2022 Hurricane Preparation Guide

2022-05-18 Hurricane Guide

Hurricane Preparation

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Page 14 What is one thing that you think people preparing for hurricane sea- son should know that they don't hear often enough? Do not wait until the last moment to prepare. Hurricane supplies will go fast once we are in a forecast cone and it is important to have the materials for storm shutters, gener- ators, fl ashlights etc., ahead of time. Know your evacuation zone and be prepared to leave ASAP if told to evacuate. Identify several hotels or friend's/family homes you can trav- el to in di erent areas of the state depending on the storm's track. If a resident lives in an area where evacuations are ordered, they should leave. But often evacuations are strongly suggested or suggested. Based on your experience, do you have a rule of thumb that you share with viewers/friends about voluntary evacuation decisions (based on wind strength, proximity) or is every storm di erent and every voluntary deci- sion to leave subject to a gut feeling? Voluntary evacuations are a very personal decision based on your family's needs, home structure, generator availability, etc. Know that evacuation zones are drawn based on storm surge risk and it is easier to hide from the wind than run from water. In the case of Irma, some homes did not withstand major damage but there was no power for more than a week or they were trapped in their neighborhood due to fl ooding. Do you have what you need to stay in your home for 7+ days with no electricity or running water? Is there someone in your home that may need medical assistance? These are just a few personal questions to answer while making your hurri- cane plan. What lessons from the 2016 bliz- zard can you convey to readers and viewers that will help them during the 2022 hurricane season? A storm's impact can be very di erent depending on where you live. For example, a few miles can be the di erence between fl ooding or manageable rainfall amounts. Trust NBC2 to have the most accurate forecast for your neighborhood. FILE PHOTOS PROVIDED BY LANTZ CALDWELL Downtown Punta Gorda after Hurricane Charley. This photo shows the pile of rubble that was the old Kennedy Garage. For weeks, many Historic District homes were surrounded by debris topped by a blue tarp on the roof after Hurricane Charley. Follow NBC2 online at https:// nbc-2.com, on Facebook at www.facebook.com/NBC2News, on Twitter at @nbc2 and on Instagram at nbc2. adno=3845627-1 WE WILL GO OUT ON A LIMB FOR YOU! • Tree Pruning • Tree Removal • Professional Consulting • Certifi ed-Arborist • Family - Owned CALL 941-479-2726 or visit SIMPLYTREESFL .COM DON'T GET CAUGHT OUT IN A STORM

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