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November 17, 2021

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November 17, 2021 31 31 Local shopping becomes an experience. Local shopping becomes an experience. Yes, online shopping is quick, but you also have no memory of do- ing it. This can lead to overbuying. How many times during the holiday do you come home to fi nd a pack- age on your door step and you can't remember what you purchased? You'll remember when you go out. Plus, when you shop in-person or local, you can invite friends, family, or just make a pleasurable outing for yourself. This creates appealing memories of a wonderful seasonal experience. It brings on the holiday spirit. It brings on the holiday spirit. When you are out among the sounds and smells of the holiday, it brightens your mood. Who doesn't love sparkling lights, glitter, snow (real or fake), and all of the happy tunes of the season? It's hard to get those same smiles shopping online. You may miss the best things when You may miss the best things when you only go online. you only go online. When you shop online, you do a few searches for things you are look- ing for. You are less apt to stumble across the perfect gift or item be- cause you are on a targeted mission and only see what the online store presents. When you're shopping in person, there are a lot of serendipi- tous moments where something catches your eye and you walk out knowing you found a treasure. You meet and interact with people. You meet and interact with people. When you shop in-person, you meet and interact with people. We have been sequestered long enough. There's something to be said from those chance meetings that occur when walking around town. Who knows–you could meet your next business partner or a former friend. From the warm smile of the busi- ness owner to a suggestion, com- pliment, or affi rmation you receive from a fellow shopper, there are many times when these sorts of in- troductions can be very helpful. You'll receive better reviews. Sure, online reviews are helpful but so are reviews from people around you. Plus, people you meet in person who are commenting on what you're buying have a personal connection. They are vouching for the item or dish face-to-face. If you have ques- tions about what they're saying, you can ask. Online reviews are one-sid- ed with very little chance for follow- up from the original poster. No worries about delivery this small No worries about delivery this small business season when shopping local. business season when shopping local. With ports backed up and short- staffi ng throughout the supply chain, there's a lot of talk about po- tential delivery delays this holiday. If you shop in-person, you won't need to worry about this. In-person shopping is perfect for In-person shopping is perfect for procrastinators. procrastinators. Sure, there are some online mega retailers who can get an item to you same day depending on where you live, but most times–especially as we get closer to the actual holiday– your best bet for last-minute gifts is a local shop. If you're a procrastina- tor, feel free to take this reason to shop local as permission. You'll feel less stressed about waiting , plus you won't be depending on some- one else's delivery schedule. Displays help you visualize. Displays help you visualize. Store displays are better than "you might also like" options in online stores. After all, the online sugges- tions are based on the buying patterns of others or using products the online retailer links together. Store displays are created (and stores are arranged) to help you fi nd what you need and want. Collections are curated with the shopper in mind. You may fi nd a lot of treasurers browsing that way. Window shopping can lead to ideas. Window shopping can lead to ideas. When you shop in-person around the holidays you'll be treated to beautiful window and decoration displays. These could inspire your holiday home décor or help you fi gure out something for your hard- to-buy-for aunt. A display may also draw you into trying a new busi- ness that you hadn't noticed before. There are so many serendipitous possibilities when shopping in-per- son this Small Business Season. This Small Business Season, let's give local and small businesses something to be thankful for. Let's give them the gift of our support. (Courtesy of Quartzsite Area Chamber of Commerce & Tourism) SHOPPING FROM PAGE 29

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