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continued from page 14 take care of key areas like the stage and VIP area, and then later upgrade the lighting in the restrooms and common areas, the hall way, the front of club, etc. Also, upgrading your adult nightclub to LED lighting has many benefits. To begin with, the installation and wiring of LED lights is considerably cheaper, along with the maintenance. It is also much more inexpensive to run the LED lights—there are no lamp lights, so therefore no heat generated, which equals major HVAC savings. Also, in some areas of the country the electrical company will reimburse you for changing over to LED lighting, and in some situations might even pay for the entire project due to the immense decrease in power consumption. ED: What are the newest technological advances in lighting and sound in the last few years? KARL KIESLICH: For lighting it would definitely be LED. For sound, manufacturers like JBL and Electro-Voice are constantly making speakers better in performance, along with the ability to be more cosmetically concealed. Also, DSP (digital signal processing) is a newer technological advancement seen in the nightclub industry. DSP uses computer-based system processing, allowing for control over each speaker with all kinds of filters, including equalization, delay, compression, etc. ED: What manufacturers have you worked with that are particularly popular in the adult nightclub industry? KARL KIESLICH: For audio, it's JBL, Electro-Voice, Crown Audio, Digital Sound Systems (DSS) and Rane. For lighting, popular, budget-friendly companies are American DJ and Chauvet; more expensive popular manufacturers are Martin and Robe. Sound Stage Systems does not usually use just one manufacturer; we will mix and match based on the customer's budget and based on the products' performance, functionality and quality. ED: How have Sound Stage Systems' services expanded over the past few years? KARL KIESLICH: We have been in business for 34 years, and began as only sound and lighting integrators focusing just over the dance floor and stage areas. As the years went on, we included video integration. For the past 12-15 years, and mostly in part because of LED lighting technology, we have been offering front-to-back-door renovations with everything from curtain fabric to bar furniture to designing marketing material. We are more involved now because we are lighting the room anyway, and in order to light the room we need to know what we are lighting, so it is easier for us to create the finish and then light the area. We work closely with architects and interior decorators. CoverJock Simon Theobald & Skip Spang Coverjock.com simon.theobald@coverjock.com/skip@coverjock.com CoverJock has offered automated DJ software to the adult nightclub industry since 2010. Offering a new alternative to a live DJ, CoverJock announces dancers on and off stage, runs offers, broadcasts promotions and creates visual displays using customizable, high-definition technology. The new world of DJ automation offers total expandability and effortlessly takes care of your gentlemen's club DJ requirements. ED: How does your company's product enhance the DJ booth for adult nightclubs? THEOBALD: CoverJock was originally designed to provide seamless cover for a live DJ, by automating (with live human award-winning DJ voices) the DJ, announcer and other music requirements at clubs when the DJ/announcer is sick, late, needs a break, or on the day shifts or quiet nights, etc.  It is also still used by many clubs to enhance their live DJs, as it will provide the repetitive calls of girls to the stage, remember to push the managers specials and other 18 July 2013 Club Bulletin www.EDpublications.com

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