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September 2021 • The 5 Senses

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Page 2 of 11 If severe hip or knee pain is interfering with your active life, turn to the orthopedic specialists at Northwest Health. With traditional hip and knee replacement surgery, doctors have to make several large incisions, but newer procedures enabled by technology require only a few small ones. Using robotic-assisted techniques, orthopedic surgeons use a virtual 3D model to customize each patient's surgical plan, then guide the robotic arm to perform the surgery with exceptional precision for a more accurate alignment. For many patients, this means greater stability and mobility, along with a faster recovery. To find out more about treatment options that may be right for you, call 479-239-8722 or visit MyNorthwestOrtho. com to take a joint pain assessment. GET RELIEF FROM JOINT PAIN. Before you decide on surgery, discuss treatment options with your doctor. Understanding the risks and benefits of each treatment can help you make the best decision for your individual situation. SUNDAY, AUGUST 29, 2021 | SEPTEMBER - THE 5 SENSES YOUATYOURBEST.NWAONLINE.COM | YOU AT YOUR BEST | 3

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