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October 26, 2021

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WWW.UPANDCOMINGWEEKLY.COM OCTOBER 20-NOVEMBER 2, 2021 UCW 19 WEEKLY HOROSCOPE NEWS OF THE WEIRD by the Editors at Andrews McMeel Syndication Space Invasion Forget a "rude" awakening – this one verges closer to "terrifying." Ruth Hamilton of Golden, British Columbia, told CBC News that she woke up on Oct. 4 to her dog barking. "The next thing was just a huge explosion and debris all over my face," she said. After realizing something had punched a hole in her ceiling, she called 911. While answering the operator's questions, she moved a bed pillow and discovered a "melon-sized space rock" that must have landed inches from her head while she slept. Peter Brown, a physics and astronomy professor at Western University in London, Ontario, confirmed the rock was "certainly a meteorite," but will require further study to determine its exact origins. Out on a Limb A police standoff that began on Oct. 6 came to an end more than 48 hours later, as a man wanted in connection with an assault case climbed down from the tree he had taken refuge in. When police arrived at the Queens, New York, home of Roody Thomas, 44, in response to a call about a domes- tic dispute during which Thomas threatened his mother, Thomas climbed out of a second-story window and onto his roof. He then leapt from the roof into a 30-foot spruce tree, where he spent two uncomfortable nights. Thomas, who had a warrant out for his ar- rest for allegedly punching his girlfriend on Sept. 30, surrendered to police and was sent to a hospital for evaluation. Where's Wally An Arctic walrus who found fame this summer after touring the coasts of Spain, France and the U.K. was feared dead after he dis- appeared from West Cork, Ireland, in late August. But fans of Wally the walrus can breathe easy: the in- trepid wanderer was recently spot- ted off the coast of Iceland. Wally became famous for launching himself onto the decks of (empty, docked) boats, sinking several, as he stopped in various European harbors to rest during his travels. Wildlife organizations even created special pontoon "couches" for him to nap on. Wally appears to be in good health and is expected to make his way to the Arctic to begin his search for a mate. Question: I keep seeing posts about a new season of "Prison Break" on social media. Any truth to this? — Gene Matt Roush: Few things would surprise me less than to see any of Fox's former hits returning in some form or another. In a recent interview, Fox's enter- tainment chief Michael orn noted that another "24" reboot was in active development, adding, "We're always open to reinventing our best IP (intel- lectual property)," name- check- ing "Glee" and "Prison Break" as shows they haven't heard pitches for yet but were open to. So maybe that got the rumor mill going again. As we're seeing more and more often, everything old is new again on network TV, and that's not going to stop anytime soon. To submit questions to TV Critic Matt Roush, go to: tvinsider. com. By Damian Holbrook Cheers to "Survivor's" wave of changes. Like someone in a midlife crisis, CBS's 41-season-old series has gotten some work done, now boasting fresh editing styles and actual footage of the camera crews capturing the action. It's nice to see the rest of the tribe that makes host Jeff Probst's job look so easy. Cheers to "Chicago P.D." for put- ting a ring on it! In NBC's Season 9 premiere, hunky hero Jay (Jesse Lee Soffer) accepted the proposal delivered to him by fellow detective Hai- ley (Tracy Spiridakos) last May, giving #Upstead fans their long- awaited "awww" moment. Jeers to "La Brea's" plot hole. We're digging NBC's sci-fi disas- ter tale, but come on: A crater opens up in traffic-ridden Los Angeles but only, like, five cars end up in the world below?! ARIES Mar 21/Apr 20 Find new ways to bring more love into your life. is can be romantic love or the love of friends and family. What you put out you get in return. TAURUS Apr 21/May 21 If you explore art in any form, this is the time to get more serious about it. It could be your opportunity to turn it into a career or at least a side venture. GEMINI May 22/Jun 21 e person you may be trying to reach may not be getting your messages. Don't be too quick to give up on him or her. Try a different approach to get through. CANCER Jun 22/Jul 22 e way you reacted to a situation came out differently than you had hoped. You may have some people feeling put off as a result. Find ways to make amends. LEO Jul 23/Aug 23 Look for pleasures in all the simple things you experience over the next several days. It's all about having a positive attitude and finding happiness in what counts. VIRGO Aug 24/Sept 22 Step up and take charge of a situation. If you wait around for someone else to plan out your future, you'll be waiting for some time. LIBR A Sept 23/Oct 23 is is a good opportunity to spend more quality time with people. Foster new friend - ships in the days to come. Certain ones may have the potential to last a lifetime. SCORPIO Oct 24/Nov 22 Don't feel like you need to make excuses for how you feel. If your gut tells you to go in a specific direction, then trust your instincts. Usually you're right on target. SAGITTARIUS Nov 23/Dec 21 Keeping everything in perspective may mean you have to be more conservative in your choices right now. ere will be oppor - tunities to let loose later. CAPRICORN Dec 22/Jan 20 Social engagements keep stacking up. Soon you will have to make some tough choices regarding which events you to attend and which to pass up. AQUARIUS Jan 21/Feb 18 You are feeling extra generous this week, but you do not need to treat everyone you meet. If you want to lavish attention on a special person, go for it. PISCES Feb 19/Mar 20 It can be frustrating when your emotions seem to be all over the place. You just have to hold on a bit longer and remain patient.

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