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Anonymous In memory of Jerry Barnett '64 Anne Moreland Kern In memory of John C. Kern '50 Donn W. Barber '42 John C. Kern '50 Herbert B. Voelcker '51 Frederick W. Weitz '51 Charles G. Beaudette '52 Louis J. Lee '52 Gene T. McCoy '53 Robert F. Law '54 David L. Vogel '54 John P. Seagle '55 John T. Sutton '55 Alfred E. Wechsler '55 R. Gordon Black '56 Robert C. Brigham '56 Ward D. Halverson '56 Harry B. Lee Jr. '56 Robert A. MacDonald Jr. '56 Robert L. Malster '56 Lawrence R. Hoover '57 Robert E. Kersey '57 Henry C. Young Jr. '57 Edwin C. Bell '58 Samuel R. Fryer Jr. '59 Stephen J. Yeretsky '59 Allan J. MacLaren '60 Dick Oeler '60 In memory of Booker T. Stanfield Gary W. Bickel '61 Philip J. Robinson '61 Alexander G. Ross '61 Richard C. Williamson '61 Dr. James S. Draper '62 In memory of Booker T. Stanfield G. Mead Wyman '62 Harold O. Branson '63 Kent L. Groninger '63 Richard M. Harris '63 In memory of Gerald J. Burnett '64 Leslie M. Boring Jr. '64 In memory of David H. Koch '62 Jon E. Burkhardt '64 Richard A. Carpenter '64 In memory of Booker T. Stanfield A. Robert Chinchillo '64 Michael J. Monsler '64 William A. Schener '64 Terry E. Riley '65 William G. Roeseler '65 Richard E. Nygren '66 Peter B. Dinsdale '67 Rick Bard '68 William T. Stewart '69 Bruce A. Lautenschlager '70 Gary L. Gibian '71 William H. Preece Jr. '71 Wilford D. Gardner '72 Paul R. Hochfeld '72 Arthur J. Kilmurray Jr. '72 Jeffrey Murray '72 In memory of Ken Gerber '71 Daniel J. Nadler '72 Norman E. Johnson '73 Stevan B. Jovanovich '73 Robert J. Tronnier '73 Charles E. Calhoun III '74 Robert E. Minshall '74 Paul J. Shapiro '74 Stanley J. Shursky '74 William J. Kosmann '75 Simeon Chow, Ph.D. '77 Lampros M. Fatsis '77 Jerry Cole '78 Robert D. Knecht '78 Herman L. Marshall '78 omas A. Hauer '79 In memory of Beth Barrett Hauer Roger W. Lacy '79 John C. Kerins '80 Paul B. Rothman '80 Lewis H. Bender '81 Michael G. Feinstein '82 In memory of Dave Bedrosian '81 Robert E. Harris '82 Seth M. Davis '83 Patrick K. Fowler '83 Mark P. Bouchard '84 John R. Chisholm '84 William T. Maimone '84 Richard C. Steines '84 Michael E. Flanagan '85 Dimitri N. Kazarinoff '85 Raymond A. Mills '85 Kenneth J. Shine '85 Bob Struble '85 In memory of Rob Boye '88 In honor of John Doyle John K. Bartholomew '86 Anthony P. DiPesa Jr. '86 Alexander A. Romeo '86 Marty St. George Lei H. Tung '86 Ken Bryan '88 James S. Cureton '89 Michael P. McGovern '89 Michael D. Rechtin Jr. '89 Ben Silverman '89 Daniel T. Moriarty '90 Earl J. Watkins '90 Ken Chay '91 John E. Sell '91 John C. Springsteen '91 In memory of Rob Boye '88 Godard K. Abel '93 Frank J. Leibly III '93 Albert G. "Jay" Coulson III '94 Michael W. Miller '96 Jerry W. Hughes Jr. '97 Chet Reshamwala '01 Mehul P. Shah '02 Matt Saunders '03 Kevin T. Chen '05 In memory of Eric R. Scarborough '05 Ryan P. Luersen '09 In memory of Eric R. Scarborough '05 Jacob Wachlin '16 BRIERE IN BUSINESS "You graduate from MIT, you go get a job offer that's very lucrative, and you think, 'Wow, I've made it; I'm going to go do this,' because that's very tempting. e money is nice, the stability is nice, right? But I think there's a lot to be said that, if you want to make impact, you actually want to change things, you may need to be willing to give some of those things up, at least for a brief period." e uncertain path may not be right for everyone, but Chris knows what is possible for those with the desire to make a real change. "When you're young and don't have any obligations, go try something crazy," he suggested. "Go do what you actually want to do for a couple years; if you figure out that you hate it, you can always go apply those skills and find someone who will pay you to do menial work. But when you're young is the time to really try to change the world." PAYING IT FORWARD Chris wouldn't have taken such a big chance in his career without the influence of Beta eta Pi. To return the favor, he serves on the House Corporation Board. "When I was treasurer, the alumni board felt like a mystical, all-powerful, all-knowing body," he recalled. With a large age gap between students and alumni, Chris provided a fresh perspective. "I wanted to be on the board so I could help them better understand what the kids are thinking about. It's also about ensuring that, as those guys get older, retire, and don't have time for the board anymore, we still have a healthy, knowledgeable, and well- developed alumni board." Aside from board participation, Chris frequently talks with alumni Brothers and heavily values those connections. "We've all been the best men in each other's weddings, one by one," he said about his graduating class. Chris is recently married, and he also keeps a close relationship with his siblings. In his spare time, he enjoys cooking and is active in his church choir. His wife is entering her second year as a fourth-grade teacher. You can connect with Chris at 2 HELPING BETA PROSPER ank You for Your Generosity W e are immensely thankful for the support from the following Beta Upsilon Brothers and friends. ey have contributed their hard-earned money for the Chapter and the future of Beta eta Pi at MIT. With your help, Beta Upsilon can continue to thrive for years to come. ose who donated in 2022 are listed below. If an error has been made in recording your name, we sincerely apologize. If corrections to your giving record are needed, please contact the campaign coordinator at (785) 843-1661. ank you, again, for your unwavering support. "WHEN YOU'RE YOUNG IS THE TIME TO REALLY TRY TO CHANGE THE WORLD." (Continued from page 1)

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