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Psi Chapter of Sigma Chi at the University of Virginia • Spring 2013 House Corporation Encourages All Brothers to Stay Involved U pon graduating from the University of Virginia, we all leave Sigma Chi with high hopes of keeping our fraternal bonds intact. Unfortunately, we quickly find that many new interests—careers, families, and civic activities—can create valid diversions. The day-to-day activities of life take over and, before long, we fall out of touch and begin to wonder what happened to our brothers. With this in mind, The Constantine Sig newsletter has a new look and a new focus on alumni. This focus will help our members stay in touch and will cultivate awareness and involvement with Psi Chapter. It is also important for all brothers to stay informed about the collegiate chapter and what our younger brothers are accomplishing on campus and in the community. The Chapter House is legally owned by the Psi Chapter of Sigma Chi House Corporation. The only task of the House Corporation is to manage the property's operations and maintenance. Normal operations are fully paid by the rent and dues from active members. Periodic repairs and more significant maintenance items are funded by reserves that have accumulated from alumni contributions, including past capital campaigns. While loans have been taken out in the past to fund renovations and maintenance, there are no loans currently outstanding. All Psi alumni are members of the House Corporation. The corporation is governed by a board of alumni who are elected at an annual meeting. These members receive no compensation of any kind for their service. All Psi members are invited to attend and vote at the annual meeting. Beginning in the '90s, the board has been gradually expanding to its current membership of eight brothers. If you are interested in serving on the House Coporation, please contact me. We would like to have representation from all eras. Over the next few issues of The Constantine Sig, we will include articles on the history and management of 608 Preston Place. It is our hope that, through this new focus, your fraternal bonds are regularly renewed and strengthened. In Hoc, James "Jim" Moore '68 Psi Chapter House Corporation President Fraternity Experience Shaped Alumnus Chris Nassetta '84 Serves as President and CEO of Hilton Worldwide A fter Chris Nassetta '84 joined the Psi Chapter of Sigma Chi he was proud to walk the grounds. He felt that, as an underclassman trying to find his way at a big school, being a member of the Psi Chapter made him feel part of a tight-knit community. "I was always taught that the company you kept reflects on your character, and the Sigma Chi brothers upheld a reputation as men with integrity," he said. Chris has taken the leadership skills and values he learned during his undergraduate experience and uses them each day in his professional career. Chris serves as the president and chief executive officer for Hilton Worldwide, leading a team of more than 300,000 individuals at more than 3,900 hotels across 90 countries. "My time in the Chapter House helped me to realize my potential as a leader—and helped me to shape what type of leader I wanted to be," he said. Chris began his career in the hospitality industry working at the Capitol Holiday Inn in the engineering department. This experience gave him an early insight into the day-to-day operations of a hotel, which has helped him make many decisions over the years. In addition to working as the CEO of Hilton, Chris serves on multiple boards and organizations, including the World Travel and Tourism Council, the Real Estate Roundtable, and the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. Chris truly believes that his fraternity days at Sigma Chi helped him become the man he is today. "Being part of the fraternity helped me define my own values, which continue to guide my daily life both personally and professionally," he said. "Sigma Chi built on the values instilled in me by my family and taught me respect, humility, and many other life lessons, and I had a blast in the process." Twenty years ago, Chris married his wife, Paige, whom he took to his senior prom many years ago. The couple has six daughters. While there isn't a chance of any Sigma Chi legacies to follow in Chris' footsteps, his second-oldest daughter is attending U.Va. in the fall, so Chris is hopeful she will get to know some of the active brothers. "I'm really looking forward to seeing the school through her eyes and having one more reason to visit my old stomping grounds," he said. Chris and Paige live in Arlington, Va. Chris enjoys spending time with family, cooking, traveling, playing golf, and boating. E-mail Chris at chris.

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