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The Longhorn Fiji – The University of Texas at Austin Established 1883 TEXAS FIJI H Fall 2023 Page 2: Making a Difference • Not Just a Fraternity | Page 3: Chapter Officer Reports | Page 4: Brothers in Actions | Page 5: Welcome, New Members "N othing in this world can take the place of persistence." When I was a Fiji pledge, I remember being asked to commit these words, spoken by America's 30th president, Calvin Coolidge, to heart and memory. The Fraternity was trying to convey something deeply significant about our Fraternity and what we value. Natural talent, intelligence, and a proper education are nice and worthy pursuits, but at the end of the day, they are not enough. The world needs men who are willing to be resolute in purpose and courageously pursue a course of action that will make the world a better place. When I think about what it means to be afforded the privilege of membership in the Tau Deuteron Chapter of Phi Gamma Delta, I also contemplate what it means to steward that privilege well: namely, to persist toward a life of service, excellence, and the cultivation of character. We want these men to form lifelong friendships—as we often say, this Fraternity is "Not for college days alone," but we also want that strong internal bond to amplify a real external impact in the community. We want the world to be a better place because Texas Fijis are making an active contribution to the common good. In my short time as head of the Board of Chapter Advisers for the Fraternity (I took over from Steve Kinney '74 on August 1), I have been struck and impressed by the sense in which all the young members I have spoken to share this goal. While I don't think college is a season of life meant to be shrouded in too much seriousness outside the classroom, I do believe the seeds planted in these young men's lives while they are Fijis at Texas are important in shaping their future. I also believe who they become matters tremendously and that only great men can shape a great world. The BCA is committed to keeping our young men safe during this fun and formative time while also helping them keep their eye on the prize through character-building activities and healthy forms of fellowship among Fraternity members. Our goal is to ensure that they leave their time as Fijis persisting toward that which in life truly matters: lifelong friendships, high ethical standards, and personal development in the pursuit of excellence. Good to Be One! Rev. John Newton '00 Head of the Board of Chapter Advisors Members of the 2000 pledge class enjoy fellowship at the Fiji house in Tuscaloosa (34-24, Horns win!). The pledge class of 2001 catches up on old times at Texas Ranch. Leaving Buen Better Than We Found It EN COU RAGEMEN T FROM T H E BCA H EAD Passing the Torch Rev. Stephen Kinney '74 Ends His BCA Tenure A t this year's Pig Dinner, Rev. John Newton '00 got a rare standing ovation after he gave the night's speech. At that very moment, after having served as the head of the BCA for five years, I started thinking that John should be my replacement! After all, he is one of the seven Episcopal priests who have been Fijis since Rev. Larry Hall '60 began the trend in the early '60s. Long story short: John agreed and became BCA head on August 1. It's been a privilege for me to serve in this capacity, but it's time for some of the "younger guys" to step in. Former Tau Deuteron President Kenneth Pruitt '72 put it into perspective at the Pig Dinner when he made note that when we were actives in the '70s, the guys who were Fijis 50 years before us were undergraduates during the Roaring Twenties! (Continued on page 2)

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