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Page 2 Phi Gamma Delta Baskerville BASKERVILLE D ROPCAP NAMES CAPTIONS W hen I joined Texas Fiji in the spring of 2021, I was drawn in by the robust sense of camaraderie in the Fraternity. Through golf outings, lake days, and ranch excursions, the one thing that was made abundantly clear was that Texas Fijis make friends that last a lifetime. In college, all I wanted was to experience the brotherhood and find a home away from home at Buen Retiro. I'm grateful I've had the opportunity to forge those deep, long-lasting connections, but what I didn't anticipate was the enormous and drastic character development I would undertake throughout my time thus far. My pledge class and I have been chiseled into men of grit, charity, knowledge and, most importantly, persistence. As president, I am sincerely appreciative of how the principles of Texas Fiji have shaped me. We are not just a Fraternity; we are a brotherhood. Our chapter sculpts men of high stature who portray leadership, kindness, and loyalty on campus. In addition, we apply ourselves rigorously in our studies as we challenge one another to succeed above and beyond the average student. While we are like other fraternities in our daily activities and routines, such as playing low-hoop basketball, chipping on the new putting green, eating meals from Josh, studying at the PCL, and enjoying a Texas Fiji tailgate; what sets us apart is our commitment to our values. It is the cabinet and president's job to uphold our high standards while preserving our tradition. I hope to imbue the pledge class of 2023 with the values that have made such an important and fateful impact. My goal is to maintain the values of Texas Fiji that permeate through our chapter by encouraging high academic standards, pushing our philanthropic pursuits, and cementing our brotherhood. I am looking forward to the rest of the school year, and at Texas Fiji, it truly is good to be one! GTBO, Brady Lamme '21 Chapter President | (512) 578-8022 The best part of my job was getting to know the Chapter presidents; my gratitude goes out to Ben Fortson '16, Garrett Wingrove '17, George Masterson '18, Reed Anderson '19, Austin Russell '20, and Brady Lamme '21. It's been a gift to have worked with so many volunteer alumni who give back to the Chapter that gave them so much. Special shoutouts go to Mark Winter '79, Gene Shepherd '77, Bob Butchovsky '80, Bryan Campbell '78, Ardon Moore '77, Gary McClure '76, Curtis Hutcheson '88, Tom Shirley '78, Robert Canon '72, Dewitt Waltmon '76, Scott Waltmon '83, John Shepherd '85, and many others. Our Section Chiefs have served as real advocates; thank you, Kirk Walden '68 and Paul Hains. I'm especially grateful to Ben Fortson '16 for stepping up to serve as Purple Legionnaire—he's the perfect liaison between alumni and undergraduates. Finally, how lucky we are to have such a fine business manager, Betsy Clements, who serves as the glue that holds so much together. Over the past five years, we've sought to develop a "21st Century Fraternity Business Model" that addresses the constraints and challenges that today's Fraternity culture faces. Our goals have been to eliminate all forms of abuse, preserve our better traditions while engaging the larger culture through community service, and build a mentorship model for the undergraduates. I do not doubt that John will help Tau Deuteron build upon this work and help keep Tau Deuteron going strong for years to come. Glad to Be One! Rev. Stephen Kinney '74 Not Just a Fraternity A LETTER FROM THE CHAPTER PRESIDENT Making a Difference TEXAS FIJI PRIORITIZES PHILANTHROPY T rey Butter '21 and Carter Hooten '21, our philanthropy chairmen, have demonstrated Texas Fiji's emphasis on working for justice through community partnerships with Feed My People, Central Texas Food Bank, Hands on Housing, and Nicole's Place. As a chapter, we have also worked closely with The B+ Foundation, which focuses on the fight against childhood cancer. We have raised $39,580 for the organization thus far this semester. On November 4, during the tailgate before the Kansas State game, we hosted our annual Jake Ehlinger fundraiser. The fundraiser's primary focus is to honor the late Jake Ehlinger '19, a beloved friend who left an indelible mark on Buen Retiro. We appreciate everyone who made this event successful! Passing the Torch (Continued from page 1)

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