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September 28, 2013

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2 | Cover story T HE S UNDAY G AZETTE M AIL | S EPTEMBER 29, 2013 Fantasy drama 'Once Upon a Time' returns to whisk viewers away By Kyla Brewer TV Media F airy tales have been capturing people's imaginations for hundreds of years,so it should come as no surprise that one ofTV's biggest hits is an innovative drama that offers viewers a new take on some classic characters.But make no mistake,this is not a tale for young kids to gather round;this is a fairy tale for grownups. ABC's"Once Upon aTime,"which has been titillating viewers with its dark and mysterious plots since it premiered in 2011,returns Sunday,Sept.29,with one of the fall's most hotly anticipated season premieres.The series follows the complex story of a modern-day woman,Emma Swan (Jennifer Morrison,"House"),who discovered she's actually the daughter of the legendary SnowWhite (Ginnifer Goodwin,"Big Love") with the help of her long-lost son,Henry (Jared S.Gilmore, "Mad Men").It was he who showed her the way to Storybrooke,Maine,a small town where fairytale characters had forgotten their fantasy past because of a curse cast by the Evil Queen/Regina (Lana Parrilla,"24").After the curse was broken in Season 2,the residents remembered their true identities and the town was infused with magic,thanks to Rumplestiltskin/Mr.Gold (Robert Carlyle,"Stargate Universe"). At the end of last season,young Henry had been kidnapped by Greg (Ethan Embry,"Brotherhood") andTamara (Sonequa Martin-Green,"The Good Wife"),and it appears he's now with Peter Pan in Neverland.In the Season 3 premiere,some of Storybrooke's most powerful residents set out to retrieve the boy as they board Captain Hook's (Colin O'Donoghue) ship,the Jolly Roger,on a journey to Neverland.Determined to get her son back,Emma works alongside unlikely allies Rumplestiltskin/Mr.Gold and Evil Queen/Regina,as well as her parents, SnowWhite/Mary Margaret and Prince Charming/David (Josh Dallas,"Thor," Lana Parrilla stars in "Once Upon a Time" Rose McIver ("The Lovely Bones,"2009) 2011). However,their quest won't be easy.In has been cast in the role ofTinkerbell,and Kitsis divulged that the fairy will have a a sneak preview trailer for the new seaconnection to more than one character son,one of Peter Pan's Lost Boys meets on the Jolly Roger,though everyone conwith Rumplestiltskin about the boy.Pan nected to the series remains mum about seems unwilling to give Henry up,and it appears he may even have something up who.Obviously,Hook must be one,but his sleeve to deal with the devious Rum- it's anyone's guess who else has encounple.Fans won't see the mischievous,Dis- teredTink before. In other exciting casting news,JoAnna ney-friendly Peter Pan they're accustomed to — the Pan in"Once Upon a Garcia Swisher ("Better withYou") has Time"is a villain,one that even shakes signed on to portrayAriel,a.k.a.The Little Rumplestiltskin. Mermaid,in at least two episodes this Creators Edward Kitsis andAdam season.She's set to appear in an instalHorowitz said in an E! online interview ment aptly titled"Ariel,"which unveils that their take on Neverland may not be her connection to the fairytale crew.Gil the fantasyland viewers expect:"Well for McKinney ("Supernatural") has been us,Neverland is kind of a place that cast opposite her as Prince Eric.Sources makes you confront your past,"said have confirmed that Giancarlo Esposito Horowitz."It's sort of the heart of dark("Breaking Bad"),who previously guest ness." starred as Regina's Magic Mirror,will apThere's been a lot of buzz about the pear this season as well.Also,Sean new characters and casting for this seaMaguire ("Scott & Bailey") is expected to son,but the identity of the actor set to step in to replaceTom Ellis as Robin Hood play Pan has not been revealed as of because Ellis was reportedly unavailable press time.We do know,however,that to reprise the role in Season 3. 8 million pageviews. 2.3 million unique visitors Online advertising with Is a 3x BIG3" DEAL Contact: Rich West 304-348-1744 From the list below, find each word and circle its letters in the puzzle to reveal the message relating to this week's theme. Sports Venues ANTHEM ARENA ASSIST ASTROTURF BALL BASES BASKETS BAT BOO! BULLPEN CAMDEN YARDS CHEERS! CITI FIELD COACH FANS FENWAY PARK FLAG FOOD GLOVE GOAL HELMET HOME RUN HOT DOG ICE JERSEYS MASCOTS NETS PASS PLAYERS POM-POMS PUCK PUNT RAH! REFS RINK SCORE SIDELINES STADIUM STICK STRIKE TEAM THROW TICKET WRIGLEY FIELD

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