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The Wreckage PAGE 2 T he Indiana Acacia Building Corporation (IABC) board decided at its June 26 meeting to keep the Chapter house vacant during the 2021-22 academic year. This allows time for renovations and offers more flexibility to the contractors, which helps keep costs in check for us. Any lease for the house starting in August 2022 will spell out a turnkey operation. IABC will supply the House Director, food service, cleaning service, utilities, and other services for a flat fee. "We think it is very important that Indiana Acacia maintain total control of the house this time," explained Scott Lakin '77, new President of the IABC board. "That's the best way to protect our investment in the renovations and the many donations alumni have made." At the time of preparing material for The Wreckage publication (early August 2021), IABC had already heard from two organizations interested in leasing the house starting August 2022. When a decision about leasing is made, we will first announce it in the "News" area of STATUS OF THE HOUSE Radiators in room 201 (and in all other rooms) have been removed. Soon, new vinyl plank flooring and wood cabinets will be installed. The Acacia Chapter house will likely be leased out for August 2022. That will involve a turnkey operation allowing IABC to maintain tight control of the property. Above: A section of old wall, leaning and with large blocks that had fallen onto the sidewalk along Fess. Be- low: The newly rebuilt wall, secured with mortar and a proper drainage system embedded behind it.

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