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November 23, 2021

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WWW.UPANDCOMINGWEEKLY.COM SEPTEMBER 22-28, 2021 UCW 19 WEEKLY HOROSCOPE NEWS OF THE WEIRD by the Editors at Andrews McMeel Syndication 'Tis the Season Cobb County (Georgia) Superior Court Judge Robert Leonard has, with tongue firmly in cheek, banned the Elf on the Shelf from his county, United Press International reported. Leonard said the elf poses "a risk to the emotional health and well-being of Cobb's young children." He tweeted that his order was a "gift to tired parents" because "When these Elves do not move, it leaves our children of tender years in states of extreme emotional distress." But for those families who love their elves, carry on: There will be no charges. News You Can Use This month, as four astronauts prepare to leave the International Space Station, they'll have an extra "load" to carry, the Associated Press reported. The SpaceX capsule that will bring them back to Earth has a broken toilet, so the two NASA astronauts and one each from France and Japan will be wearing what NASA calls "absorbent undergarments" for 20 hours. "Spaceflight is full of lots of little challenges," said NASA astronaut Megan McArthur. "We're not too worried about it." Surprise! Emily Johnson of Vacaville, California, didn't think it was time to go to the hospital when her contractions were 10 min- utes apart — but then they quickly started coming faster, and as Emily and her husband headed to the car, she knew it was too late. "I'm going to be here. This is my spot," she said to her husband, Michael, according to KCRA-TV. Em- ily's mom, Kristy Sparks, was with the couple and helped Emily deliver baby Thomas on the lawn just as rescue crews pulled up to the scene. "By the time they walked up to me, I had a baby in my arms crying," Sparks said. "It was unreal." Bonus: Emily will always be able to relive the scene because the entire event was caught on her doorbell camera. (Fortu- nately, Emily noted, she was facing away from the camera.) Question: What has become of "is Is Us?" Will it return in January? — Rachel Matt Roush: While this may seem obvious to many, it's a fact that TV scheduling is often confusing. In this case, it was known early on that NBC was holding "is Is Us" till midsea- son, in part so the show could air straight through to the end without significant interruption. e networks haven't officially announced many dates yet for the 2022 midseason, but you can count on "is Is Us' to return to Tuesdays, probably in January, once "La Brea wraps." And it will be the show's final season, which was always the plan. To submit questions to TV Critic Matt Roush, go to: tvinsider.com. By Damian Holbrook Cheers to the Newbies on "e Morning Show." is just in: Our favorite additions to Apple TV+'s soapy look at a.m. infotainment wars are Greta Lee's sharp network boss Stella Bak and Julianna Margulies' seasoned journalist Laura Pe- terson. Honestly, fired host Mitch (Steve Carell) would have been toast if these two had been on staff last season. Jeers to "Invasion" for drag- ging its feet. e Apple TV+ sci-fi drama devoted three drowsy episodes to stories that likely won't matter when the ETs arrive...if they ever do! Jeers to "Y: e Last Man's" cancellation. It took more than a decade of development to bring Brian K. Vaughan's graphic novels about a global plague to TV, and yet FX abruptly pulled the plug on the FX on Hulu, Diane Lane–led adaptation after seven episodes and before the Nov. 1 finale. Tell us, Y should anyone bother investing in the rest of the season? ARIES Mar 21/Apr 20 Family tops your list of priorities. You are likely to spend considerable time with loved ones , relish in all the opportunities to enjoy one another. TAURUS Apr 21/May 21 You may feel uneasy or worried for unknown reasons. Trust your gut in this instance and steer clear of trouble should it try to find you. GEMINI May 22/Jun 21 Focus on keeping your cool even if others are trying to provoke you. Be the bigger person, you have great control of your emo - tions. CANCER Jun 22/Jul 22 You have been working very hard lately. You should factor in a break so you can recharge your body and spirit. LEO Jul 23/Aug 23 e conditions are right for finishing impor - tant tasks. You will be able to come up with wonderful ideas that have true staying power. Pursue your options. VIRGO Aug 24/Sept 22 Your energy will remain high this week, en- abling you to get things done. You may have a big change coming, like buying property or landing a new job. LIBR A Sept 23/Oct 23 Be confident and listen to your instincts. Do so before undertaking any important tasks that turn up in the days or weeks ahead. SCORPIO Oct 24/Nov 22 It may be tempting to shirk your respon- sibilities right now, but resist that tempta- tion. Keep your head down and keep work- ing. It will all soon prove worth it. SAGITTARIUS Nov 23/Dec 21 You may have to reset your priorities, as new information has come to the surface. Prioritize responsibilities so major issues are taken care of first. CAPRICORN Dec 22/Jan 20 Unavoidable situations may cross your path and it is important that you stay the course. Committing to tackling things head is the most productive approach. AQUARIUS Jan 21/Feb 18 You treasure friends and family, and this week calls for an important decision that could affect them all. It may be tough but you will make the right call. PISCES Feb 19/Mar 20 Minor obstacles are in your path and it's easy to get frustrated. Once you clear the hurdles it will be smooth sailing before long. 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