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Lights, Sound ... ACTION! The Stage & DJ Booth Special Focus Products/services highlighted include: * * * * * * * DJ gear & systems Microphones Specialty lighting System integration Stage flooring Dance poles Mixers The responsibility of the strip club DJ has expanded beyond possessing a silky baritone and enough fingers to put the needle on the record (wait a minute, what record?!). Today's DJs—the good ones, at least—control the scene from inside your club. By creating the mood with music and setting the stage with proper lighting, the DJ booth is central command in any club. This "Stage & DJ Booth" Special Focus spotlights those companies that provide the equipment and expertise that help club DJs be masters of their domain. We also solicited input from DJs in some of the top club markets across the U.S. to find out what gear they love, what gear they don't— and what gear they can't live without. — by Dave Manack and Brittany Black 12 July 2013 Club Bulletin www.EDpublications.com

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