Ruby Peppa Pig Peppa Pig Lalaloopsy Lalaloopsy Dora Dora Guppies Guppies Umizoomi Umizoomi Me Mother Night Out Christine Christine To Be Announced Info unavailable. Sabrina Sabrina Zoey 101 Zoey 101 To Be Announced Info unavailable. Big Time Big Time Sabrina Sabrina (:10) aacThePatriot('00,Drama)MelGibson,HeathLedger.Awarveteranseeksvengeance (3:15) Witness('85,Drama) aac Underworld: Awakening ('12) Kate aaa Independence Day ('96) Will Smith, Bill Pullman. Alien HarrisonFord. (R) whenhissonistakenprisonerbytheBritish. (R) Beckinsale, Stephen Rea. (R) spacecrafts destroy entire cities. (PG-13) Paradise ac The Master Gunfighter ('75) Tom Laughlin, Ron aa Metro ('97) Eddie Murphy, Michael Rapaport. The Wood (:25) aaSgt.Bilko('96,Comedy)SteveMartin, aa V.I. Warshawski ('91) Kathleen (PG-13) O'Neal. Frontier defender protects from thug. (PG) DanAykroyd. (PG) Turner, Jay O. Sanders. (R) Fast-talking cop saves hostages. (R) ('99) (R) (3:15) WhiteNoise('05)Michael aaac Life of Pi ('12) Suraj Sharma, Irrfan Khan. A man (:15) aacThisMeansWar('12,Action)ReeseWitherspoon, Mondays ('12) Redemption Open Heart ('13) Dr. Emmanuel Eastbound & He Got Game Keaton. (PG-13) is stranded after a shipwreck. (PG) ChrisPine.Datingsamewoman. (PG-13) Rusingiza. (NR) Down (NR) (NR) (R) Namath Former N.Y. Jets quarterback aaa Safe House ('12) Denzel Washington, Ryan Real Time with Bill Maher Boardwalk Empire "The North Killer Joe ('12) Matthew McConaughey, aac ConMillion $ profiled. Reynolds. A CIA rookie is left with a rogue agent. (R) Tim Robbins. (TVMA) Star" The land deal. Emile Hirsch. Killing mother. (NC-17) traband (R) (PG-13) (:45) aaacRainMan('88,Drama)DustinHoffman,JuneChristopher.Ahustler aaa War of the Worlds ('05) Tom Cruise, Dakota (3:40) aaaPitchPerfect('12,Comedy)Anna (:40) aaRockofAges('12,Comedy)DiegoBoneta,Julianne Kendrick,SkylarAstin. (PG-13) Hough.Chasingfame. (PG-13) kidnapshisbrother. (R) Fanning. Father protects kids as aliens attack. (PG-13) (3:45) aacVarsityBlues('99,Drama)James aac Red Eye ('05) Rachel McAdams, aaa Ted ('12) Mark Wahlberg, Zane Cowans. Man's aaa Seeking a Friend for the End of (:45) aacFinalDestination5('11,Horror) VanDerBeek,JonVoight. (R) Cillian Murphy. (PG-13) teddy bear threatens relationship. (R) the World ('12) Steve Carell. (R) NicholasD'Agosto,EmmaBell. (R) (:35) aaaSevenYearsInTibet('97,Drama)BradPitt,DavidThewlis.AGerman Babe ('95) Christine Cavanaugh, Magna aaa Seven Years In Tibet aac Cry-Baby ('90) Johnny Depp, Amy (:25) aacTheRansomofRedChief('98, Locane. Good girl and biker. (PG-13) Comedy)ChristopherLloyd. (NR) Szubanski. A pig herds sheep. (G) mountainclimberbefriendstheDalaiLama. (PG-13) ('97) Brad Pitt. (PG-13) (:15) aaTheReunion('11,Action)JohnCena,EthanEmbry.Bail aaac Do the Right Thing ('89) Danny Aiello, Ossie Homeland "Tower of David" Masters of Sex "Standard Homeland "Tower of David" Masters of Sex "Standard bondsbusiness. (PG-13) Davis. Racial tensions lead to a riot. (R) Aid from religion. Deviation" Aid from religion. Deviation" Oz the Great and Powerful (:05) aaChristmaswiththeKranks('04)Tim (:50) aaAroundtheWorldin80Days('04,Action)JackieChan,SteveCoogan. Wreck-It Ralph ('12) John C. Reilly, Sarah (:45) aaaPremiumRush('12,Thriller)Joseph Allen,JamieLeeCurtis. (PG) Threepeopletraveltheglobetogether. (PG) Silverman. Good intentions. (PG) Gordon-Levitt. (PG-13) James Franco. (PG) (:35) aacBasquiat('96,Drama)JeffreyWright,DavidBowie. (:25) ASummerinGenoa('09,Drama)ColinFirth, aac The Iron Lady ('12) Meryl Streep, Jim Broadbent. aac Out of Sight ('98) George Clooney, Jennifer Lopez. aa Resistance (R) Ahomelessartistfindsstardom. (R) PerlaHaney-Jardine. (R) Former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. (PG-13) Agent held hostage during prison break. (R)

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