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October 04, 2013

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14: Friday, October 4, 2013_ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Post and Courier 1 Parental Guidance a series of commandments that mobsters adhere to. HIGHLIGHTS Ocean Mysteries with Jeff Corwin Journey 2: The Mysterious Island 8:15 a.m. on HBO When Sean Anderson receives a distress signal from a strange island in the middle of the ocean, he suspects that it is from his longmissing grandfather. 9:30 a.m. on ABC Host Jeff Corwin kicks off the season travelling to the west coast to help thousands Sea Lion pups that have been stranded on beaches along California's coast. Wall Street Born to Explore 8:15 a.m. on SUND A young stockbroker begins to climb the ladder of success and wealth, but his sense of morality begins to conflict with his business practices. 10 a.m. on ABC Host Richard Weise travels to Scotland to participate in the Highland Games to learn about the Scottish traditions more than 1000 years old. Jack Hanna's Wild Countdown Knuckleball! 10 a.m. on SHO Filmmakers Ricki Stern and Anne Sundberg provide an exploration of a famous baseball pitch, and Tim Wakefield and R.A. Dickey are followed. 9 a.m. on ABC Jungle Jack shares some of his favorite journies heading down rivers ranging from Africa to the mighty Amazon; Jack shows how rivers provide many uses. Lara Croft: Tomb Raider Ten Commandments of the Mafia 10:30 a.m. on TBS A sultry British archaeologist travels the globe to prevent a clandestine society from locating a mystic talisman with the ability to control time. 9 a.m. on MILIT Police arrest a man considered to be a top mafia boss in Sicily, Italy and find in the man's briefcase SATURDAY DAYTIME CC W ATT DTV DSH NEWS 170 350 890 557 333 HBO SPORTS 150 380 932 535 340 FLIX KIDS 33 10 30 104 32 31 7 41 726 102 59 401 99 66 56 28 124 38 135 20 130 26 131 ENCORE PREMIUM CNBC CNN CSPAN CSPAN2 FNC MSNBC ESPN ESPN2 ESPNCL ESPNWS FOXSP FOXSS FS1 GOLF NBCSPO SPOSTH CART DISN DISXD FAM HUB NICK NICKJR TEEN 36 33 134 135 35 32 26 27 157 166 29 216 202 230 231 210 215 602 606 603 604 30 31 163 51 22 23 24 16 101 18 112 116 652 641 640 729 325 302 304 178 335 314 320 322 355 202 350 351 360 208 200 210 211 205 209 206 140 209 144 143 207 142 645 646 420 607 150 218 401 220 159 649 296 176 290 172 292 174 311 180 294 179 299 170 301 169 303 181 17 300 802 501 303 HBO2 303 301 804 502 304 MAX 610 330 832 515 310 MOMAX 321 331 834 517 312 MOVPLX 149 SHO 340 320 852 545 319 STARZ 371 370 902 527 350 TMC 350 340 882 554 329 377 8 AM Major League 10:45 a.m. on HBO Grandparents agree to babysit their three grandkids, but problems arise when the grandparents' old-school parenting style clashes with 21st century problems. 11:30 a.m. on VH1 An owner sets out to give her baseball team a losing record so that poor attendance will justify moving them to Miami, but the players find out about her plan. Bruce Weber: A Young Arts Masterclass The Wildlife Docs 11 a.m. on ABC The tiger team at Busch Gardens Tampa is all too eager when asked to help begin a new bloodline of Malayan tigers, but one of the cubs born has a problem. 12:30 p.m. on HBO A group of students joins Bruce Weber to learn the ins and outs of the art and business of photography from the renowned American fashion photographer. Love Actually Entrapment 11 a.m. on TVLAND Eight people who live in London fall in love, out of love and lament about not having love lives during the frantic weeks before the Christmas holidays. 1 p.m. on HBO An insurance agent talks her company into allowing her to pose as a thief in order to catch the master criminal suspected of stealing an expensive artwork. Blood Diamond College Football 11:30 a.m. on CBS Air Force Falcons at Navy Midshipmen from The Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium Air Force leads the all-time series with the Midshipmen, 27-18, but Navy won the last meeting with the Falcons, 28-21, in overtime at Colorado Springs. 1:30 p.m. on ION During a civil war in 1990s Sierra Leone, an Afrikaner ex-mercenary helps a Mende fisherman locate his refugee family in exchange for an enormous pink gem. The Bucket List 2 p.m. on A&E A billionaire and a working-class man who both have terminal cancer sneak out of their hospital room to accomplish the goals they have left unfinished. Sleeping with the Enemy 2 p.m. on LIFE A frightened woman fakes her own death in a desperate attempt to escape from her abusive, obsessive husband and creates a new identity in Iowa. Bring It On: In It to Win It 2 p.m. on MTV At the Cheer Camp Nationals, a high school senior from southern California wants her cheerleading squad to win the coveted "Spirit Stick." House Party 2 p.m. on OXYG When his parents leave town and place him in charge of the house, a teen and his best friend plan to impress the ladies by throwing a wild house party. Wedding Crashers 3 p.m. on TNT Two womanizing divorce lawyers and lifelong friends sneak into weddings to get acquainted with romantically inspired female guests. Quarterback Keenan Reynolds hopes to lead Navy to its second straight win over Air Force when the two service academies collide in a "College Football" game, airing Saturday at 11:30 a.m. on CBS. OCTOBER 5 CC = Comcast, W = WOW, ATT = AT&T UVerse, DTV = DirecTV, DISH = Dish Network 8:30 9 AM 9:30 10 AM 10:30 11 AM 11:30 12 PM 12:30 1 PM 1:30 2 PM 2:30 3 PM 3:30 Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Paid Prog. (6:00) NewDaySaturday (N) Your CNN Saturday Morning (N) CNN Newsroom Saturday CNN Newsroom Saturday CNN Newsroom Saturday Your (N) The Next (N) CNN Newsroom Saturday (7:00) WashingtonJournalNewsdiscussion. (N) C-Span Weekend Debates & hearings. C-Span Weekend Debates & hearings. C-Span Weekend Debates & hearings. Book TV (:45) BookTVAuthorspotlight. Book TV Author spotlight. Book TV Author spotlight. Book TV Author spotlight. Book TV Author spotlight. Book TV Author spotlight. FOX & Friends Saturday FOX & Friends Saturday Bulls (N) Cavuto (N) Forbes (N) Cashin' In America's News HQ (DC) America's News HQ (N) Respected America's News HQ (N) Up w/ Steve Kornacki Pundit panel. (N) Melissa Harris-Perry Political talk. (N) Weekends with Alex Witt Weekend news live. (N) MSNBC Live Live reports of the top news stories. (N) SportsCenter College GameDay College Football "Teams TBA" (Live) Scoreboard NASCAR NFL Kickoff NFL Match SportsCenter: from Bristol, Conn. College Football "Teams TBA" (Live) Scoreboard Coll. Ftbl Century "Carlton Fisk" Century Century "Reggie Jackson" Century "Bill Mazeroski" Century "Sandy Koufax" 30 30 30 30 Into the Cold (NR) SportsCenter Featured Olbermann E:60 SportsNation College Football: Rutgers Scarlet Knights at SMU Mustangs (Live) SportsCenter Paid Prog. Wolfpack (N) Carolina Cutcliffe Ship Shape NASCAR SEC Gridiron Live College Football: Ball State Cardinals at Virginia Cavaliers from Scott Stadium (Live) Coll. Ftbl Paid Prog. Wolfpack (N) Carolina Cutcliffe Ship Shape NASCAR SEC Gridiron Live College Football: Ball State Cardinals at Virginia Cavaliers from Scott Stadium (Live) Coll. Ftbl FOX Sports Live FOX Sports Live FOX College Saturday College Football: Texas Tech Red Raiders at Kansas Jayhawks (Live) FOX Sat. European Tour Golf "Seve Trophy: Third Round": from Saint-Nom-La-Breteche in Paris, France (Taped) LPGA Tour (Taped) English Pr. League Soccer (Live) Premier (:55) EnglishPr.LeagueSoccer (Live) Premier (:25) EnglishPr.LeagueSoccer (Live) Premier IndyCar (Live) Trophy Tracks Travis Joh Fishing Shoot Ga. Tech New College Phenoms Raceline Women's College Soccer: Missouri vs Vanderbilt Own Wrds Coll. Ftbl Beyblade (N) Unova (N) Legends Ben 10 Batman (N) Titans Go! Grandpa Cartoon Planet Titans Go! Titans Go! Regular Regular Grandpa Drama All Drama All Jake and Sofia Wander A.N.T. Jessie "A Doll's Out" Liv Good Luck Dog Blog Dog Blog Dog Blog Dog Blog Shake It Shake It Shake It Good Luck Max Steel Packages Cunningham Xiaolin (N) Lakebottom Lab Rats aa Spy Kids ('01) Antonio Banderas. (PG) Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams ('02) (PG) aac Cody Banks (PG) The Last Mimzy (PG) aac 101 Dalmatians ('96) Glenn Close. (G) aa 102 Dalmatians ('00) Glenn Close. (G) aac 17 Again ('09) Zac Efron. (PG-13) aac Jumanji ('95) (PG) Tiny Toon Animaniacs Pound Pup Pound Pup My Pony My Pony Pet Shop Pet Shop Tiny Toon SheZow (N) Aquabats! Turtles Hunters Hunters Predacons ('13) (NR) SpongeBob SpongeBob SpongeBob SpongeBob SpongeBob Sanjay (N) TMNT Invasion Monsters (N) SpongeBob Megaforce SpongeBob Sanjay Invasion Fairly Fairly Peter Peter BlueClue BlueClue Yo Gabba Yo Gabba Kai-Lan Kai-Lan Fresh Beat Fresh Beat Dino Dan Dino Dan Tickety Toc Tickety Toc The Knight The Knight Guide Guide Zoey 101 Zoey 101 VICTOR. VICTOR. Big Time Big Time Zoey 101 Zoey 101 VICTOR. VICTOR. Big Time Big Time Drake Drake (:10) BacktotheFuture('85,ScienceFiction)MichaelJ.Fox, (:10) aaaBacktotheFuturePartII('89,ScienceFiction) (:10) aacHitch('05,Comedy)WillSmith,EvaMendes.A aaa Back to the Future Part III ('90) Michael J. Fox, romancecoachhelpsmenwithwomen. (PG-13) ChristopherLloyd.Changingthepast. (PG) MichaelJ.Fox,ChristopherLloyd. (PG) Christopher Lloyd. Back to the West. (PG) aac The Other Sister ('99) (:10) HelloAgain('87,Comedy)ShelleyLong,JudithIvey.Adead aa V.I. Warshawski ('91) Kathleen aaa Heaven ('02) Cate Blanchett, (:10) aMr.Wrong('96,Comedy)EllenDeGeneres,BillPullman.A housewifeisbroughtbacktolife (PG) Turner, Jay O. Sanders. (R) Giovanni Ribisi. Revenge bombing. (R) lover'squirks. (PG-13) Juliette Lewis. (PG-13) (:15) aacJourney2:TheMysteriousIsland('12,Adventure) 24/7 (:45) aacParentalGuidance('12,Comedy)BillyCrystal,Bette Bruce Weber Entrapment ('99) Sean Connery, Catherine Zeta-Jones. A Boxing "Wladimir Klitschko vs. DwayneJohnson,MichaelCaine. (PG) Midler.Oldschoolmethods. (PG) sexy agent baits a master art thief. (PG-13) Alexander Povetkin" (:15) aacTwoWeeksNotice('02,Comedy)SandraBullock, (7:35) WeBoughtaZoo('11,Family)MattDamon, (:45) RealTimewithBillMaher (:45) Boxing Classic Boxing "Bradley vs. (:10) aaaPrometheus('12,ScienceFiction)NoomiRapace, ScarlettJohansson. (PG) Provodnikov (3/2013)" MichaelFassbender.Spaceexpedition. (R) HughGrant.Millionaireinlove. (PG-13) (TVMA) (:55) aacSupermanII('81,Action)GeneHackman,Christopher (:05) aaSupermanIII('83,Action)ChristopherReeve,Richard aac Dodgeball: A True (:15) Maxon aaa Superman ('78) Christopher Reeve, Margot Kidder. Superhero Set battles injustice on Earth. (PG) Reeve.Kryptonianvillains. (PG) Pryor.Computergenius. (PG) Underdog Story (PG-13) (:10) OneDay('11,Drama)AnneHathaway,JimSturgess.Two aac Rocky IV ('85) Robert Doornick, aa The Sitter ('11) Jonah Hill, Max The Matrix Revolutions ('03) Cheese ('06) (:35) aaThunderstruck('12,Family)Kevin Durant,TaylorGray. (PG) people'sintricaterelationship. (PG-13) Talia Shire. A deadly boxer. (PG) Records. Night of adventure. (R) Keanu Reeves. (R) (R) (:05) aacWyattEarp('94,Western)KevinCostner,DennisQuaid.Afteralawman'swifedies,his (:20) acJunior('94,Comedy)ArnoldSchwarzenegger,Danny a And You Thought Your Parents Were (:50) aaToWongFoo,ThanksforEverything! couragebecomesfamousthroughouttheWest. (PG-13) DeVito.Malepregnancy. (PG-13) Weird ('91) Marcia Strassman. (PG) JulieNewmar('95) (PG-13) (:05) PiecesofApril('03,Comedy)KatieHolmes, (:35) aaaOctoberSky('99,Drama)Jake Inside the NFL "2013 Week 60 Minutes Sports aac Knuckleball! ('12) Tim Wakefield, (:35) SpyKids:AlltheTimeintheWorld('11, Adventure)JessicaAlba. (PG) PatriciaClarkson. (PG-13) Gyllenhaal,LauraDern. (PG) #5" R.A. Dickey. Baseball pitch. (NR) (:35) aJackandJill('11,Comedy)AdamSandler, The White Queen "Poison (7:15) Wreck-ItRalph('12)John aaa Hotel Transylvania ('12) Adam (:10) MeninBlackIII('12,ScienceFiction)WillSmith,TommyLee The White Queen "Poison C.Reilly. (PG) Sandler, Andy Samberg. (PG) AlPacino. (PG) Wine" Murder; witchcraft. Jones.Agentsinthepast. (PG-13) Wine" Murder; witchcraft. Dark Crystal aa Bending the Rules ('12) Adam ac Autumn in New York ('00) Winona (:45) aaaRealSteel('11,ScienceFiction)HughJackman,DakotaGoyo.Former aaa Your Sister's Sister ('12) Emily It's a Disaster Copeland, Jamie Kennedy. (PG-13) Ryder, Richard Gere. (PG-13) fighterdesignsarobotboxer. (PG-13) Blunt, Mark Duplass. Two women. (R) (PG) (R)

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