2022 Hurricane Preparation Guide

2022-05-18 Hurricane Guide

Hurricane Preparation

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Page 36 Various weather and news apps on your electronic de- vices can keep you informed about dangerous weather conditions There also are Wireless Emergency Alerts that can be broadcast by the Commercial Mobile Alert System: Imminent threat alerts typically are issued by the National Weather Service; these would include torna- do, flash flooding, ice storm and blizzard warnings. WEA messages may look like a text or appear over your home screen. • The alert message will include a unique ringtone and vibration. • You will never be charged for WEA messages. • Emergency alerts will not interrupt any calls or downloads in progress. If you're on the phone when the alert goes out, you'll get the message when you end your call. • You need not have GPS or any other special features turned on to receive the alerts. • The system does not identify your location or phone number — it simply sends the message to all devices in a given area. • If you're on the road and enter an area with an active warning, you'll receive a WEA message as soon as you come within range of one of the affected cell tow- ers. Check with your service provider to find out if your phone is WEA-capable. Other options: CHARLOTTE COUNTY Get alerted about emer- gencies by signing up for Alert Charlotte. This system provides you with critical information quickly such as severe weather, unexpect- ed road closures, missing persons and evacuations of buildings or neighborhoods. Sign up at charlottecountyfl. gov/alertcharlotte. SARASOTA COUNTY Sign up for the emergency newsletter at scgov.net/ beprepared. Sign up for emergency alerts at AlertSarasotaCounty.com. DESOTO Visit desotobocc.com/ departments/emergency_ management where you will find information to create your own hurricane preparedness kit, evacuation routes, shelter information, the sign-up link for DeSotoAlert and various other links to assist you with staying informed and prepared. Stay informed to weather dangers PHOTO PROVIDED Weather apps and Wireless Emergency Alerts can help keep you informed about the weather. BY METRO CREATIVE CONNECTION Many computer us- ers recognize that they aren't just using their computers more often, but also storing more personal information on them than they might have in the past. Protecting that infor- mation is important and backing up com- puters is a great way to keep data safe. • Backing up computers anticipates and protects you against the worst. All sorts of things can compromise computers, and many of these things are unpredictable. Storms such as hurricanes or tornadoes can render computers useless. In such instances, data that is not backed up could be lost forever. Such data may include family photos and tax records and other potentially vital information. Even an otherwise normal power outage can compromise the coding of a hard drive, potentially compromising all of the data it contains as a result. Backing up a computer is a preemptive step that most computer users cannot afford to skip. • Backing up is cheaper than the alternative. The cost of data recovery services varies, but it's always less expensive to back up computer data than it is to try to recover that data after it's unexpectedly lost. Data recovery also takes time, which can affect the ability of business- es and professionals to meet deadlines. Data that has been backed up is accessible imme- diately and that securi- ty comes at a fraction of the cost of data recovery services. • Backing up data helps busy professionals. Many a working professional has learned about the importance of backing up data the hard way. Lost files can negate a lot of hard work, but only if the files haven't been backed up. By backing up their files at the end of each workday, professionals can ensure a day's work won't be lost to a natural disaster or some other unforeseen event. • Backing up data protects against theft. Smartphones, tablets and laptops are easily stolen because they're so small. Backing up the data on these devices ensures files aren't lost should they be stolen. BACKUP YOUR DATA: Storms can render computers useless SHUTTERSTOCK Storms such as hurricanes or tornadoes can render computers useless. In such instances, data that is not backed up could be lost forever. Backing up a computer is a preemptive step that most computer users cannot afford to skip.

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