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May 23, 2023

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WWW.UPANDCOMINGWEEKLY.COM MAY 24 - 30, 2023 UCW 21 Follow Us Today! Stay up to date on all the Up & Coming Events in Cumberland County and surrounding areas! LIKE WEEKLY HOROSCOPE NEWS OF THE WEIRD by the Editors at Andrews McMeel Syndication Questionable Judgment Chloe Stein, 23, of Jeannette, Pennsylvania, stopped attending classes at Penn State more than a year and a half ago, but her family was expecting her to graduate this month. So she faked her own kidnapping. The New York Post reported that Stein left her job at Sonic on May 1 and texted her boyfriend that she'd been pulled over by police on a quiet road — then she disappeared. When authorities caught up with her about 20 hours later, she was at the home of an acquaintance a few miles from the Sonic, where she had walked after abandoning her car and phone. She at first told police she had been bound and "semi-assaulted," but then admitted the whole thing was a hoax. State trooper Steve Limani said the search for Stein had cost the state "tens of thousands of dollars" in manpower and equipment. She is facing a number of charges. The Entrepreneurial Spirit "Sammie," a housekeeper in Tampa, Florida, is cleaning up with a twist on the usual duties of the job, the New York Post reported. She makes $300 an hour — before tips — to tidy up a home while topless. "Today I cleaned five houses ... I have a security guy who sits out in the car and waits for me just in case something happens," Sammie said on a TikTok video. With tips, she made more than $2,000 that day. "If you think you needed a sign, this is your sign," Sammie advised. "Topless maid cleaning service for the win." One commenter noted that the security guy had the sweetest deal: $800 to sit in the car. The Fetishists A cyclist and a hunter came to the rescue of a 51-year-old man who had been tied to a tree near the German town of Bueckburg, KRQE-TV reported. The situation was the unfortunate outcome of a sex game he had been playing with a woman; he told police that after she tied him up, she got a phone call and suddenly fled. He had pantyhose over his head when he was found, but the box cutter he had brought "for such situations" was unreachable. ARIES Mar 21/Apr 20 Being more selective can enhance your life in many different ways, Aries. You often are judged by the company you keep, so think about that when start- ing new relationships. TAURUS Apr 21/May 21 Set up camp on the sofa for the next few days, Tau- rus. Enjoy the rest and relaxation. You don't have to be productive every minute of the day so don't feel guilty about your R&R. GEMINI May 22/Jun 21 Some interesting information could be coming your way, Gemini. You just need to keep your ear to the ground and open to receive it. Others may want to get in on the news. CANCER Jun 22/Jul 22 Cancer, this week you may find it easier to cut out superfluous spending or extravagant behavior than at other times. You may need to exert greater control and discipline. LEO Jul 23/Aug 23 ere's a fresh cosmic wind blowing your sails, Leo. is gives you all the energy you need to tackle projects or get moving in other ways. Embrace all of this energy. VIRGO Aug 24/Sept 22 Your romantic life is about to get even more excit- ing, Virgo. Date nights are happening with greater frequency and you're likely to enjoy all of the extra attention. LIBRA Sept 23/Oct 23 You'll likely feel more at ease having a big group of people around you during the next few days rather than heading out alone. Put away that lone wolf mentality for now. SCORPIO Oct 24/Nov 22 Ambitious career goals could have you reevaluating all of the choices you have made thus far, Scorpio. It might be time to venture off on new paths once you figure out the way. SAGITTARIUS Nov 23/Dec 21 Sagittarius, the call of the wild is quite strong right now. is means you might be right at home on a hiking trip or a rafting trip. Make your plans and bring a friend. CAPRICORN Dec 22/Jan 20 Capricorn, rather than being light-hearted, con- versations could take a turn to the more serious, especially as they pertain to a health condition for someone you love. AQUARIUS Jan 21/Feb 18 Aquarius, don't try to take on too many things yourself. You need to know when to ask for help this week, especially as your schedule gets even more filled up. PISCES Feb 19/Mar 20 is is the perfect time to get more organized, Pisces. Try to fit in time to sort and clean among all the other things on your itinerary. VOTING STARTS 05-31-23 VOTING STARTS 05•31•23

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