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NORTH CAROLINA MASONIC F O U N D A TIO N The North Carolina Masonic Foundation 2921 Glenwood Ave. Raleigh, NC 27615 919-787-2021 When you know the secret of throwing one, a boomerang always comes back to you. In the same way, our organization has a secret you may not know. It's a charitable gift annuity . When you fund a charitable gift annuity with us, you get cash back at high, fixed annual rates that never change. This in rmation is not intended as tax, legal o r financial advice. Gi results may va . Consult your personal financial advisor r information specific to your situation. 20AB BUILD YOUR LEGACY ■ ■ ■■ WITH MANY HAPPY RETURNS ■■ OUR CHARITABLE GIFT ANNUITY GIVES YOU PAYMENTS EVERY YEAR FOR AS LONG AS YOU LIVE When you fund a charitable gi annuity, we agree to send you a check each year for as long as you live. based on your funding amount and your age at the time of funding. The payment amount never changes. In addition, you may also receive: • An income tax deduction this year for part of the funding amount. • If you fund it by transferring stock, some of your capital gains are eliminated. some spread over a number of years. • After a lifetime of payments to you. any remaining funds automatically suppo our mission in your name. Call or email us to learn what your payment rate and tax benefits will be. When you do. ask about deferred charitable gift annuities and other options that may give you greater payments and tax benefits. The names and images shown here are representative of typical donors and may or may not be actual donors to the organization. Under federal rules your benefits may be different from this example. Please contact us for your specific benefits. Copyright© 2022 Crescendo Interactive, Inc. Used by permission.

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