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Beta Upsilon Chapter of Beta Theta Pi Fraternity at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

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F all seems to come quickly in New England. Hot summer days were just here, and now it is brisk in the morning. You have to remember to bring your jacket when you go out. And if you forget, you walk a little faster to keep warm. Time passes slowly in the summer, but the pace picks up once we get to the fall. We're back to work at full speed. School has begun. Planning for holidays, travel, finishing up projects for year-end, and planning for next year are all underway. It's a hectic time for the Chapter too. ey go from 0 to 60 mph with the advent of work week, recruitment, and the start of classes. e Chapter worked hard during recruitment, but they didn't get as many new members as they were hoping for. e new class is full of great young men, but we need larger numbers to get back to a full-size Chapter. So, on top of normal activities, the Chapter will continue to build relationships with unaffiliated men and plan on a spring recruitment to make up some of the numbers. Dealing with setbacks and challenges, including making plans to overcome them and motivating the Chapter to do the extra work, is part of the learning experience at Beta House. e Chapter's leaders don't have the luxury of slacking off. Instead, they are seeking advice from the House Corporation Board and Advisory Team on how to best achieve their goals. We've won recent awards such as Chapter of the Year at MIT and the Knox Award for the highest level of Chapter achievement from the General Fraternity. However, there is also 25% turnover in the Chapter every year, making it impossible to rest on our laurels. I have complete confidence that we will continue to build our numbers and maintain our Chapter's excellence. ere is some renewal on the House Corporation Board as well. We have two new members, Colin Chaney '21 and Zach Rolfness '22. It's great to have new ideas and energy among our ranks. We hope to come up with ways for increased alumni engagement with the Chapter through "micro- opportunities" to participate in one event (even virtually) or mentoring session with a Chapter member. We welcome more alumni to get involved. If you have an interest, including in a micro-opportunity as mentioned above, let me know. anks, as always, for your continued support. Yours in _kai_, Mike Feinstein '82 House Corporation President A college campus offers new social opportunities to young men, especially those who seek brotherhood in a fraternity. Chris knew exactly the kind of social experience he wanted at MIT, breaking out of his introverted shell and finding the fraternity that was right for him. "Looking around, talking to peopleā€¦ I felt like the guys at Beta most reflected the kind of person I wanted to be," Chris said. He and his Brothers studied hard in college, but they always made time for each other. "ere's this underlying feeling of being able to barge into someone's room and say, 'You're not doing homework tonight,'" he recalled. e Brothers would occasionally hop in the car and make the 45-minute trek to the nearest Chick-fil-A, bonding through a spontaneous trip. CARVING A NEW PATH Though many MIT students would likely earn some form of computer science degree and find a well-paying job in the tech industry, Chris' Beta bonds led him down a unique path. Learning about a young company through a fellow Brother, Chris found an early position in a clean tech company where he has now worked on decreasing fossil fuels for three years. While Chris had full intentions to find a tech position in Silicon Valley aer college, his willingness to take a chance with a young company turned him into the entrepreneur he is today. BACK BAY BETA Beta Upsilon Chapter of Beta Theta Pi at The Massachusetts Institute of Technology Fall 2022 Beta Upsilon receiving the 2022 Knox Award at the 183rd General Convention. From le: Ken Bryan '88, Ivan Marshall '23, William Nolan '24, Eeshan Tripathii '23, Ashar Farooq '23, Cody Golden '17, and Mike Feinstein '82. BUILDING A BETTER BETA Recruitment and House Corporation Board Efforts (Continued on page 2) Beta Theta Pi Developed Chris Briere '19 into a Young Entrepreneur Beta Brothers alongside Chris Briere '19 at his wedding. BRIERE IN BUSINESS

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