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N O T E S O F T H E L Y R E | P A G E 2 Kathleen Kennalley Emily Markham Jennie Strathman Angela Bullock '89 Holly George '89 Stephanie Schmidt '93 Julie Wisbrock '95 Jamie Harper Lin '97 Sarah Rickel '97 Missi Schoen '97 Michelle Richart Wittenborn '97 Jessica Hewitt Zimmerman '97 Jessica White '98 Alison Smith '99 Courtney Rich Saye '00 Hannah Bourbon '02 Amanda Wright, Omicron Chapter '03 Katie Leiding '04 Katelyn Birchfield '05 Kendall Carithers '05 Melissa Paradis '06 Marthe Turlington '06 Gina Meagher '07 Katie Law Twist '07 Elizabeth Miller '08 Megan Waggy '08 Audrey Mochal '09 Vivian Clark '11 Sierra Glasscock '11 Allie Marsh '11 Sammy Setter '11 Priscilla Pringle Boyd '12 Heather Browne '11 Kelly Koerber '12 Lauren Miller '12 Alyssa Scott '12 Allison Young '12 Hannah Smith Bihuniak '13 Kate Brazier '13 Ceanna Chapman '13 Britney Hinote '13 Sydney Kimbrell '13 Meghan Saravanja '13 Emily Zimmer '13 Rebecca Hans '14 Sara McRae '14 Ashley Murrell '14 Allie Walters '14 Lauren Lanz Farrar '15 Tierra Henry '15 Sophie Jones '15 Anna Perrone '15 Allison Russell '15 Brianna Belcher '16 Allison Obarski '16 Kaitlin Hamilton '17 Jordyn McCaskey '17 Christine Miller '17 Jenna Tartaglia '17 Liana Tauke '17 Annalese von Gremp '17 Elise Lindemann '17 Isabelle Mattox '18 T he fall semester started strong this year! We had a very successful recruitment season thanks to VP Recruitment Ellie Mueller '21 and her three incredible assistants, Emma Nye '20, Avery Yarborough '20, and Barrett Pearson '20 as well as VP Recruitment Information Lydia Sharpe '20. We also want to send a special shoutout to alumnae who participated in mock recruitment in August. Your support means the world to us. 1500 Sigma Nu Place welcomed 85 members to our newly renovated chapter facility. Each room received a new coat of paint and beautiful sconces over the summer, and it really made a difference! We want to thank our generous House Corporation Board and donors for helping our house shine during recruitment. We celebrated an extremely successful recruitment, meeting quota and bringing our total chapter membership over 250 women. Our Bid Day events were full of joy, love, and excitement for our new member class! We are so grateful for the hard work our Bid Day chairman, Grace Vavak '21, and new member educator, Kate Riker '20, poured into the day. On September 28, our new members were given their bigs. The members of the 2022 member class were beyond excited to get their littles; we know they will mentor them well! On October 4, our newest sisters joined Alpha Chi Omega for life during initiation. In terms of sisterhood activities, we kicked off the semester with a NASCAR sisterhood day, a new member sleep-in at the house, a sisterhood retreat at Kanes Family Farm and, most recently, Pizza Pie with Alpha Chi in support of the Willow. Our sisterhood programming chairman, Lily Osborne '21, has done an amazing job getting everyone involved. This semester has already been filled with so much love and friendship. We cannot wait to see what the rest of the year has in store! Loyally, Anna Cashatt '21 Chapter President Thank You, Generous Donors Thank You, Generous Donors T hese loyal sisters have contributed to our annual fund and, in doing so, have helped to ensure Alpha Chi Omega at KU thrives for generations to come. If you would like to join your sisters on the list, please visit to make your gift. Scarlet & Olive Club ($100 to $499) Joann Swanson Franklin-Knox '54 Holly Landry Barnett '88 Madeline McCarville '14 1885 Club ($500 to $999) Nancy Bell Johnson '66 O ur beloved sister Piper Carter '21 unexpectedly passed away in April of this year. We want to offer our sincere gratitude to the following sisters who made donations in her honor in the wake of this tragedy. The kindness and love you showed during this difficult time will always be remembered. Shining Brightly U N D E R G R A D U A T E S F I N D F A L L S U C C E S S Making New Friends Making New Friends Bigs / Liles Bigs / Liles Nurturing Friendships Nurturing Friendships Bid Day Activities Bid Day Activities Sydney Nicks '22 and her little, Mia VonVarga '23, find rest and relaxation at the reveal. Holland Schmidt '23, Grace Ely '23, and Ava Hanson '23 enjoy some track-side snacks at the NASCAR sisterhood retreat.

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