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2 The BATTLEFIELD SIG B rotherhood is built on unity and dedication. When he arrived on campus at Gettysburg College, Eric Lee '15 searched for a group that fit his ideals and goals for college life. "Being received warmly by a group of people dedicated to ideals such as friendship, justice, and learning was all I wanted in a community," Eric said. During fall 2012 recruitment with best friends Cameron Smith '15 and Ryan Bonner '15, it felt like a sign that the brothers would join Theta Chapter of Sigma Chi. Eric held numerous positions within Sigma Chi that helped him to develop skills for his current career. In the roles of philanthropy chairman, social chairman, and risk manager, he learned how to problem solve, budget, and communicate effectively on behalf of the chapter. Eric now works as a freelance photojournalist, which required him to learn new skills like how to be his own boss and manage time wisely. "I always loved photography. My father would give me his camera to take photos of family and scenes on our trips. I enjoyed the process of making an artistic image but also loved how it let me interact with the people around me," Eric explained. He turned his passion into a career through an internship at NPR in Washington, D.C., after taking photos for the school and organizations at Gettysburg College. "I learned at NPR that I could use my photography to document stories of identity, injustice, and change." As a freelancer, Eric faces similar challenges to any small business. "The work can come in waves, with one week being mostly administrative and the next covering Capitol Hill for five days. While it is a challenge to balance, I love that I have diversity in my daily life," he said. Ranging from COVID protests to dogs at Halloween, Eric's work covers a broad spectrum of subjects. Eric's greatest accomplishment in photojournalism is his graduate school thesis, Where We're Really From, which documented the life of an Asian American family with two children in Maryland. (It can be viewed at "It was picked up and published by NPR; seeing people respond from around the world was inspiring. It's made me confident in pursuing stories that I want to tell." Though quite different in tone to his other work, Eric also considers covering the demonstrations after the killing of George Floyd and the January 6 insurrection as two landmarks of his career. "It took a lot of recovery for me to heal from those photographs—some of which still haunt me," he added. Eric has also had the honor of photographing for The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The Atlantic, and more. "Whether it be a personal story on COVID-19 or anti-Asian hate or the happenings on Capitol Hill or how voters are feeling before a general election … all these stories let me not only photograph people, but also talk to them and hear what they have to say." As a member of Sigma Chi, the unity and ideals Eric shared with his brothers empowered him to turn a passion into a career. While it took time and effort to figure out what he wanted to do after college, Eric learned to say yes to every opportunity and stick to his principles. Eric currently lives with his partner, Carrie, and their dog, Augie. They enjoy time outdoors, trying new food, and spending time with friends. For Eric, many of those friends are Sigma Chi brothers he still talks to today. "I've traveled the world with brothers, worked with them in professional settings, and celebrated at their weddings. I've also met and worked with previous headquarters staff and befriended brothers in Canada, many of whom I still talk with and even see on occasion. My favorite bar in D.C. is Sig owned, and my current realtor is a Sigma Chi. While my undergraduate career is certainly over, these friendships and connections will last a lifetime." You can connect with Eric at and learn more about his photojournalism career at Consul Connor Heath '23 Pro Consul Brett Travis '23 Magister Erick Miller '23 Risk Manager Josh Myers '23 Quaestor Matt Rau '23 Annotator Logan Sodl '24 House Manager Hayden Johnson '24 Kustos Connor Elliott '23 Historian Mike Baehre '24 Tribune Sam DeBrandt '24 Recruitment Chairman David Goldman '24 (914) 467-9460 Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Chairman Harrison Moore '23 Philanthropy Chairman Peter Halsey '23 Peterson Chairman Anthony Sanchez '24 Chapter Editor Alex Kagan '24 High Priest (Ritual Chairman) Rieser Faller '22 Social Chairman Cole Bayesa '23 Brotherhood Chairman Andrew Weinbrum '23 Scholarship Chairman Malcolm Lathrop-Allen '24 Interfraternity Council Representative Conor Vienneau '24 CHAPTER OFFICERS A Picture-Perfect Fit How Eric Lee '15 Developed Skills for Success as a Freelancer through Sigma Chi "All these stories let me not only photograph people, but also talk to them and hear what they have to say."

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