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ALPHA C HI ALPHA C HI REVIEW REVIEW P H I K A P PA TA U | A L P H A C H I C H A P T E R | FA L L 2 0 2 1 THE THE Ensure Phi Kappa Tau's Legacy at Mississippi State Support Alpha Chi's Capital Campaign Today EMBRACING YOUR ALPHA CHI LEGACY H ow do you want the legacy of Alpha Chi Chapter to be remembered? Some may say significant community impact; for others, the chapter house is the foundation of our heritage. Both components play a critical role in our chapter's history, but it is our brotherhood of passionate and devoted men who make up the true tradition of Phi Kappa Tau. For that, we should all wear our badge with pride. We want to thank the 118 alumni and friends who have donated to the Embracing Your Alpha Chi Legacy campaign. These donors have committed an outstanding total of $1,390,068, which includes funds raised during the capital campaign, pre-campaign, and investment gains in our CEG fund. We are now about $110,000 short of our goal. We believe in this brotherhood, and we have faith that we can still reach our $1.5 million campaign goal. Alpha Chi's best accomplishments have always been achieved by brothers coming together to do what's best for our brotherhood. If you have already made a gift, please consider extending your donation for an additional one to two years or making an additional one-time donation. If you have yet to donate to our campaign efforts, a gift from you can give Alpha Chi confidence and strength and build our brotherhood. By giving back today, you are doing more than making a donation—you are making a difference in the lives of our brothers. Join us, by using the enclosed pledge form and return envelope, in demonstrating to a new generation of brothers what we can do when we come together and support our chapter. Brothers, are you ready to lead Alpha Chi into the future? We will stumble if we don't expand the list of Phi Kappa Taus participating in our chapter's dream. In short, our time is now—we must not wait any longer. We need more brothers to participate at any giving level. Your support is essential to ensure our project stays on time and on budget. Alpha Chi has been a prominent chapter of Mississippi State's Greek life for more than 80 years. Each of us committed to a lifetime membership in Alpha Chi during initiation, and now it's on us to ensure that membership still benefits undergraduates and alumni alike. Each gift, no matter the size, plays a part in the success of this capital campaign and in ensuring Phi Kappa Tau remains a top fraternity at Mississippi State. Love and Respect, William Jones '60 Campaign Co-Chairman (919) 417-1947 Barry Toney '85 Campaign Co-Chairman (214) 926-3348 D enis "Snoot" Everett '75 has always loved baseball—watching the game with friends while enjoying some great food and drinks. Starting in 1976, he and his friends would park their trucks at the Mississippi State games by left field—which was really a cow pasture at the time. This spot would infamously become known as Leftfield Lounge, and soon, more and more people would join in on the fun. "David White '75 bought an old Plymouth for $25 and kept it parked there so we didn't have to drive off and leave the spot open," Denis said. "My dad had a cotton gin, and we had a big old cotton wagon. In 1984, we cut the sides off and put plywood across the top so we would have more room for people to sit. Then other people started bringing out their wagons and trucks and started making stadium seating out of them." After graduation, business took Denis elsewhere, but he soon found his way back to IT'S NOT JUST ABOUT BASEBALL Denis Everett '75 Loves Spending Time with Friends at Mississippi State Baseball Games (Continued on page 3)

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