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THE TAXI NEWS ALPHA SIGMA CHAPTER OF THETA XI • BRADLEY UNIVERSITY FALL 2023 Creating the Blueprint Four years ago, when we were in the infant stages of the capital campaign, we formed what would eventually be known as the building committee, which consisted of four alumni volunteers. One of our focuses at the time was to determine a hypothetical list of projects we could undertake and then prioritize based on the needs of the chapter. Our first objective was to set aside funds for anything that was critical to the livability of the chapter house. After that, we looked at maximizing our funds in the areas that needed the most attention and the rooms that would be most valuable to the members now and in the future. Staying Cool and Keeping Warm As we evaluated the current state of the structure and utilities, we determined our roof and furnaces were nearing their end. The roof had been experiencing leaks that required patching, so replacing it in spring 2022 was an easy decision. We opted to replace the furnaces in January of this year before they experienced a critical failure. They were over two decades old and were far less efficient than modern units. We were able to capitalize on this and qualified for energy-efficiency rebates while also reducing our monthly energy consumption. Other integral repairs included repairing a main water shutoff valve in the basement and replacing the cracked pathway leading to the front doors. upgrading the Chapter room It sorely needed an update! The ceiling was comprised of exposed trusses and corrugated metal, the floor was stained brown from 20-plus years of wear and tear, and the attached bathroom was in disarray. The room's importance beyond chapter meetings, such as recruitment and social events, made it one of the highest priorities. The renovation took place in summer 2021, and the highlights included a completely remodeled women's bathroom, an epoxy flake floor that can withstand years of use, and an acoustic tile ceiling. What'S for dinner? We then shifted our focus to the kitchen for our final project. The cabinets were in dire need of replacement, and the fridge was far too small for the needs of a dozen students or more. Merely replacing these items was not what we had in mind. Our goal was to provide the appliances and accommodations necessary to support a professional chef so we could provide an in-house meal plan to our active members. This allows our chapter to offer a competitive, affordable, and more convenient alternative to the university's meal plan. To make this possible, a commercial range, hood, and sinks were required. These changes led to a significant reduction in cabinet space. This was compensated for by providing racks in the adjacent storage room that will act as a pantry and additional storage space for cookware and bakeware. The kitchen remodel was completed in April of this year, and we were able to provide a meal plan this fall! Thank you for continuing to support our efforts as we endeavor to provide a safe and comfortable home for our members. Yours in the Bonds, Michael Kull '15, Chair Capital Campaign Building Committee M O D E R N I Z I N G O U R H O M E M O D E R N I Z I N G O U R H O M E update on Chapter houSe renovationS Kitchen Chapter Room BEFORE BEFORE AFTER AFTER AFTER

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