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STAY CONNECTED WITH ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA SIGMA WEBSITE CHAPTER FACEBOOK Theta Xi Fraternity - Alpha Sigma Chapter (Bradley Univ.) PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP Theta Xi Bradley University THE TAXI NEWS PAGE 5 A lively brotherhood promotes growth, development, and loyalty within its members. When Peter Szydlowski '65 [409] underwent recruitment in 1962, Alpha Sigma had a new chapter house and was one of the top fraternities on Bradley's campus. From his undergraduate years in Theta Xi to today as an alumnus, Peter has cherished the spirit of fraternal brotherhood. "With the encouragement of the brotherhood, I grew a lot during my undergraduate years there," Peter said. "In our fraternal song, 'Amici,' there's a line that says: 'Our strong bonds can never be broken, formed in Theta Xi.' That is really emblazoned in my heart, rooted deeply." "More than anything else, I was able to contribute to reigniting the fraternal spark." Spirit in Song Singing was a meaningful part of Peter's Theta Xi experience, and one that he was proud to recently share with undergraduates and alumni. At the recent 6294 meeting, Peter spoke on the importance of the phrase "in the bonds" and led the audience of brothers in song. As he shared "Amici," he was glad to see such a warm reception by the undergraduates. "I was really enthused about the people who came up to me after the annual gathering in April. Undergraduates and alumni supported that I said what I said and sang what I sang. There had been something missing, and they could see the value of it. It brought tears to my eyes." Spirit in Service As a collegian, the brotherhood encouraged Peter to be more active on campus, leading to his stint as president of the junior class, followed by an all-school presidency in senior year. Peter also served within Alpha Sigma as editor, scholarship chairman, and chapter president. After graduation, Peter earned a master's degree in student personnel administration from Northwestern University. After working as an international student administrator, Peter was encouraged to experience new cultures and join the Peace Corps. Peter and his first wife, Kathy, a Pi Phi at Bradley known by the brothers, served in the Peace Corps for five years in Ecuador and Nicaragua. They had three children together, including one son born in Ecuador and an adopted Ecuadorian daughter. "Peace Corps was a life-changing experience," Peter said. "One of the things I wanted to suggest to undergraduates is to reconsider the importance of earning as much money as possible or having positions of prestige; consider positions of service. Check what your heart wants you to do, even if it isn't the most prestigious or remunerative position." Following his father's footsteps and embodying James Taylor's song, "Walking Man," Peter opted to become a mailman when his family moved to Santa Cruz, California. He was happy to utilize his bilingual skills and serve Spanish-speaking communities in need of quality mail service. Later transferring to National Park service, Peter was a bilingual park ranger in Pinnacles National Park. "When we sing songs, you sing them from the heart, not just the vocal cords." Spirit in Alpha Sigma Peter retired as a park ranger after 17 years, though he found it hard to leave a role he enjoyed so much. In his retirement, he tries to keep up with alumni brothers as much as possible when he's in the Chicago or Peoria areas, and he encourages alumni from every era to stay connected with Alpha Sigma. Peter and his current wife, Marie Grace, run an Airbnb in their home in Santa Cruz, and he welcomes alumni to check it out if they're in the area. He enjoys hiking, pickleball, dancing, and visiting his children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. The spirit of brotherhood has remained with Peter long after college, and he even cherished serenading Marie Grace with brothers at the Chicago version of their wedding. You can connect with Peter and share your fraternal connection at A WALKING MAN How Peter Szydlowski '65 Discovered and Maintained the Spirit of Brotherhood

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