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The adult nightclub industry's 5 most common social media marketing mistakes by Duffy Franclemont So, you have a Facebook page, and you've learned how to become someone's "friend." But is your social media working for—or against—your club? Here, Duffy Franclemont of J. Dog Media provides five "don'ts" for your social media marketing, and offers tips on how club operators can ensure that their social media becomes an effective promotional tool. S ocial Media Marketing (which I will refer to here as SMM) is far and away the best advertising bang for the buck. It's also a giant pain in the ass. Try to figure out what today's hottest site is and you'll get a migraine. Forget keeping up with the endless advertising rules, because they'll change tomorrow. SMM is like hitting a moving target while balancing on a unicycle. The simple, old rules of newspaper, radio and TV are gone. Get over it. That's the bad news. The good news is that, by avoiding a few common mistakes, your Social Media Marketing can be much more effective. Let's deal with the biggest players for now, Facebook and Twitter. You should know how they work and how so many in the adult nightclub industry are misusing them. These are the five biggest mistakes I see on a recurring basis. 56 The 2013/2014 Vendors e-Guide Mistake #1: Using a "personal" Facebook page instead of a "business" page. This is hands down the worst mistake you could make. You're painting a giant target on yourself. Facebook has launched an all out war on businesses masquerading as an individual pages. There is a specific policy against this. They have begun deleting millions of these accounts. If you and your club have a "personal" Facebook page rather than a "business" page, it's not a matter of if that page will be deleted, but when. And when it's gone, it's gone. All your data goes bye bye forever. All your work getting those "friends" is for naught. Aside from that restriction, personal pages are limited to 5,000 friends. Once you reach the limit, new friends replace your old friends, which means that your oldest and best contacts get kicked to the curb. That's not a good marketing strategy. www.EDpublications.com

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