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April 17, 2024

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April 17, 2024 39 SPECIAL SECTION 4 Dump the Pump Day 6 Editorial 7 Letters to the Editor 9 Restaurants 9 Ham Shack 10 Traveling with Gypsy Jane 14 The Salvation Army happenings 15 Adventures with Rocks 16 Sherri's Turn 16 In Memoriam 17 Assessor's Corner 17 Tiny House 18 Police Bulletin 20 Churches 22 Classifeds 22 Paul Winer's Cartoon • "Quartzsite's FREE Community Paper" • 928-916-4235 WEDNESDAY, JU LY 12 , 2017 VOL. 13 # 260 Now in our 1 3 t h YEAR! Alwa y s FREE! WHAT'S INSIDE July 4th fun at the park SEE MONSOON PAGE 3 Stay safe during monsoon ������ | S���� B���C�� Monsoon season, which is active mid-June through late September, adds moisture to the extreme summer heat, ramping up humidity. These combine to create perfect conditions for thunderstorms, including heavy rain, high winds and lightning, a potential trigger for dust storms, fl ash fl oods and wildfi res. Besides the storms, the heat alone can be life threatening, especially to those who work outside, people over 65, children under fi ve, and those with pre-existing medical condi- tions. Know the signs of dehydration, heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Reduce exposure to the sun and heat during peak hours. The Arizona Department of Emergency and Military Affairs has partnered with the Na- tional Weather Service; the Arizona departments of Agriculture, Health Services, Home- land Security, Insurance, Public Safety, Transpor- tation and Water Resources; and The Salvation Army to advocate severe weather preparedness. Arizonans are encouraged to take the following actions in preparation for the season: Plan: Write a communication plan. The plan should identify a family meeting place, evacuation routes away from the house, and an out-of-town contact. Practice the plan with your family. Prepare: Assemble an emergency supplies kit with enough non- perishable food and potable water to last your family, including pets, for 72 hours. Include a fi rst aid kit, radio, fl ashlight, batteries, cash, cell phone charger, and copies of important documents. Inquire: Know what hazards threaten your community. Ask your work and child's school about their emergency plans. Bookmark for emergency updates and preparedness information. Inspire: Be a preparedness example to your community. Give blood, learn fi rst aid, volunteer, and talk to others about what you have learned about preparedness. Turn Around, Don't Drown Due to the geographic composition of our state, the weather can vary dramatically from region to region. When traveling through- out the state pay special attention to weather reports, not only the current conditions, but the conditions forecasted for the areas you are traveling through and for your fi nal destination. Heavy monsoon rains can lead to fl ash fl ooding. Don't underesti- mate the power of water. Six inches of fast moving water can knock down an adult, and 18 inches of water can carry most vehicles away. Avoid low water crossings and areas that are already fl ooded. Never drive around barricades or attempt to cross streets with fl owing water.

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